STORY - Superchub socks and trample

A recap of my incredible experience being trampled by a 440lb hot black superchub with his 5 day worn size 16 black socks.

A couple weeks back I had one of the best and most challenging trample sessions of my life. I met Keith online and we hit it off right away. He was very jazzed about having his size 16 socked feet worshipped. However he was leery about trampling me. Keith said he was 6'6" and 410 lbs. and was afraid of hurting me. He had sat on a guy before but never stood on anyone. After a few more weeks of chatting, he agreed. 

When I met him in person, he was much cuter and bigger than I'd imagined. I was so stoked. He was wearing a plaid short sleeve button up shirt, jeans, huge black dress shoes and black socks that he'd worn everyday for the past 5 days. Because he was a bit nervous, we started with him sitting on me on the couch. We talked a few minutes while he squashed me. His ass was huge covering my entire chest and stomach and he was heavy. Once he realized I could take his weight, I moved to the floor. 

He placed his enormous size 16 shoed foot on my belly, stepped up and over. I immediately got a woody. He continued to step on me a few more times, from my stomach to chest. I asked if he was ready to stand on me? He nodded, put his shoed foot on my stomach, stepped up and placed the other one next to it. All 410 lbs and both size 16s were standing on me. My belly was smooshed. His shoes barely fit on my belly. It was also difficult to breathe, but I was loving it. After about 15 seconds, he stepped off. Keith had a big smile on his face and a large bulge in his pants. He stood on my stomach again for a bit longer. He then stood on my chest, facing me. Looking up seeing this huge giant crushing me was awesome. My chest felt like it was going to cave in. But I'd have been ok with that. He ordered me to take off his shoes. He lifted his right foot as I slipped it off his foot. A powerful whiff of his sock stench filled the room immediately. I did the same to the other one. He stepped off of me only to sit on my belly and placed both his black socked feet on my face. The scent was intoxicating. His feet were so huge one completely covered my face. Both more than covered it. Keith ordered me to breathe in the stench. I did. The smell was even more potent than I'd imagined especially with him squashing me. He sat on me about 10 minutes. I almost came without trying. Damn this is hot. 

He got up, took off his pants and shirt. You know the saying that foot size correlates to penus size? It did. And he was hard as a rock. He once again stood on my belly sideways. His feet sinking in. He started walking in place making it more difficult to breathe. He stepped off to let me catch my breathe. He stood next to my stomach, bent down, and jumped up landing on my stomach. He stood there a few moments before stepping off. OMG was this incredible. He proceeded to jump on me 3 or 4 more times. Next he stood on my chest facing me, and lifted a foot onto my face. The pressure of his 440lbs combined with the ripe scent of his socks, was more than I had hoped for. He switched feet a few times before stepping off.  Next he stood next to my face and placed his smelly socked foot on my face sideways. His foot was so long his toes and heels touched my ears. He stepped up onto my face with one foot and walked over. And again on the other side. Several times he stepped on my face. Then he stepped up and placed the other foot on my face, my head felt like it would explode from the weight. It also made the sock smell more intense. He stepped off after a few seconds. Only to step back on from the other side. I'm in heaven. 

Lastly, he stepped on my face with both huge socked feet. His heels were on my chin, his toed hanging off my forehead, and my nose completely covered by both feet. They barely fit on my upturned face. He stood there 15 or so seconds before stepping off. He stepped up again and stood with his heels on my forehead. He came on my chest as I came while he stood on my face almost a minute. As a parting gift, he gave me his socks. I was so sore, but I'd do it again anytime. Maybe next time white socks and sneaks? 



Ron Bower

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