When a guy into trampling wins the lottery

A fantasy I've had for some time, so I keep buying lottery tickets just in case.

It finally happened! I won the lottery, collected my winnings an immediately began planning. After a couple of months, calls, meetings and writing some big checks the venues were reserved and I could start letting all my worldwide friends into trampling, squashing, feet and footwear know all about it and submit their travel plans for full payment and spread the word to others. 

For the first event all of your travel, lodging, food, drinks, fees and even your pay were taken care of complements of my lottery winnings! No strings, no requirements, just wanting to gather together with others to have fun. The only requirement was you have no issues and preferably a strong desire with trampling. Three days and nights: two in the city, and one night at the local campground so something for everyone. One night the local bathhouse was all ours, another night at a night club, then off to a local campground with a huge pool and fun in the great outdoors.

My life became centered around the planning, hoping everyone was as excited about it as I was anticipating a large crowd of guys knowing everyone was okay and accepting of a secret fetish usually kept hidden and rarely acted on that would now be as natural as breathing. The only unknown would be which guys wanted to be on the floor or ground getting stepped on, and which guys were yearning to trample bodies underfoot, and others who might find themselves switching up the fun. 

It wasn't long and the days were soon here. At last count the response that started with a small core of trampling friends grew and grew. Many into being trampled were eager to be able to finally experience being around guys willing to step on them in any number of ways. Many more wanting to party with some slaves willing to take their weight and submit to their trampling feet. And still more who saw the opportunity for a free trip and could care less about stepping on a few guys, they just wanted to travel. 

At last count, 800 were going to be there. (To be continued....)

Aaron English

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Newb Guy 36 w

Such a great plan!! I hope you win the lottery soon...

Logan 36 w

Loved it! (Because of course I would) If I won the lottery, goodness…