Terms of Service

Updated on Tuesday, July 27th 2021.

Prospective or current member,

Below, you'll find our Terms of Service for MxM International Fetish Network ("MxM"), facilitated by Union Aegis, LLC. These Terms of Service apply to all websites and software belonging to our community.

Article 0 - Our Code of Conduct

By joining MxM as a member, you acknowledge and agree to the following Code of Conduct:

  1. No judgement - respect the differences of other members;
  1. No stalking or harassment of any kind;
  1. No spam, abuse, or insulting language;
  1. No stealing of creator content;
  1. Network responsibly.

Article I – Membership

By joining MxM as a member, you acknowledge and agree that:

  1. MxM is a private male fetish community for male, male-identifying, or nonbinary persons ages 18 and older;
  1. YOU are 18 years or older;
  1. Seeing male fetish content should be fully expected when using this site;
  1. Membership is free unless the member chooses a paid account type;
  1. A valid MxM membership provisions access to all MxM services - MxM Network (https://mxmifc.com), Videonet by MxM (https://mxmnext.com), and WarmFire by MxM (https://warmfirestories.com).
  1. Only one user account is allowed per person;
  1. A valid user account represents membership;
  1. Membership is valid (for any and all purposes) only if ALL of the following are true:
    • You are 18 years of age or older;
    • You are male -or- identify as male -or- identify as non-binary;
    • You are deemed by site administration as “eligible” for membership;
    • You entered a legally accurate date of birth upon registration and/or you were verified by Legal ID;
    • A valid email address was entered upon registration;
  1. To promote the welfare of our community, membership will be void or terminated where any of the following conditions are met:
    • You are determined to be “ineligible” by site administration, and therefore have been blacklisted or banned from the site;
    • You bypassed entering your DOB (date of birth) upon registration, or intentionally entered an invalid/erroneous DOB - and/or refused to correct it after contact attempts made to validate it;
    • You are flagged for age verification and decline to work with site administration to resolve concerns;
    • You failed to register with a valid, contactable email address;
    • You were found to be uncontactable due to providing a disposable or erroneous email address during registration
  1. MxM reserves the right to disable or terminate memberships that have been inactive for an extended period of time;
  1. MxM reserves the right to ultimately disable and/or terminate your membership for any reason at any time in accordance with Article VI;

Article II – Community Moderation and Security

MxM was founded in the United States of America. This means our rules are based upon United States law, not the laws of other countries. To ensure lawful continuity of our male kink/fetish community, we endeavor to make all content site-wide respect federal and state laws, and to make said content friendly to the laws of our global neighbors where possible.

“Moderation” is how MxM and other community websites accomplish this, and it involves volunteering members monitoring the community together. It also means the use of various digital “controls” to secure our website and adherence to our policies.

Volunteers inherently require access to various user data to moderate or administer. Because of this, all volunteers sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Promoting the quality of our fetish community As of Wednesday, June 9th 2021, all new registrations go through approval before being able to use our site.

By joining MxM as a member, you acknowledge and agree that:

  1. We reserve the right to change the requirements for registration at any time;
  1. Your registration could be declined or your membership could be revoked (account deleted) if you create -or- maintain a profile that contributes very little to our community (for example, a “blank” profile);
  1. Your registration could be denied or your membership could be revoked if you create -or- maintain a profile that violates our rules;
  1. Content you share may occasionally be subject to manual approval before fully posting to the site feeds;
  1. Content you share may be recalled for further review;
  1. You may be required to pass a reCAPTCHA test when resetting your password, registering, or using the Contact Us form;
  1. Photos you share to any feed (page, group, profile, home) may pass through the Google Cloud Vision API, in accordance with our Privacy Policy (The Google Cloud Vision API analyzes images using AI specifically to identify sensitive content);
  1. The visibility of your public posts may be reduced with or without notice to you;
  1. The visibility of any groups you create may be changed at any time, with or without notice to you;
  1. The visibility of your Page posts may be changed, at any time, with or without notice to you;
  1. We retain the right to redirect your posts to different areas of the site in order to maintain the site’s balance or compliance with our policies;
  1. We retain the right to "signal boost" (promote to the top of the home feed) posts that are set to the "Everyone" privacy level;
  1. We retain the right to reset posts "signal boosted" by paid memberships after a certain amount of time, or to unboost boosted content if we determine it shouldn't be promoted at that time.

Article III – Content and Ethics

Our community's hallmark has always been original content and freedom of expression. We protect this with ground rules that ensure we can continue to do this.

