Andre the Giant hates Mr. Ron

Andre tramples and squashes Mr. Ron mercilessly in a No Holds Barred Submission match.

Andre the Giant hated Mr. Ron. He hated him so much that he wanted to squash him unmercifully. Andre is the largest, tallest, and heaviest professional wrestler on the roster. He is 7ft 6in tall, weighs 600 pounds, and wears size 26 wrestling boots. Ron is much smaller, though most men are, as he stands 5ft 9 in tall and weighs 230 pounds. Nobody knows why Andre hated Ron so much, even Ron didn’t know. But one thing is for sure, you don’t want to be on a giant’s shit list.

The match between the two is a no holds barred, submission match. Andre is planning to use his enormous size and weight to squash, crush, and trample Ron into submission. Ron knew he was in for a tough time when he stepped into the ring with Andre the Giant, especially when they faced each other before the match started. Andre was so big that Ron’s head was below the giant’s nips.  But Ron didn't come here just to give up. He had a few tricks up his sleeve, and he was delusionally determined to use them to come out on top.

Andre immediately charged at Ron before the bell rang, his massive frame causing the ring to shake with every step. Ron quickly ducked and rolled out of the way, causing Andre to stumble and fall to the ground. The crowd roared with excitement as Ron took advantage of the situation and jumped on Andre's back, wrapping his arms around his massive neck. But Andre was not one to be taken down so easily. He managed to shake Ron off his back and quickly got back on his feet. Ron knew he had to act fast, so he ran towards Andre and jumped on his back again, this time wrapping his legs around Andre's waist. Andre roared with anger and slammed Ron into the turnbuckle, squashing him as he pressed his weight on Ron.  Andre let Ron fall to the mat. He took the opportunity to put his size 26 boot on Ron's chest, stepping up, crushing him under both boots. Andre let out a loud roar as he finally stepped off of him. Ron rolled on his side to catch his breath, but Andre had other plans.

Andre lifted Ron off his feet and tossed him over his shoulder like a rag doll. Ron felt the wind knocked out of him as he landed hard on the mat. Andre towered over him, his huge frame casting a shadow over Ron's prone body. Andre bellowed "Playtime is over, I'm gonna crush the life out of you" as he leapt off his feet and landed with both boots onto his stomach. Ron screamed in pain as the giant stood on his stomach, not giving a care if he could breathe. Andre jumped onto his stomach at least a dozen times before standing on him. He stood on Ron's stomach with out mercy, as Ron screamed  as his ribs felt like they were cracking under the pressure of Andre’s 600lbs.. Ron continued to scream in pain, but his screams fell on deaf ears as Andre continued to stand on Ron's stomach. Andre’s boots were so large and wide that they barely fit on his stomach. Ron’s breathing was extremely labored  under the immense weight. But an unsympathetic Andre had been standing on Ron’s stomach more than 20 minutes straight  before finally stepping off. He watched as Ron's limp body began to convulse. Ron had never been more terrified in his life.

However Ron said he was not submitting which got Andre irritated. He picks up Ron and slams him on the ring floor. Andre has a deranged look on his face as exits the ring. Andre looked at the crowd and jumped onto Ron's broken stomach. Ron thinks "Oh Shit, I'm going to die" as he screams in agony. After the tenth jump, Andre stood on his stomach. The crowd was going wild. Andre is their hero. Andre continues to stand on Ron's stomach for five minutes before he finally steps off. 

Ron is left laying in the center of the ring, moaning in pain. Andre was determined to make Ron submit, so  stepped  up onto his face, crushing his skull under his 600lbs and both boots.The crowd continued cheering him on, shouting, "Crush him Andre, make him suffer". Ron is screaming in pain as his head feels like it's going to explode. Andre steps off of his face after a minute or so.

Andre jumps onto Ron’s chest. Over and over he jumped. Ron lost track of  how many times. The crowd is going crazy. Ron feels like his ribs are being broken again. Andre jumps up and down on his chest. Nobody can take that much torture can they. Andre stops jumping only to stand on Ron’s chest.  Andre looks down at Ron and evilly says "I am going to really squash you now, you little bitch". After roughly 10 minutes of him standing on Ron’s chest, Andre jumps up, landing with both boots on his face.  The crowd goes wild.  Ron squealed as Andre jumped again, and again, and again, followed by standing on his face for five minutes. The referee is telling Andre to get off of him but he is not listening as he wants Ron to submit. So he jumps on his face a few more times before stepping off of his face.  Andre decides to use his secret weapon. He pulls off his boots, showing his dingy white socks. Andre once again steps up onto Ron's face again. "How do you like that smell, bitch?" Andre laughed. The crowd cheered Andre on. Andre wiped his feet on Ron's face as he stood, occasionally walking in place. He yelled out to the crowd, “I bet you can smell them from here!” After about 5 minutes, Ron has taken all he can and finally submits.

Andre is officially declared the winner. He stands on the rope holding up his index finger as the crowd goes wild. The crowd yelled, "more, more, more!" Andre gives them what they want. Andre climbs to the top of the turnbuckle, and jumps off, landing in a sitting position on Ron's stomach. Andre looks at the crowd and says, "I've never had this much fun before" as he placed his smelly socked feet on Ron's face. "Sniff them you bitch" Andre laughed. Ron’s didn’t have a choice but to smell that stench as Andre sat on him for almost 5 minutes.

Andre finally gets off of Ron  and leaves the ring. Ron is being carried out on a stretcher. Andre stops the stretcher and says to Ron laughingly " You smell like a little bitch?" Ron, barely able to speak, says "I want a rematch you, ugly mother fucker."

Ron Bower

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