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Anyone remember posts about something called "This little piggy" parties? It was many years ago and I recall several pictures and maybe a video or two of guys in a group trampling on someone. Just curious if anyone still has those? It was one of the first trampling sites I remember discovering.

VIDEO, IN MEMORIAM: The late Smashman and Abstester having a trampling session in which Smashman’s durability is put to the test.


VIDEO: We all remember Master Anthony Chang, right?

He's still around @

Anyway, here's a popular clip from his Yahoo Group, donated by the admin of the former Stomps4Me group.

#facetrampling #feet #sheers

STORY: "Military Boots", author Pigomatic. Dedicated to PILOTBOOTS MASTER. Donated by the admin of the former Stomps4Me Yahoo group.

"...Without warning, he jumped directly into my stomach with both boots
planted together, all 200 lbs...His boots made a sickening slap sound
but I could not believe what came out of my mouth..."

#trampling #boots #brutal #sm #fighting #jumping

Pigomatic-Military Boots.TXT

VIDEO: "Marcello on Massimo" - submitted by the late @Footboinz - contributor on the legacy MxM.

From, a website that existed during the 2000s. A lucky guy (presumably "Massimo" gets walked all over barefoot by a skilled trampler - all over the face, chest, and stomach.

#trampling #barefoottrampling #barefoot