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semi-private male fetish networking service founded in the United States of America

"Fetish. Freedom. Forever."
“Share your fetish with power.”

The home page of MxM Network as of October 2022.


About Us

MxM International Fetish Community (MXMIFC) Version 4 (also known as MxM International Fetish, MxM v4, MxM Network, or simply MxM for short) is a male fetish social network and forum website founded in the United States.

There is also an app available for Android OS - MxM for Android.

MxM is built for men and masculine non-binary people who want a modern, friendly, secure place to share their fetish - worldwide.

Social Media Features

With MxM, you can make social media posts of virtually any kind and share them via status, 24-hour (expiring) post, or blog using formats such as text, photo, video, audio, PDF/DOCX file formats, and more.

You can also create events, pages, and private/public groups. Search for other members is enabled by keyword -OR- city/state/province using the well-integrated “Quick Search” & “Advanced Search”.

Members can also send/receive messages -and- create group chats easily with near-unlimited participants.

All content is delivered and updated in real time via AJAX and Node.JS web technologies.

Networking with Other Members

Members can find each other around the globe in several ways:

A rocky history of past editions

Founded in 2016 and established in 2017 by an ambitious (and rather inexperienced) pair of administrators, our website previously catered only to weight-based kink/fetish play such as trampling, squashing, and facesitting. This was MxM's original goal, as there weren't many other reliable places on the net to share the obscure weight-based fetish without being kicked out or banned or ostracized. Even today, weight-based fetish is still the anchoring interest on MxM.

MxM v1 was our first bare-bones attempt at making a site of some kind for weight-based fetishes such as trampling and squashing. It went live around April 2017, was built upon SocialEngine, and had around 200 members by the time it was closed later in 2017.

The home page of MxM v2 as of October 2017.

The home page of MxM v2 as of January 2018. MxM v2 was built atop vBulletin 4 software. It took on a more modern look and feel toward the end of its run, before being replaced by MxM v3. MxM v2 reached over 600 members by the time service ended later in 2018.

The home page of MxM v3 as of Fall 2018, when it replaced MxM v2. MxM v3 was twice as stable as the previous two websites combined, and was a popular-albeit-buggy edition of MxM. It reached a population of 1.4K members by the time service ended in late 2019 upon the start of service for MxM v4.

A profile page viewable in MxM v4, as of late 2020. Not long after this screenshot, another massive visual and operational overhaul took place. It looks very different now, as you might imagine.

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