Lottery winner throws huge man party and gets trampled underfoot by partygoers. An epic fetish event. Part 1

Read how a lottery winner throws a huge bash, inviting friends, acquaintances and strangers from around the world and ends up trampled underfoot by the partygoers...and loving every minute of it. Part 1

The planning was done and the first day of the gathering was here! It was a beautiful Saturday at the resort. At last count more than 700 men from around the world had their travel paid to be at this party, all complements of a guy named Aaron English, many knew as a trample fetishist, part of a few who willingly get trampled, stepped on, kicked around, walked over for enjoyment. Aaron had experienced many one on one and small group encounters, but this was a whole different scale. The idea was simple - a large party attended by all men, not unlike many festivals, circuit parties, or street parties gay men were familiar with. The only difference here was that guests were asked if someone was on the ground or the floor they were to be ignored because they wanted to be down there. At this event it was perfectly fine, and in fact expected, that men lying on the ground were to be stepped on. Go ahead and trample them underfoot for your enjoyment and pleasure. Stepping on someone was encouraged, and for thjose who enjoyed it here was the chance to be trampled by a large crowd of all men in a "controlled" environment. It was a chance for alphas to not have to guess or hold back. They could exercise their power over another guy by stepping on them just like they were meant to take their place underfoot. It was a chance to show off to each other just how alpha they are by stomping and trampling lowly men under their powerful feet while they party.

By around 1:00 in the afternoon the resort was full and people made their way to the pool. The music was playing, bar open, and the fun just beginning as people gathered, started drinking and partying, meeting new friends and catching up with other friends and enjoying the pool. Most of the crowd was barefoot or wearing flip flops, with a few sexy sneaks too. As the host my heart was pounding as I walked into the pool, knowing at any moment if I were to lay down I would be transformed by the crowd from the "cool host" to nothing but a body on the ground to be trampled underfoot. I drank some liquid courage having difficulty containing how turned on I was watchuing all the hot feet and footwear crushing anything on the ground. I was prepared to experience being trampled under the crowd, a crowd totally careless of a guy laying on the ground under their feet. They will never know how much I was enjoying being the ground they walked on for hours. 

Aaron English

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Brandon Mccurry 1 w

Can we get a part 2 sometime soon????