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Male fetish network founded in the United States of America

"Fetish. Freedom. Forever."

The home page of MxM Network as of July 2021.



MxM International Fetish Network Version 4, also known as MxM International Fetish, MxM v4, MxM Network, MxMIFC (MxM, the Int. Fetish Community), or simply MxM for short, is the fourth major version of the private male fetish website, MxM. As of v4.0, MxM consists of three main websites - MxM, Videonet by MxM, and Warmfire by MxM (coming soon).

In a dramatic expansion of functionality compared to previous versions of MxM, members of MxM can make multimedia posts involving text, photo, video, audio clips, files of various kinds, and even classifieds.

Further, members can receive notifications in real time on comments, forum threads, reactions to their posts, interest from other members, event RSVPs, shares of their posts, messages, group chat invitations, group content, and more. Even further, members can create private groups, find others nearby using several geolocation-powered networking features, and create chat rooms with unlimited participants. Soon, members will be able to livestream to the site, and participate in the Affiliates Program.

MxM caters to an increasingly wide male fetish-focused audience of consenting adults who engage in various BDSM-related kinks, body-focused fetishes, and more. With v4.0, MxM is tailored to members seeking to meet/network with others into the same interests worldwide.

Three fetish websites, one login

MxM Network is the "core" website. Members can access extended, exclusive functionality for video sharing with Videonet by MxM , and extended, exclusive functionality for story/blogging via WarmFire - using Single Sign-On (SSO) powered by OAuth.

As of July 2021, app availability is actively in progress for Android and iOS.

How do members find each other?

A brief history

Founded in 2016 and established in 2017, our website catered exclusively to weight-based fetishes such as trampling, squashing, and facesitting. This was MxM's original mission, as there weren't many other reliable places on the net to share this fetish without being kicked out or banned. Even today, weight-based fetish is still the ranking interest on MxM.

MxM v1 was our first bare-bones attempt at making a site exclusively for weight-based fetishes such as trampling and squashing. It went live around April 2017, and had around 200 members by the time it was closed later in 2017.

The home page of MxM v2 as of October 2017. MxM v2 reached over 600 members by the time service ended later in 2018.

The home page of MxM v2 as of January 2018. It took on a more modern look and feel toward the end of its run, before being replaced by MxM v3.

The home page of MxM v3 as of Fall 2018, when it replaced MxM v2. MxM v3 was twice as stable as the previous two websites combined, and was a popular-albeit-buggy edition of MxM. It reached a population of 1.4K members by the time service ended in late 2019 upon the start of service for MxM v4.

A profile page viewable in MxM v4, as of late 2020. Not long after this render was finished, a massive visual and operational overhaul took place. It looks very different now, halfway through 2021.

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