August 2021 Site Update

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Update Completed

✅ New Features

Message Reactions & Replies

This one is Logan's favorite. You'll now be able to react and reply to messages within your conversations.

Status (24-hour posts) Reactions & Replies

It's a bit buggy right now, but you can now react to stories posted by other members!!

MxM Messenger - Standalone and on-site messaging system

A far more powerful messaging experience is now enabled at MxM. Included are message replies and reactions, instantaneous messaging powered by WebRTC, audio/video calling, notification muting, location sharing, and more.

Sometimes, though, don't you wanna just chat with your friends on the site? Now you can! Just head over to https://messenger.mxmifc.com, log in with your MxM membership, and chat away!

Insights & Profile Page QR

Starting now, enjoy an Insights page that provides stats based on your activity at MxM! Insights can be accessed anytime from your profile page. There's also a helpful link for downloading a copy of all your membership data (posts, content you've shared with us).

Enhanced Home Layout

There's now a compact, simplified menu for navigating the site. On desktop (and some tablets), you also get a useful row of icons (on the left) that point you to all the good stuff!

🧹 Improvements

Improved Forum Notifications

When a thread you've posted or replied to to receives more responses, you'll actually get notified. This upgraded notification works best for frequent users.

Improved Image Previews

Previously, expanding a photo from messages or comments resulted in a warped lightbox. That has been fixed!

Upgraded Video Processing & Thumbnail Rendering (with FFMPEG Technology)

Previously, videos uploaded didn't have a thumbnail, and you had to press "play" without a preview. Not only will all videos have a preview thumbnail, but you can also toggle the resolution!

Main Menu Navigation Changes

Two-factor Authentication (2FA) functionality restored

Secure your account by having us make sure it is you. This feature was silently removed some months ago because of an issue delivering confirmation texts and emails correctly. You can now enable it from Settings again! Add your number to your membership details if you want to receive your confirmation codes by text. If you previously had 2FA turned on, it will take effect at your very next login.

⚠️ Home Feed Adjusted

We're falling in line with an important standard social networking websites share - giving you control over your home feed. Who you follow and what creators you like shapes the site. We had to do it in order to comply with App Store / Google Play Store policies, but it also makes the website more hospitable to other kinks & fetishes.

Visual overhaul to Videonet

Videonet is our little-known response to the male fetish community needing a safe, solid video platform that allows them to create and monetize. We gave it some MUCH needed love. Enjoy it when you're ready!

⚠️ Temporarily Disabled / Rolled Back

Classifieds/Ads (excluding the forums of course!)

We're going to bring this feature back when we can make it more useful for our members. You can check out ad posts on the forums here anytime!

Members Nearby

This feature will be back very soon. We need to apply some changes after the latest series of updates.

Profile Approval for New Members

We're making adjustments to registration and how we approve profiles. We will still actively remove profiles that aren't a good fit for our community.

⚠️ Noted Bugs & Issues

Site Loads Indefinitely after posting comment


When posting a comment, the progressbar loads indefinitely, even though the comment actually posts.

Registration button freezes after registering, and doesn't send a confirmation email


When a new member joins the site, the final join button greys out and gets stuck. The registration actually goes through - the site just freezes and doesn't send the email val