My pro wrestling sumo trampling wish was granted ~ Fantasy

Awesome fantasy story by member TrampledCub. Restored from MxM v3 archives by request.

In 2012 I was fortunate enough to spend a week in Japan.

While I enjoyed seeing the sites from this gorgeous place so full of culture and incredible food. The real reason I was excited to go is that I was going to get to meet and see my favorite Sumo sized professional wrestler, Akebono. You see, Akebono is a former sumo wrestler, standing 6’9” tall and weighing 580 lbs. In his matches, he almost always stands full weight on his opponents, often more than once and for long periods of time (the longest I saw was a little over a minute).


He also does a full weight bonzai drop, sitting on a lucky guy for a while. So, I took a chance about a month before I left for Japan and Facebook messaged Akebono himself, Chad Rowan. I mentioned that I run a website dedicated to him, specifically his trampling of opponents. He responded much to my surprise. His message stated that he wanted to know more about the site and why it focused solely on his trampling during matches. In the next message, I responded by giving him the website address, which explained my trampling fetish. A day later, he said he was intrigued and asked if I had anything specifically, I wanted to see him do to an opponent in a match. I wrote back with details of a trample heavy match. I also asked what his boot size was. He once again responded promptly stating he liked my match idea and he wore size 18s. He then asked for my travel details, which I gave. To my delight, I was going to get to meet Chad and discuss details of a match in which I will be ringside. My trip couldn’t get here soon enough. A month later, my partner and I arrived in Tokyo. After a day of sightseeing, the day had come that I would meet Akebono himself. I was nervous. Then he walked into the restaurant he chose for us to meet. He waswearing his trademark Hawaiian shirt, shorts, white crew socks, and white-ishNikes. He was enormous. A full foot taller than me and close to 400lbs heavier.We sat at our table, had some small talk as we ordered, then we discusseddetails of my dream match. I won’t go into all the details of the upcoming match at this point because I don’t want to spoil the match itself. You’ll hear the smashing play by play soon. Chad was curious about trampling fetish. He did not know that was a thing. I explained that I like the feeling of being crushed by big men. I also have a foot fetish (socks actually). I tried my best to describe the combination of seeing big men standing on other men is very sexual and the scent of his well-worn socked feet makes it even more intense. After about an hour, Chad had to leave, but said I won’t be disappointed tomorrow night and that we have VIP passes to meet the wrestlers after the matches. 


We arrived at the arena early and were ushered to our front row seats. After 3 matches, I saw on the screen a photo of Akebono and Ryota Hama. Hama is about 6’0 tall, weighs 480 lbs. That’s almost 1,000 lbs. of man! They were taking on 2 guys who I did not know but they were small. I don’t think either of them weighed over 200 lbs. The match started much like most, a few shots of give and take. Then the real action happened. All the wrestlers were out of the ring.


Akebono was directly in front of me. He slammed his opponent next to the railing where we sat. He stepped up and stood on his stomach…. He was just inches from me. I was creaming. He stood on him a good 30 seconds before he got back in the ring with the others. The one who got stood on took his time getting into the ring. I watched as Hama and Ake were beating the hell out of the other guy. The first opponent rolled into the ring and Hama immediately stepped on him, standing on his chest and stomach. I was so enthralled. I wished I was that lucky guy. Hama stayed on him about a minute before stepping off and waving Akebono over. Once again, in front of me, Akebono stood on stomach. He let go of the ropes so that his full weight was on him. The opponent’s stomach was sunk in almost to the mat. Ake then started stepping up and down, almost running on him. He also stayed on him about a minute. When he stepped off, Ake kicked him out of the ring. He was holding his belly and writhing. It was awesome. They then went to another opponent. Hama slammed him next to the turnbuckle and bonzai dropped from the second rope. He sat on him for a long time while Ake went out after the first wrestler.


