MxM in 2021: The Next Chapter

We’re making good on our ambitions for MxM in 2021. That leads up to a big announcement. Read on...


It wasn't long ago that MxM was just a small forum site that wasn't really known. I didn't have much money those days, or much support starting out, but I had so much passion for my fetish - why couldn't mine have a home on the web?


Why not a place as good as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram? Where you won't wake up to being censored / having all your content deleted? All the spankbank-worthy content *and* the community to go with it?

Anyway, you know the saying "when there's a will, there's a way"?

In 2017, @n2orlboi reached out to me and offered to financially back MxM entirely - to help me legitimize it as a proper platform. He still does to this day, while I mostly drop money on code, scripts, etc. HE is the reason MxM can even exist.

Also in 2017, @Barefootstallion (founder of the previous Eccentricities, A Life Underfoot forum) donated a (rather expensive) license to really powerful forum software. That donation made it possible for us to finally have our start on the web.


Between 2018-2020, we did a lot of experimenting and soul-searching. This, understandably, upset members over time, who deserved a more stable experience and thus left for other platforms.


And then there were members who were in it for the long haul, constantly supporting our efforts; for example, over the 2020 holidays, a bunch of you donated to MxM. It was a genuinely unexpected outpouring of support. 

You can see why I certainly feel less alone these days, and through the massive international support we've gained from all of you over the years, we have a solid platform for our fetishes and increasingly more resources to serve you. 

And now?




MxM is officially going legit.

We'll be a registered business/organization likely as soon as the end of January. A lot of updates are planned to make sure our site falls in line with the legal side of things. If I play my role well, you won't notice much.


No, this does not mean we're converting to a paysite. You know us better than that, lol.

It DOES mean a lot more things are fairly close to reality, like...


1) Actual in-person events and showing up at kink festivals (yes, really) 

2) Merchandise and Gear (already being worked on)

3) You may be able to sell your video content (legal stuff to sort first lol) 

4) You will be soon able to earn money referring members (Affiliates Program)

5) We'll be able to commission the vendor to create new fetish features for the site

6) We'll begin advertising our site, which brings more guys in! (I'd say we're ready, wouldn't you?)

7) We'll be able to earn revenue from the immense traffic we receive internationally, which of course goes into growing the site

8) Smart moderation using technology like the Google Cloud Vision API (we wouldn't want a repeat of Tumblr, would we?) 

I'll update this blog as I have more info for you. And thanks, everyone, for everything up to this point. Stay kinky.


~ Logan

Logan, Managing Admin

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Awesome Logan! Congrats! I'm excited for the future :)