A Message from Logan - Introducing Nearby and Reserve Pro

MxM introduces a highly-requested networking feature, schedules another for Fall 2023, introduces an NFC-powered membership card, and redesigns its premium membership program.

Nearby - Arriving by May 24th



This has been requested for a very long time - a profile grid - and it’s a common sense feature! But not quite that easy to pull off. We had to find a developer and a price range we could afford at our scale. But now, the feature is paid for and scheduled to be delivered to MxM on or before May 24th. 


Nearby will feature a dedicated profile grid of guys nearby, including active status and the guys sorted by distance. You also get to enjoy Nearby right on the home page - as a preview of nearby profiles!


To use Nearby, we will require you to change your membership to one of our Reserve Pro plans - Pro 30 (1 month) , Pro 90 (3 months) , Pro 180 (6 months), or Pro Elite (a year). 


For those who can’t support MxM for financial reasons, we will release offers throughout the year that provide Reserve Pro status in exchange for contributing in certain ways to MxM.


Speaking of which…


Reserve Pro


We’ve overhauled the paid membership system and we’re calling it Reserve Pro. The price plan is below. 


Pro 30 - $10.99 USD for 1 month (All inclusive!)

Pro 90 - $27.99 USD for 3 months

Pro 180 - $47.99 USD for 6 months

Pro Elite - $87.99 USD for 1 year


I don’t believe in micro transactions or annoying tiers, so all premium features, now and future offerings, can be accessed right from the first tier. You won’t need to pay more upfront for more features - just for an increased max upload and to Signal Boost more posts at a time!


You can learn more by visiting the Reserve Pro page.


Vanity Membership Cards with NFC



You can bet your ass we're in love with this idea. How many fetish websites do you know have their own damn membership card?


It’s not just any card either - it’s NFC-powered. This means you can tap it to a phone and instantly share your MxM profile and contact details with complete strangers. Perfect for fetish events, unexpected encounters, or just for the sake of vanity. ;)


It’ll cost $42.95 USD until I can tighten the production process and dramatically lower the cost, but if you can get your hands on one sooner than later (once it's available), I promise you it’s a unmatched collectible.


There will definitely be variants and multiple editions. Just takes some planning on our part. I’ll share further details closer to the end of development - and I’ll reach out to certain members to see who’s willing to help us test it out - free!


And Finally - Travel Plans and Sessions - Hopefully by Fall 2023


This feature will allow Reserve Pro subscribers to finally set Travel Plans for upcoming travel. When they do so, all members (pro or not) in a given city receive the notification you’re incoming. (Hopefully by email as well)


Even better, your Travel Plans entries become their own thread (similar to the Events section of MxM), where you can post all of the photos and videos from that given session!


We’ll provide more details closer to making this feature a reality and placing the order. Planning and development takes crazy amounts of time, but I will be sure to keep you updated -and- request feedback as things move along.


Thank all of you for being so loyal to the cause. Me and the Support Team wish you an awesome Friday!


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