Abs of Steel Challenge p2

The continuation of the story about my challenge against a cocky bully.

Part 2

"That's a good idea. My feet reek after one day of work, you'll never last from the smell of them after 7 days" he laughed. "But let's make it more interesting," he said.

"What do you mean?" I asked. 

"As you know, I'm stronger and I have more stamina than you. And I want to fucking crush you more," Cory evilly said. "When I win, and I will win, I get to stand on you anytime I want for as long as I want." 

"Ok!" I continued, "And when I win. Yes, I said when. When I win, you have to smell my socks for 1 hour every time we work together."

"Oh, you'll be smelling my socks when I stand on your face whenever I want," Cory retorted. "Deal?"

"Deal," I said back.

We agreed to wear white crew socks with our sneaks all week. When our shoes aren't on, the socks come off. No floor dirt. The challenge was that each of us stood on the other's face for 1 minute. Then for 2 minutes. And so on until one of us gave up. 

The week went by fast. Cory had been getting on my nerves every day since our bet. He kept saying how he was going to crush me. I couldn't wait for the clock to get to Friday.

Cory was bragging about how he was going to do it.

The day was finally here. Cory is really competitive and wants to win. He took his shoes off, his foot stink was strong and powerful. "Phew!" he laughed. "I'm glad you're smelling these." He stepped up onto my chest and wiggled his socked foot on my face. "They smell great, huh?" He laughed. Then he stepped onto my face and stood with both feet. The feeling was intense. His socks really stank. "I told you my feet stink," he said. "It's amazing that my big man-size feet fit on your tiny crushed face". The stench of his socks were amplified by his massive weight. He stepped off after a minute. "I'm stronger than you. This will be an easy victory," Cory said. 

I then stood on his face with my size 10 socked feet. "I hope you're enjoying the smell," I say. It was awesome standing on his smug face. I knew my socks smelled rank, but he'd never admit it. I step off after a minute. 

We kept going, round after round. We both made it 2 minutes. Then 3 minutes. I barely made 4 minutes. My face felt like it was going cave in. And the stink made it almost unbearable. Cory wouldn't admit it, but he was struggling as well. I mean I'm not exactly light and my socks were ripe as well. 

Cory once again stands on my face. My head was pounding. I knew I wouldn't make it through this round. But I hated the idea of losing to him. I mean, I didn't mind him trampling me and I liked the smell of his sweaty socks. I just didn't want to feed into his cocky attitude. However, I had him step off after a bit over 4 minutes. "5 minutes and I win...again!" he said. 

I was pissed. I said, "How about I stand on your face with my shoes on, tough guy. Let's see how long you last!" I said loudly. Cory looked at me, and cockily said,"You're going to lose in your own sick game. And when you do, I'm going to stand on your face anytime I want." I happily stood on his face with my Reeboks on. He grunted and groaned as I continued to stand. I'm sure it hurt, although I think he was happy that he didn't have to smell my socks any longer. The buzzer went off at 5 minutes. I stepped off. I had lost. Again. 

"HA! You lose. I win. Again! I'm going to stand on you at any time I want for as long as I want." Cory said in an evil tone. "And you will get the pleasure of smelling my manly feet as I stand on your face." I just stood there, defeated, disappointed in myself. Cory patted my head and said, "You did well. You lasted longer than I thought you would. Now get down!" he commanded. And with that he stood on my stomach until it was time to go home.

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