Site Status - Is MxM down?

"How do I know when MxM is down?"

Our status page, located at http://health.mxmifc.com, as of July 2021.

We have our own service status page. It monitors MxM minute-by-minute, 24/7, and will indicate any outages - along with any error codes and full history. You can check on the status of our website (and its many branches) at any time by clicking here.

Once you're there, subscribe to updates by clicking on the green bell icon in the upper-right corner - and entering your email address.

You won't get notifications every time the site goes down. Instead, you'll be notified if something goes wrong that needs your attention.

By clicking any of the services on the list, you can access deeper information such as "response time" (how quickly the server responds to requests). This is useful for figuring out if site performance issues are happening on our end - or yours.

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