Our Brand Story


By now you've probably noticed our branding changes, and seen all 3 variants of our newest logo across the site and other places online. For the nerds, here's our thought process laid out:

This is the core MxM logo as of July 2021.

At its core, the newest logo represents excellence in fetish and the freedom to express oneself. Our newest logo (and its variants) carries our usual purplish-blue colors and a distinct laurel wreath that wraps around the brand. The "X" becomes sharp and distinct and spreads out like wings. The bay leaves, for us, represent victory and safety for our fetish members worldwide. The 5 stars represent the five nations most representative of our membership - The United States (naturally), United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, and France. Occasionally we are asked why the logo is subtle - why it doesn't more directly symbolize the fetish nature of our site. This is in solidarity with our members worldwide, many who live within borders where politics and religion interfere with the ability to express their interests or network with others safely. Our hope is that our brand can be a calling card for fetishists seeking each other out across the world.

Community Colors -- 

Royal Blue - #2f38ff
White - #ffffff
Gray - #202020


Core Logo

Found on our websites, merch, and apps, often used interchangeably with the community variant.

Official Variant Seal

Found particularly on official notices and banners, policy pages, but also certain merch.

Community Variant Seal

Found on our websites, merch, and apps, often used interchangeably with the core logo.