Trampling Adventures: Big Lloyd

A true story about my first sexual trampling experience with my first true love with a big bear.

I met Lloyd on my 22nd birthday at a local bar. We saw each other on the patio and there was an immediate attraction. Lloyd was 35 y/o, short dark curly hair, a mustache, brown eyes, and he was quite tall at 6’4” and big. I mentally estimated 290-ish pounds. He was wearing jean shorts, Miller Lite t-shirt, and white crew socks with dingy white Nikes, which made me even more attracted to him. I was nervous to tell him about my socks and trampling based on sharing this info with previous men I dated and all of them bailed. I had never been in a serious relationship before and I really liked Lloyd. I did not want him to leave like the others had.

2 months into our relationship Lloyd and I were on the couch watching a movie, and he fell asleep with his feet on my lap. I lifted a socked foot and sniffed. He didn’t wake up so I continued to sniff. While he had only worn his socks that day, they were still nice and musky smelling. I thought ‘this is my chance to let him know’. I grabbed a note pad from the end table and started writing a list of ‘things’ that I wanted Lloyd to do to me. Things like him standing on my stomach, wearing his socks for a week… you get the picture. Once I finished, I placed the note on the coffee table and fell asleep with my nose buried in his feet. When I awoke the next morning, Lloyd was sitting on the other end of the couch. 

‘Good Morning, did we fall asleep here?’ I said.

‘Yes’, Lloyd said. ‘I woke up a couple hours ago. You had your arms wrapped around my legs and…’ he paused. 

He had the note in his hand, “ I now understand why my feet were pressed against your head. Why didn’t you just tell me about these?’

‘I was afraid you’d leave me once you found out’, I stated. ‘I’m really falling for you. I don’t want to lose you’

He moved closer to me on couch.

‘I’m not leaving you. I feel the same way’ he said. ‘But I would like to talk about these. I understand your socks fetish, but I do not get why you like being stood on’. I explained my fetishes as we talked most of the morning. He asked questions, I answered. In the end, he was more than cool with my socks fetish. However he was concerned about standing on me. “I weigh 315 lbs. I don’t want to hurt you’ he said. It was the first time I learned his actual weight. We talked more about how I’ve been stood on in the past, but had not in a sexual way. Telling him stories about being stood on by my dad, an uncle, a cousin, some friends (including my best friend’s dad) and my college roommates, none of these included any sort of sex (other than my self-love when I was alone). I reiterated that we would be careful. I mean, I didn't want to get hurt either.  

We moved in together on our 6 month anniversary. Lloyd still had not trampled me. However, he was getting into wearing his socks for days and ‘forcing’ me to smell them. I would lie underneath his chair, he would put those size 13s on my face and I would sniff and sniff and sniff. The scent was so intoxicating. To this day, I measure all sock odor by the way his smelled. I’d lay underneath him for hours some nights. It usually ended with us  jerking off together. Often, we’d lay together on the couch with me at his feet. It generally ended with traditional sex.

I asked him if he would wear black dress socks. He worked retail, like I did. So several days wearing the same socks made them very potent. As time went one, he even got me to worship his barefeet, which is not my thing. But I must admit, it was hot and they were pretty ripe! 

One evening, I convinced him to sit on my stomach and put his feet on my face. His butt crushed me as he struggled to get both white socked feet on my face. He was a pretty big guy which made him being limber difficult. He had to lean forward to get his feet to stay on my face. Basically his belly added more weight and some incredible pressure on my face. His sock smell was extra strong, partly because he had worn them to work all week,and partly due to his weight making it harder to breathe. It didn’t take long before I came. It splattered on his back as he sat there. He removed his feet from my face and continued sitting on me. His belly was almost resting on my face, and he was becoming pretty heavy. But I would never tell him to get off of me, not after how long I worked to make this happen. After a few minutes of me sucking and jerking him, he came on my face. It was fucking hot.

The next day, I was lying on the couch, and he plopped down on me, much to my delight. It was a good long squashing. We ended up jerking each other off while continued to sit on me. Eventually he layed on top of me. We woke up the next morning in the same position. 

Finally on our one year anniversary, it happened. We took a weekend trip to Chicago to celebrate. After a day of exploring, sightseeing, and drinking, we went back to our hotel room. In our mini living area, he sat on the love seat and motioned me over. I was on my knees and started to take off his shoes. He stopped me. ‘Lay down, I want to play’ he deviously commanded. I did as I was told and laid down on my back. He put his shoes on my chest, stomach and even face. He then put his feet on my dick, stroking it through my pants. We had never done this before and I nearly came. Lloyd put one shoe on my chest, the other on my stomach and leaned forward. I looked at him and said, ‘do it, please!’  He stood up. The air gushed out of me. I almost immediately came, even though I still had my pants on. After several seconds, he sat back down.

‘Did you like it?’ he laughed looking at the stain on my crotch. He just smiled and stood up again, this time with both shoes on my stomach. I remember distinctly looking up seeing my huge beautiful guy with a smile on his face and a bulge in his pants. ‘You must like this’ I breathlessly stated. He looked down at me and winked. He continued to stand on me for a good minute before stepping off.

‘I liked that more than I thought. And you seem to be ok’ he said to me.

‘More than ok’ I said back. With that, he

stood on my chest facing me. His shoe toes were almost on my chin. He was literally crushing me. It was so hard to breathe. I loved every second of it. 

‘Untie my sneakers’ he bellowed. ‘‘This is the first pair of socks I wore for you. I think I wore them 3 days back then. I saved them in my drawer unwashed. I decided to  wear them on this trip. Been on the past two days. They should smell pretty bad’ he laughed. 

And they did. The aroma was stale, sweet, musty, and pungent. He placed the right one on my face as he stood on my chest. He rubbed it back and forth, forcing the scent into my nose. He switched feet back and forth over the next 10 minutes before he stepped off of me. He ordered me to undress. Lloyd took off everything except his socks. For the next hour, he stepped, stood, and walked all over my front. Standing on my stomach for several minutes at a time. Doing the same on my chest.  He walked from my dick to chest and back over and over, crushing me with each step. Yet again, I came. After a brief break, I asked if he’d stand on my face. He said ‘yeah, with my barefeet’. 

Uh done! We moved next to a wall and once again he stood on my chest and ordered me to take his socks off. As I did, he wiped his sweaty, smelly size 13 barefeet on my face. He stepped off of me and stepped up onto my face sideways, placing one foot over my nose, stepping up and over. And over. And over. The pressure was intense, but I wasn’t complaining. The scent was strong and he was squashing my face with each step. He then walked up my body, starting with one foot on my dick, stepping onto my stomach, then to my chest. He placed one foot on my face, his heel on my chin as he stepped up and over. He walked up my body several more times. Finally the moment I had been waiting for, he stood on my chest, put his left foot on my face, stepped up and placed the right one next to it. He was standing full weight on my face. It felt like my head would cave in. And the foot scent was very strong. He didn’t stay on long. I asked if he’d do it again, staying on until I tap his leg 3 times. He once again stood on my face. He was heavy. His feet were large barely fitting on my face as he stood using the walk for balance. We both came at the same time. I don’t know exactly how long he stood there before I tapped out but it was easily a full minute. I was spent. And sore. And ecstatic. We did it again on Sunday, our last night in town. This time he stood on me longer, he was rougher, and he was smellier with his now 7 day worn socks that walked mikes and mikes through the streets of Chicago. 

This was the first of trampling adventures with Lloyd during our 6 years together. But I’ll save those for another time.

Ron Bower

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