Cleats! Trying New Things - @Tramplfan of Mexico

First, I would like to thank @Logan for encouraging me to write this, and of course for having done such a great job with this site. Congratulations man!!

So, as other guys around there, I like to trample people and to get trampled too. Unfortunately, I haven’t got too many chances to do this (just 3 times), but I'm sure I will at some point ?.

I had the chance to get trampled for the first time in September 2019. I’ve always thought doing this barefooted is the best way and damn I was right, I just loved the feeling of soles pressing over my shirtless body, it was good.

Few weeks after that, I met another guy who is around 87kg and he’s also curious to try this, although he’s more interested in doing it with cleats (u know, soccer shoes), as a trampler tramplee. Of course, he also wants to feel the full experience (regular sneakers, socks and bare feet).

I am concerned that some people like trampling with those kinds of footwear: work boots, cleats, high heels, etc... because of the pain they produce. And for that same reason, it wasn’t something I actually wanted to try... until that moment ?. After talking with this guy, I got really curious to feel that, feeling cleats over me.

I didn’t want to experiment with that guy because I think his weight could enter in the “heavy” category ?. Luckily, for a great reason, the dude on the 1st meeting hit me up, and I took advantage of that: I proposed him to trample me wearing cleats I found at my home, and with that I'd be trying with him (he’s around 70kg), so, definitely lighter.

Some of you might say that 70kg are not enough, and yeah, I agree, as long as it’s done barefooted or in socks; with cleats (at least for me), it’s a different story. Why do I say that? Because eventually, it happened...

I met the 1st guy few days ago, all I can say: it’s truly painful. I was shirtless for sure, and my friend just loved how the cleats left prints on my reddish body. For those who love struggling noises, I can promise, I made a lot LOL. Fortunately (or not) the guy isn’t into trampling, at least isn’t his thing; so, he was really concerned about me and he wasn’t that sadist, so, he was getting off me constantly even if I didn’t tap out, why? Because of the noise I was making ?.



He stood almost full weight on my upper chest nailing his heel on it (I tap out that time) // One footed standing

In conclusion, Cleats Trampling.... I was sore for 3 days, I felt like I got plenty of bruises, especially on my chest, but there wasn’t anything visible. It's painful, but it’s still trampling; I don’t like one, but I love the another, so for now I think it’s a love-hate relationship ?.

Would I try it again? Well, right now I’m doomed. I already accepted the request of the heavier guy I mentioned before, yeah, I wasn’t thinking clearly LOL. But I’m not that coward so, yes, I’ll try it again, I just hope not to die jajaja. And yeah, now I’m open to try with another footwear too, it only needs discussion ?.

I know everyone is seeking for some trampling fun but stay safe guys, stay at home during these days.

P.S: For those who want to see more, there’s the little clip of the session I had, hope you like it and hope to have more once I meet the heavier guy.


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