Our Brand Story and Values


In Spring 2021, we introduced branding changes to our community - and pushed all 3 variants of our newest logo and seal across the website and other places online.

This is the core MxM logo as of July 2021.
This is the flat variant seal as of July 2021.

Expression and Acceptance

Many of us live in regions that don’t value expression and acceptance. We believe that suppressing who you are and what you desire does more harm than good. Our current logo evokes excellence in fetish and the bravery to express oneself - despite outside factors which might oppose your self expression.

The MxM logo carries our usual purplish-blue theme colors, twin blades, gothic lettering, and a distinct laurel wreath that wraps around the seal.

Defense & Safety - the “X”

Fetishists deserve a quality, safe place to express themselves. Our website is based on quality code, multi-firewalled, and free of common-sense vulnerabilities.

On our logo, the "X", made up of sharp interlocked blades, is distinct and represents safety as it spreads out like wings protecting the rest of the logo. The laurel wreath, present on both seal variants, represents the successful endeavors of our members.

The 5 Stars

The 5 stars represent the five most prominent, interlocked fetish communities directly responsible for establishing MxM’s identity since 2016 - the male foot community, the trampling & squashing community, the facesitting community, the wrestling & fighting community, and the macrophilia community.

A “Calling Card”

We have a surprisingly international reach with our traffic. Occasionally, we are asked why the website address and logo are subtle - why it doesn't more directly symbolize the fetish nature of our site. Consider that many of our members live within borders where politics and religion interfere with the ability to express their interests or network with others safely. Our hope is that our brand can safely be a calling card for fetishists seeking each other out across the world - whatever they may be into.

Community Colors -- 

Royal Blue - #2f38ff
White - #ffffff
Gray - #202020

Variants Index

Core Logo

Found on our websites, merch, and apps, often used interchangeably with the community variant.

Flat Variant Seal

Found particularly on official notices and banners, policy pages, but also certain merch.

Community Variant Seal

Found on our websites, merch, and apps, often used interchangeably with the core logo.