By joining MxM as a member, you acknowledge and agree that:

  1. MxM is an adult website for men of fetish - seeing fetish/kink content should be fully expected during membership;
  1. Any content uploaded to MxM servers must involve adult males - purely non-male content is prohibited on MxM, with a few exceptions:
    • We allow fetish artwork with a predominantly male-identifying focus;
    • We allow expression of non-male content in areas where that content isn't restricted;
  1. MxM makes a reasonable and strong effort to keep the community safe, but we cannot be held liable for laws broken by our users. Your use of the site is at your own discretion;
  1. Your content belongs to you, and MxM will never attempt to claim otherwise unless backed by a written agreement;
  1. Content that violates United States law is never permitted on MxM;
  1. Content (such as writing, artwork, photography, or videography) referencing or depicting persons below the legal age (18+ for MxM) is forbidden, except in the sole circumstance of written personal experiences from the past. You agree that violating this rule may result in the loss of your membership, and may be reported to the appropriate authorities where necessary;
  1. Original content is preferred on MxM - we don't generally permit posting excessive amounts of content from other places. You acknowledge that the content you share may be moderated if you do so;
  1. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA") is enforced on MxM;
  1. Violating the DMCA using our platform may lead to the restriction of access, or loss of your membership entirely with repeated offenses;
  1. Content found to violate a claimed copyright will be removed immediately upon validation;
  1. Content from elsewhere cannot be shared on MxM if it will compromise someone's privacy;
  1. Content that is watermarked and intended for sale by someone else cannot be shared on MxM;
  1. Content belonging to another member cannot be re-uploaded on MxM without their permission;
  1. Requests received invoking the DMCA’s protections take priority with our moderation actions;
  1. Nudity is permitted on the site so long as the content sufficiently relates to kink/fetish;
  1. Sexual, non-kink/fetish content is not allowed on MxM.

Article III FAQ

Q: Can I upload videos I already purchased elsewhere online to MxM?

A: No, unless you can prove that you were given permission to do so by the producer of that content.

Q: How would someone discover their content on MxM in order to report it in the first place if they aren't a member? A: Any number of ways, but we'll do our legal duty in order to enforce the rights of content creators, whether they're members of our community or not.

Q: How does MxM enforce DMCA? Will you remove every piece of content I upload that isn't mine? A: Any user, member or not, may submit a request for the removal of content that is rightfully theirs. Please feel free to share what matters to you, but practice being mindful of what you upload.

Article IV – Promotion and Content Creators

Creators are the lifeforce of any good community, and they are welcome as part of our fetish community. To properly identify creators while addressing an increase in spam-like behavior in our community, we've laid some ground rules regarding promoting or sharing content - paid or free.

By joining MxM as a member, you acknowledge and agree that:

  1. The sharing and promoting of content is always encouraged on MxM;
  1. Spamming our website with content is discouraged and also prohibited;
    1. "Spamming" is defined as the excessive posting and crossposting of content across our groups, pages, and feeds in a self-serving way that detracts from the community;
  1. Any content shared by a creator must not violate the Terms of service.
  1. Paid creator content is restricted in how and where it can be shared on our website.
    1. For free memberships, paid creator content can only be shared and promoted through:
      1. A page, which can be opened by any member of MxM;
      1. Paid advertising;
    1. Paid memberships are granted expanded rights to promote paid content on MxM:
      1. Signal Boosted posts, a premium feature that allows posts to be promoted to the top of the home feed;
      1. No restrictions on where their content can be posted across the website - including stories, posts, groups, forums, pages, and elsewhere;
  1. While a paid membership grants expanded license to promote, spamming is still prohibited;
  1. Creators who join this community only to promote their paid content (as opposed to participating in our community) will be asked to pay for advertising -or- buy a paid membership in order to promote their content;
  1. Members may be occasionally asked to open pages for the posting of their content to maintain site balance;

Article V – The Monetization Program

By joining MxM as a member, you acknowledge and agree that:

The Monetization Program is currently in Pilot phase, and is not guaranteed to stick around after. We're trying new things.

  1. The Monetization Program ("monetization") is a set of features and functionality allowing members to securely and reliably sell their original content, should they wish to participate;
  1. In accordance with Article VII, only verified members are eligible for The Monetization Program ("monetization");
  1. Commission rates for monetized members are set by our official Commission Schedule policy, and are subject to change;
  1. The available options under The Monetization Program for monetized members are rental content, purchase content, and subscription content;
  1. In accordance with the Commission Schedule, the minimum withdrawal balance for a monetized member's payout to be approved is $40 USD;
  1. In accordance with the Commission Schedule, a monetized member can request a payout monthly;
  1. In accordance with the Commission Schedule, the current commission rate is 15%;
  1. Commission payments are completed through payment processor PayPal;
  1. Only kink/fetish content may be monetized on Videonet. NO sexual content, including content involving oral or anal/penetrative sex may be monetized on Videonet. This includes content with any amount of the unallowed content;
  1. You CANNOT monetize without verification;
  1. You CANNOT monetize content belonging to someone else without their permission;
  1. You CANNOT monetize content involving someone else without their permission. If we're notified by that other party that you did so at their expense (including without consent), you'll lose your rights to monetize on our platform, and may have your membership revoked based on other policies in our Terms of Service;
  1. We reserve the right to request documentation and/or identification of all involved in videos that you monetize on Videonet for legal reasons. We may do so at any time, so always document all parties involved in your video. If you decline, or can't provide the documentation when it's requested, we will revoke monetization;
  1. Misleading paying members with irrelevant tags, titles, or descriptions that don't reflect your monetized content may result in your content being demonetized. End users will be entitled to a refund when it is determined that this rule was broken.

