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This site is great and I'm so happy to be here. I remember growing up and being attracted to beefy wrestlers (or helpless ripped jobbers) that would get their stomachs worked over by their opponents. While punches and strikes were the most interesting to me, I gradually became attracted to seeing guys get kicked in the stomach by their opponents who were trained in martial arts. Then this eventually led to seeing guys get worked over with stomps and tramples.

The hottest to me was seeing pro wrestler Kevin Sullivan double stomp full weight onto his opponent's gut. He'd carefully lay them out flat on their back and then jump full force onto their exposed gut and then go for the pin. The guy would cover his belly with his arms to attempt Kevin from doing it again. Then the poor guy would wriggle and convulse in pain while I'd sport a boner. The only thing that would have made this better for me is if Kevin had been barefoot!

Over time I played and experimented with buddies around my neighborhood and having their weight on me or using mine on them would be something we'd practice on each other. This led to foot worship and footjobs too. I hope to find guys on here that like give and take play.

How did you guys get started with this? Please share your experiences and "origin story".