Download Now: Prerelease Apps for Android, Phase One

The team targeted Wednesday, November 11th to make apps available to members of our site around the world. This marks pre-release Phase One. A special download page will be available soon. For now, continue for the app download details.

Prerelease Software Now Available

MxM Messenger for Android Ready
MxM Network for Android Ready


Download Links


Sideloading is a requirement

To download MxM Network or MxM Messenger, you'll have to set your device to allow downloads from outside the Google Play Store. Every Android device can do this. 


Learn how to do it



The app's connection to this site is encrypted. If you're concerned about malicious software via Sideloading the app, we recommend scanning our APK with an antivirus program.


Android Version Compatibility

In order to install MxM Network or MxM Messenger, you must be running:


  • Android 5.0 (Lollipop)
  • Android 9.0 (Pie) or later


First Come, First Serve

If too many users express interest in the pre-release apps at one time, we might have to slow it down for bandwidth reasons.


Manage Your Expectations

This is a very, very early release. The functionality and appearance of both apps is due to change by final release.


Warning: Older devices *will* have trouble

Our apps may malfunction or even refuse to open on less powerful devices. This becomes more likely the older your Android phone is. It's early, so this is well out of our control for now. Our website is already processor-demanding. We will demand a lot out of your phone, too.



...You're all caught up! We'll send a global notification when new details are added.

Logan, Managing Admin

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Paul Payne 24 w

I think It looks great so far!


Awesome! I can't wait :) Thanks for all the hard work you and your team have put in to this. You're ALL amazing!