Leaving MxM Network & Deleting your account

"I'd like to leave MxM. How do I delete my account?"

1. Sign in.

2. Click here to access the account deletion page.

3. Click "Delete Account". 4. Confirm account deletion by entering your password.

If you're unable to access your account and desire to have your account deleted, email us at admin@mxmifc.com. As long as the email you're contacting us from matches your account, we can delete for you.

After we receive an email (that matches the one on file) requesting your account be deleted, we won't ask for confirmation. Therefore, you can consider all of your data permanently gone after you've hit the "send" button. Before emailing us a deletion request, we strongly recommend downloading a copy of all content / account data you've ever shared on our site by going here (while signed in): https://mxmifc.com/setting/my_info

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