Akebono slammed him near the ring apron, once again in front of me, he stepped up on his chest with both feet. He continued standing on him as the guy struggled to breathe, all while Hama was still sitting on the other guy. After about a minute, Akebono stepped off him and returned to the ring. Hama was off the other guy at this point, so Ake went over and stood on his chest. After 30 seconds, Ake stepped off. He slammed the guy he had just stepped off near the turnbuckle. Ake then slammed the other one on top of him. They were criss crossed on top of each other with the top guy in a u shape with his head and feet on the mat and his stomach up. I almost passed out from excitement when Akebono stepped up on his stomach and stood on them both. The guy on top had his outstretched stomach being crushed under Ake’s size 18 boots. The one under him was being crushed by nearly 800lbs. It was fantastic. He got off after 45 seconds or so then threw the second guy out of the ring once again.


Hama and Ake focused on the first guy. In the middle of the ring, Hama slammed him to the mat. Ake placed a boot on his chest, Hama placed one on his stomach and they stepped up and over at the same time. That’s 1,000 lbs. stepping on him. They did it several more times. Something I wasn’t expecting happened next, Akebono did a double stomp on his stomach. 580lbs jumping onto his stomach. He even stood on him a few seconds before stepping off. He did it once more. This was even better than I expected. It was almost over now. But they saved the best for last. They rolled him to the ring ropes, and Hama stepped up and stood on his stomach. Shortly thereafter, you guessed it, Akebono stood on his chest. I was spent. 1,000 lbs standing on this man. They didn’t stay on long, maybe 10 seconds. Akebono then put his boot on the guys head and stepped up. He stood both boots and all 580 lbs on his head. He stayed on him about 20 seconds. Akebono then did a splash and pinned him. It was over.


I quickly headed backstage to greet them. I even met the opponents who were definitely battered. I thanked Chad for doing this. He then said, its not over. I looked at him curiously. I followed him to another room with a ring set up. It was their practice mat. “You’re going to take me on” he bellowed.


I got changed into wrestling shorts and got into the ring. I was both excited and nervous. Before I knew it, I was being rammed into the turnbuckle by Ake’s belly, crushing me. After seeing I was ok, He picked me up and slammed me near the ring ropes. I knew what was next. He put a big boot on my stomach and stepped up. The air was pushed out of my stomach as he stood on me. I looked up and remember seeing this huge sumo giant crushing me. They completely covered my stomach as he stood sideways on me. He stayed on about 30 seconds. He gave me a few moments to catch my breath and he stepped back up, this time on my chest. His boots were inches from my face, and they were enormous. I could barely breathe. He was literally crushing my chest. But I loved every minute of it. He stepped off after 30 seconds, only to stand on my stomach once more. His boots were almost touching the mat as he stood on me. He turned to face me, and his boots were so large they covered my entire stomach. 


His heels were near my hip line and the toes were halfway up my chest. He stood about 15 seconds then stepped up closer onto my chest. The toes of his boots were literally touching my chin. I looked up and saw this mammoth man looking down with an evil grin on his face. Suddenly he crashed down on my chest and stomach and sat there. After about 45 seconds, he started pulling off his boots. All the sudden this foot stench filled the room. He placed both socked feet on my face while still sitting on me. “I haven’t change them in 3 days” he laughed. They reeked. His feet were so huge they didn’t fit on my face. The stench of his white sweat socks was powerful. He stayed on me almost 2 minutes. He stood up and put a socked foot on my face while I caught my breath for a minute or so. He took his foot off my face and said, “Are you ready?” as he looked down at me. I nodded yes. He then stepped up on my chest, stood a few moments before lifting a foot onto my face. He let me sniff it about 10 seconds before I felt like my head was going explode. He stepped up, standing with both socked feet on my face. He did not hold onto the ropes. I was holding 580lbs on my face. He got off me after 5 seconds. Ake asked me if I was Ok. I nodded yes.


I did have one other request, could he stand on my stomach one more time until I motion for him to get off. He obliged by standing on my stomach with both socked feet for a little over 2 minutes. I was in heaven. As a parting gift, he gave me his socks and a video of both matches. I was sore as could be. My ribs hurt for days. My face felt like a truck ran over it. But I’d do it again in a hot minute.


Since that match, Akebono has been standing on opponent’s heads with both feet, he stands on guys much longer and more often, and once he even jumped off the ring apron onto a guy’s stomach. Unfortunately, Akebono was forced to retire a couple years ago due to major health issues. By the way, I keep his socks in a Ziplock bag and still sniff them regularly. Thank you, Mr.

Bono. You made my life complete.

Ron Bower

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