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Its been a very long time since I post anything here, everything is ok on my end, but my foot fetish has hit me so hard that I'm having a difficult time controlling it.
I often find myself reading forced foot worship and brutal trampling stories, looked at men with thier bare soles on other sites, while jerking off to it.
I visited second hand stores in my area, make a b line towards men's shoes/boots section, and getting aroused by the looking at those used boots. I grabbed those black Red Wings, boots. I headed towards the fitting room, locked the door and sniffing them on the spot, and looked at it's label its a size 13.
In other words, I worshipped the hell outta them. I gave them a very passionate kiss on the toe cap first, then each of the soles... Then, I licked them clean, payed attention to the sides, tops and the toes caps, and each of the soles. Next, I quietly unzipped my pants, and whipped out my dick, and started to jerking off, while putting the toe cap part of the boot in my mouth.
I sucked off the boot toe cap/part of the soles like its a fucking fat cock. I almost climax, but I've stopped my session, because at that time, I was so fucking horned up, I shoved my hard dick into the opening of that boot. Yes, I fucked each of those boot, like skull fucking a slave's throat, before exploding my load into the left half pair, and few minutes later, the right half pair, but with a reduced amount of cum.
Afterwards, feeling very relaxed, hot, and sweaty, I put my tired, spent dick back into my pants, zipped it up and straightened myself, before unlocking the door. Grabbed those boots, and calmly walked out the room. I walked towards the rack, returned those boot back, and left.
I seriously can't help myself at times, I've got men's feet, or thier boots on my brain. It's sometimes pissing my off, because I thought I can control my own fetish, but it's controlling me.
As of now, I'm embarrassed to openly admit to all of you, I'm a full-time slave, to my own foot fetish. I've had fallen from being a strong master, to now, a pathetic little foot fetish slave.