Big Bri's Traveling Show

The traveling show where locals accept feats of strength challenges, including the Trampling Challenge.

Big Bri's Traveling Show

I have been a fan of Big Brian's Traveling Show since my late teens, and now it is coming to my town, and I'm going! Big Bri (as everyone calls it) has been an obsession of mine since I saw a grainy video of their show. The show consists of feats of strength challenges. The first part is performed by the challengers (huge, strong, heavy men who are part of the show), then they ask audience members to accept the challenge). I particularly loved the trampling challenge. I was so enthralled watching 660 pound Big Brian stand on the other guys. Seeing each one squirm underneath his massive weight. It was so hot! Most of the men who accepted the challenge didn't make it very long, usually less than 30 seconds. There were several men who lasted over 2 minutes. Only one has beaten the challenge. Big Bri stood on this huge muscle man for 5 minutes 22 seconds. The current record. I rewatched that video over and over. I was determined to participate in that show when I got the chance. Tonight it finally happens.


Day 1

"Welcome to Big Brian's Traveling Show! Be sure check in and sign the participation consent form if you wish to accept a particular challenge." I am so excited. I'm finally here. I quickly checked in, signed the form, and checked the itinerary. I made my way to the trampling tent.

"Are you ready to show off your strength? The Trampling Challenge starts in 10 minutes," the announcer boomed. Thankfully there was only a handful in attendance, so I sat front and center. The lights lit up the stage and out came Big Bri himself. All 7'4 tall, 660lbs of him! "Hello fellas! Are you ready to show off your strength?" A enthusiastic cheer went up. "There will be several feats of strength challenges, including these two feets," he laughingly pointed down to his huge size 26 cowboy boots". "On to the first challenge!" he said.


Challenge 1

The first challenge was made by Butch, a 6'5", 320lbs. man. "I challenge anyone who can last 1 minute of me standing on their stomach. Any takers?" he bellowed. I could feel my heart rate increasing as I stepped forward. I was one of three men who accepted the challenge. The other two men were both big bodybuilders, easily over 300lbs. each. Now I am not small by any means at 5'9" and 180lbs. However, I am puny compared to these two.

The first two men lasted a full minute. It was so awesome seeing this huge 320lb. man stand on the other challengers. Their stomachs were flexing under his weight. Now it was my turn. I took my position on my back. I looked up and saw his muscles bulging under his skin. He looked down at me with a smile and I couldn't help but feel a shiver of excitement run down my spine.

He placed his size 14 Nike on my stomach, and stepped up. I felt his full weight crush me. It was like nothing I had ever felt before. My breath was taken away as he began to pose, flexing his muscles and grinding his weight. I moaned in pleasure as he stood on me and flexed those huge muscles. The audience was cheering and clapping, but I was lost in a world of my own. Butch's massive weight on me was all I could focus on. As he posed, his Nikes were sinking deeper into my stomach. I felt myself getting aroused. I tried to hide it, but my body betrayed me. My bulge grew bigger and more noticeable with each passing moment. Butch noticed and gave me a sly grin. "Looks like you're enjoying this," he said, his deep voice rumbling through me. "Don't worry, I am too." He shifted his weight, pressing deeper into my stomach. I was gasping for air, it was almost too much. Finally he stepped off. I lasted a minute.

"Impressive," the announcer called out. "Do you have what it takes to take on Big Bri, little man?" he asked me. I nodded my head. He laughed as he said to the me and the crowd, "We'll see. We'll see" he laughed.


Challenge 2

The next challenge was also made by Butch. "I challenge anyone who can take me jumping on their stomach. The first 25 are double stomps, the last 25 are me continuously jumping up and down on your stomach. Any takers?"

Once again, it was me and the same 2 bodybuilders as before. It was incredible just watching Butch jump over and over on their muscled abs. Both men made it through. I got into position on the floor and started to prepare myself for what was to come.

The first 25 double stomps were brutal. I felt the air being forced out of my lungs with each stomp. Butch's shoes were really landing deep. He wasn't exactly in a hurry jumping off of me. My stomach was on fire, but I refused to give up. I gritted my teeth and pushed through the pain. Each jump were more and more excruciating. Butch was loving it. He started to flex his shirtless body as he stood on my stomach after the last jump.

Butch looked down at me and placed his huge sneaker on my stomach. "It looks like the little man wants another go," he teased. The audience was laughing. "Well, let's give him what he wants," he said. I could feel myself getting harder.

He stepped onto my stomach and jumped up and down. Higher and higher with each jump. My stomach was in agony. I screamed and moaned as each jump sunk deeper and deeper into my gut. The pain was intense. Butch loved it. He laughed as he jumped. He was careful to make the last jumps the deepest. As he stepped off I was gasping for air. I tried to hide my arousal, but it was impossible. My bulge was huge.

"What do you say, Big Bri?" the announcer asked. "Do you think our little man has what it takes to take on our final challenge?"


Challenge 3

"That's right. I think he is ready," Big Bri answered. "I challenge you the Trampling Challenge," he said to me. "Now it is time to see me crushing your body under my size 26 boots."

I worked my way to the front of the stage. Big Bri stood over me as I got on my back. He stood there, towering over me. The audience was going wild, cheering and clapping. I was nervous, but I was determined to make it.

He stepped onto my stomach. I felt his weight sink deep. I was squirming under his weight. "Come on little man, push through," he said to me.

I used every muscle in my stomach to push him up. It was no use. He was unstoppable. I let out deep moans as he pushed down deep into my stomach. The pain was incredible. He was so heavy. I glanced out at the audience. Some were cheering, some were mocking me and laughing. I could hear their jeering. "You are such a sissy." "Bitch!" "You can't do it!" "You're too weak!" It made it worse.

I felt my body starting to give way. I was losing this battle. He smiled down at me. "How does it feel, little man?" he said. "I am going to break you."As he stood on me, my whole body was writhing in pain. I could feel my stomach getting weaker and weaker with each passing moment. My body was in agony. I was gasping for air. I closed my eyes and stopped struggling. I was going to give up. He was laughing down at me. The crowd was laughing. "Are you giving up, little man?" he said. "Should we stop? You can't do it. You are a loser." I looked up at him. I pushed with every muscle in my stomach. There was nothing left. I knew I was going to give way. My body was getting weaker. Suddenly, Big Bri stepped off of me!

"Fantastic!" Big Bri shouted. He picked me up with one hand, my toes were barely touching the ground as he joyfully shouted out, "The little man did it!" I did it? I actually won? Big Bri stood on my stomach for 3 full minutes, longer than anyone else. Big Bri raised my arm high in the air. The triumph was overwhelming. It was everything I had expected and more.

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