Article V FAQ

Q: Article V says I may have to provide proof for everyone involved in my videos. What if I've lost contact with those in my videos?

A: That rule is for monetized videos under The Monetization Program, but it's good practice to know who you're filming with, whether through documentation or still being in contact with that person. Should the team become concerned about something you upload, being able to produce proof can prevent that content from being moderated out of caution.

Q: Are older videos still allowed on MxM even if they are demonetized?

A: Videos from the past are certainly allowed on MxM. Videos from the past that violate our Terms of Service aren't allowed on MxM. Videos from the past can be monetized with the consent of all involved, and so long as you maintain records of their age. If your content was demonetized for breaking rules, that content was probably removed, too.

Article VI - Limited Liability, Appeals, and Termination of Services

We define our content rules by the needs of our members, but ultimately in alignment with United States law. MxM has no obligation to accommodate differences in law of other countries. Compliance with local law is your responsibility.

By joining MxM as a member, you acknowledge and agree that:

  1. We may disable, terminate your membership, or cease providing you with all or part of our services at any time for any or no reason;
  1. We may especially exercise the right to disable, terminate, or cease providing of membership services if we determine:
    • A member violated our Terms of Service in an unacceptable or damaging way;
    • A member creates risk or unnecessary legal exposure for MxM or its members;
    • A member should be removed due to unlawful conduct;
    • A member should be removed for prolonged inactivity;
    • Our provision of our services to you is no longer commercially viable;
  1. MxM reserves the right to use its controls in order to meter/halt site traffic, usage of our resources, registration, and whatever it deems necessary to ensure continuity of the website;
  1. If MxM exercises its right to terminate your membership (delete your account), we will automatically notify you via the email address associated with your account;
  1. If MxM exercises its right to terminate your membership (delete your account), we will automatically and immediately erase all content you've shared on our website;
  1. In such a case that your membership is terminated (account deleted) by you or us, the Terms of Service shall terminate for you as well. This includes, without limitation, your license to use our services;
  1. If you believe that your membership was disabled or suspended in error, you can submit an appeal by contacting appeals@mxmifc.com -or- using the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page;
  1. If you believe that you were removed (account deleted) and/or banned (account blacklisted) in error, it is very unlikely that your data can be recovered as your account (and all associated data) will have been deleted. Still, you can submit an appeal (for the removal of a ban) by contacting appeals@mxmifc.com -or- using the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page;
  1. You are not guaranteed your desired result just for filing an Appeal;
  1. We are not responsible for a membership termination email that fails to reach you due to your own violation of our Terms of Service - not registering with a valid, contactable email address;
  1. Any use/reliance on content posted on our service (or obtained by you through the service we offer) is at your own risk;
  1. We don’t endorse, represent, or guarantee the completeness, truthfulness, accuracy, or reliability of any content or communications posted using our services;
  1. Best as we try to maintain our service, you may still be exposed to content that is offensive, harmful, inaccurate or otherwise inappropriate while using the services provided by MxM;
  1. All content is the sole responsibility of the user who originated it. Outside of our ongoing moderation practices intended to protect this service, we cannot take responsibility for content belonging to someone else and/or uploaded against our policies.

Article VII - Member Verification Program

By joining MxM as a member, you acknowledge and agree that:

  1. The Member Verification Program ("verification") is a process by which members may securely authenticate that they are a real person who is 18 years of age or older;
  1. Verification is "voluntary" by default for the use of our services;
    • "Voluntary" means that your membership status and use of our services is not affected whether you choose to perform a given action or not;
    • "Required" means that, for security/legal reasons, your membership status and use of our services is affected if you choose not to perform a given action;
  1. Verification becomes "required" in two key situations:
    • You have submitted a request for The Monetization Program ("monetization") in accordance with Article V;
    • You have been flagged for age verification;
  1. For users who decline -or- prefer not to verify their identity where it is "required", we reserve the right to decline extending membership any further in accordance with Article VI;
  1. If we have doubts that you are of legal age (being "flagged"), we will send communication to your email address and your profile requesting identification be provided within 7 days of being flagged;
  1. Verification will be declined in the following scenarios:
    • Providing anything other than a valid government-issued ID or passport image;
    • Attempting to falsify legal documents to circumvent this process;
    • A significant mismatch between your government or state-issued ID photo and your verification photo;
    • Images that are too blurry or unclear to make a decision;

  1. While you are flagged, you may not be able to use your account (membership) or otherwise sign in until we've come to a resolution;
  1. Verification is NOT:
    • A guarantee of personal safety;
    • A background check of any kind;
    • An excuse not to ask for ID when meeting a member in person;
  1. Verification IS:
    • A trust mark that indicates a member's government-issued ID was reviewed by an NDA-signed administrator based on best available information;
    • An indicator that the member behind a profile was vetted to be a real person