Issues with Mozilla Firefox

"What browser(s) do you recommend for using the web version of MxM?"

Anything other than Mozilla Firefox.

Just kidding. Many MxM users experience issues with Firefox, however. Browsers (like Firefox) that put privacy first are amazing - the problem is that some privacy functionality works against our website code. Mozilla's privacy settings / handling of websites may cause problems with your ability to use MxM. If it does:

1) Clear Firefox's Cookies & Site Data to see if that fixes the problem.

This is a legitimate suggestion, not a dismissive one. We do frequently update the website, and this may result in caching problems with Firefox - or any other browser you use. Examples of issues resolvable by clearing Cookies & Site Data: 1) Infinite loading of the home page

2) Authentication failures and sudden lockouts

3) Random glitching of pages

4) Other general functionality issues If any of these happen to you, clear Cookies and Site Data and then close/reopen the browser. If that fails, email us or try in a new browser to see if the issue happens again. If it does, then you probably want to let us know so we can fix it.

This advice is good for all browsers.

2) Play around with the settings.

If you've customized Mozilla Firefox to increase the privacy functionality, you're almost certainly going to have an issue with using MxM at some point. If you aren't sure what setting is borking your ability to use the site, and you're determined to continue using Firefox, refresh Firefox.

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