INTERVIEW - @Littleguy98 of Chicago, Illinois

Member @Littleguy98 of Chicago is a talented, really short dude into being squashed and walked on by really big guys. Read on for some intense shots and a really good highlight!

Member #241 - @Littleguy98



Age: 24

Height: 5'4 / 163 cm

Weight: 145 lbs / 65.7 kgs

Foot Size: 8 US



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Q: I wanted to thank you for taking the time to interview with us. So - what do you go by, and what do you do in life?

A: I go by #Littleguy98 on MxM Network. In life, I do a lot of music fundraising and teaching. I also love cooking as a hobby, and learning new things about food recipes.
Q: We love a well-rounded guy. It’s an honor to have you as a member, @Littleguy98! Where are you based? 
A: Thanks! I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and now live in Chicago, Illinois.
How is the kink/fetish scene in Chicago? I know Onyx is based there.
A: I've met a couple of cool guys here. The kink/fetish scene here is really big. Lots of leather/daddies and BDSM. I'm still searching for a big guy here in Chicago, though, specifically for squashing.

Relatable. Do you find it hard to find guys willing to squash and trample you in the Chicago fetish scene?
A: Not necessarily. A lot of guys here are pretty open. I will say it's hard for me to find guys who are willing to take squashing/trampling to the level that I’m looking for. It's kind of scary to them to completely crush a guy my size.
Oh? What are your stats?
A: I'm currently 5’4 / 163cm, 140lbs / 63.5kg, and my Body Mass Index (BMI) is 24. I'm a pretty short dude, lol. 
Wowww. That size difference... is WiLd.

A: It really is. That’s my main pull into squashing fetish - the size difference. 
I’ve never thought of how hard convincing people must be when it comes to that size difference. Fascinating, yet makes total sense. Takes a sadist and a lot of trust, huh?
A: Definitely. I like someone who is truly willing to use their weight to torture me, but also knows when it's time to stop. And trust me, it takes a lot for me to have to tell a guy it's time to stop.

Based on what I’ve seen, I definitely believe you. Digging deeper for a sec: As a person of color, do you think it affects your prospects in the kink/fetish community? Positively or negatively?
A: Good question. It's mostly internal as is with most situations. For example, when a person of color goes into a store, we try to keep our hands out of our pockets to signify that we're not going to steal anything, but maybe someone who is caucasian would never think of that. Specific to this fetish, I often think that I'm not as attractive as someone who is not caucasian, but obviously this fetish community is very accepting and they don't think that way. I'm pretty blessed to have met the people I have, without any negative interactions concerning race. Like I said, it's something I think about to myself, but it ends up being okay.
I like your outlook on things. Thanks for letting it get personal for a sec. Cue the hot questions: What is the heaviest amount of weight you’ve taken?
A: The heaviest was 550lbs / 249kg. With trampling, my heaviest is 450lbs / 240kg.
Hell of a record!
A: It's pretty insane thinking that I've handled that much, haha.
Do you enjoy the size difference that basically always results in your sessions?
A: Yes, definitely! I really go for the biggest - always. I don't mind anyone who wants to squash me though, haha. I've actually been wanting to meet with XeonPeaceMaker for a looong time. He'll be my biggest by far when we meet.
The photos that have come out of your sessions are incredible. Have you ever injured yourself in a session before?
A: No - not yet, thank God. I always fear that right before I head in, but then adrenaline takes over - and I let the alpha do what he decides to do. That's also one of my favorite things - letting the alpha take control. The closest I’ve come to being "injured" is having small bruising/soreness throughout my body. But that's kind of a souvenir!

Haha! Let’s talk about travel for a sec. How often would you say you travel for fetish play? Do you think it’s worth it?
A: In a way, yeah, it is worth it! The majority of my squashing meetups are travel-based. There was only one situation where I happened to meet a huge guy who lived down the street from me - I convinced him to squash me. 9 times out of 10, I have to travel.
Would you recommend others travel for fetish connections?
A: I would recommend doing it if that person is hosting/helping you pay for a hotel (or fully cover it). I've made the mistake sometimes of traveling AND footing the hotel bill, and I now realize how unfair that can be. You're gonna feel a lot better about meeting the person - and in turn have more fun.
I think that lots who have traveled for fetish would agree to this.

Okay, final question: If you could say something to the community, what would it be?

- Pleeeeease squash me, it's been a while!!
- Treat each other with respect outside of play and bring your worst out during - and have fun!
- Make sure everything beforehand is agreed upon and consensual.
You gave us one hell of a spotlight. Thank you, enormously, for having this interview with us. You’re what makes us who we are.  


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Razor Rudock 2 yrs

Great story and recomendations, full agree with him, big guys do the best or many short guys in multi trampling, awesome tramplee, congrats

AllMuscle 2 yrs

Great interview! Littleguy98 is definitely a great squashee: lot of experience and lot of endurance. Definitely a challenge for every squasher! I would probably enjoy to squash him too, even if I'm a squashee! ?