MxM For Android Now Available

Version M1 is now available to directly download from MxM.


Click here to download now.


MxM for Android (M1) is now available for download. Yes, really! Download it by clicking here. The software is stable, capable, and is a whole new way to experience the fetish community here at MxM.


Important notes on MxM for Android (M1)

Not available on Play Store

MxM for Android (M1) can only be downloaded from our website. Not the Google Play Store. The Google Play Store (and Apple’s App Store for that matter…) has censorship rules that would prevent our app from ever being allowed in its full form on their stores. There’s nothing we can do about that until their policy changes eventually. The alternative is censoring the entire website experience. We would rather not screw our entire community over just to say we’re on the Google Play Store App Store.


Some things not available via app yet

Certain things, such as requesting help/support, viewing our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and blogging, will redirect to the web version of MxM.



The app uses industry standard security. The app is linked specifically to our website and uses an encrypted connection to our servers. You will not get less of an experience because you downloaded it from MxM’s website and not the Google Play Store.


Registration is web-only

To protect our limited access tradition, we will not be permitting users to sign up / register via MxM for Android (M1).


We're still working on Live Video functionality 

Live Video functionality is not activated yet - ignore that button for now.


Messaging is currently app-only - sorry about that.

MxM Messenger for Android will come at a later time. The app is not yet to our standards. We will let everyone know when that happens.


Device compatibility

Most devices of reasonable age will be able to run MxM for Android (M1). We unfortunately don’t have the budget to address compatibility issues, so if your device is beyond a certain age, there is nothing we can do. You will have to use the web version at that point.


Cheers! We hope this hard-fought software provides a rare fetish mobile experience and measures up to what our members deserve. 


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