Squashed by Personal Trainer

Ever since he began college three years ago, Luke had been training with his personal trainer, Evan, in hopes of putting on some more muscle. Luke had always been small and skinny through childhood and up until graduating from high school...

Chapter One


Ever since he began college three years ago, Luke had been training with his personal trainer, Evan, in hopes of putting on some more muscle. Luke had always been small and skinny through childhood and up until graduating from high school... But since he's begun training with Evan, the exercises and workouts have helped him to beef up a noticeable amount.

Luke's biceps are bigger and his arms are hard when he flexes them; his thighs have gotten thicker and firmer; but Luke's most proud accomplishment is his stomach, where a lean 4 pack as developed and is gradually evolving into a magazine-worthy six pack. He's still only 5'7", 120 pounds. And though it's all muscle, it doesn't hold a candle to Evan's physique.

Luke's personal trainer Evan is in his late-40's—more than 20 years Luke's senior—stands at 6'6" and is 250 pounds of pure muscle. He has bulky arms, thighs, and a well-defined 6 pack, but the body part Luke has been most inspired by is the older man's ass: large and round, protruding proudly from his lower back into a hard globe of muscle with just a layer of fat to cushion it. No matter how baggy Evan’s sweatpants or gym shorts are, his juicy bubble butt always makes them tent. Luke had always hoped that with the right kind of exercise he could develop nice, muscular glutes like that, but so far it hasn’t happened. For now, he’s been content with just staring at Evan’s as they work out together.

Now is another such occasion. It’s nearing the end of the first semester of Luke’s junior year, marking a milestone in Luke’s education as well as his training. "You’ve proven yourself to be a strong young man and you've developed a lot over the years," Evan tells Luke. At the end of every semester they check up on Luke's progress to review what he's accomplished and make sure they're staying on track to Luke's goals.

"I remember when you first came here, you were just a skinny, little boy," Evan says, examining Luke's shirtless body with his eyes first, and then graduating to his hands. Evan has never been shy about physical contact with his trainees; evident as he feels up Luke’s flexed biceps, running his hand across Luke's pecs and eventually coming to a stop at the younger man's abdomen, applying pressure against his muscles there.

Initially Luke was somewhat uncomfortable with Evan’s groping, but by now has come to accept it as a comforting, mentoring gesture. Sometimes even enjoying the appreciation and wondering if he’ll ever get the chance to explore the older man’s body in a similar way.

"So you've proven your strength," Evan continues, returning his hands into an arms-crossed posture. "But now it’s time to test your endurance." Luke knew this was coming, as it was all apart of the program from the beginning and something Evan had been mentioning since they first begun: that strength meant little in reality without the endurance to match it.

"Eventually we'll test your endurance in other places on your body, but for right now I want to start with your abdomen, since that's the area you've been most interested in improving."

Luke nods, though somewhat nervous about what exactly will happen—if it’s endurance, it must involve some amount of pain—but at the same time he’s excited about the results. "So what do I need to do?"

Evan goes over to a bench press, adjusting it so that it lays back horizontally. "First I need you to lay on your back and put your hands above your head."

Luke does as instructed, but stares in concern about the dumbbell that now hovers over his head. "Are we going to add weights to the dumbbell?" he asks, knowing very well how heavy that thing can get and wondering how his soft, vulnerable abdomen could withstand the weight that he sometimes has to lift with his arms.

"We will eventually get to that point," Evan answers, and Luke is both relieved and horrified; so they will do it, but at least not today. "But we're going to do things gradually: the safest way. I'll apply a smaller amount of weight first in a wider area across the stomach, and once you can take that for a while without giving in, then we’ll progress from there.

"Alright," Luke agrees, feeling more determined now. "So what's first?"

"First I'm going to sit on you. I know it might sound strange," Evan adds with a chuckle at Luke's bewildered stare. "But the body weight of oneself or another person is always the safest and most convenient tool in any form of exercise. Or, in this case, endurance."

"Yeah, I guess…" Luke agrees, but feels even more strangely about it as he watches Evan turn around and stand over him, his round ass straining in his seemingly tight gym shorts. Certainly Luke's fantasized for a while about having the older man’s ass against him in some way, and seeing it now, knowing what’s about to happen causes Luke’s dick to react in the anticipation alone. Which, unfortunately, only makes it seem more awkward than anything. Luke hopes Evan doesn’t notice and tries to push back his nervousness, enjoying the moment as he watches his personal trainer begin to squat down over him.

"Relax your stomach muscles, Luke," Evan reminds him. "Don't flex them. This is a test of endurance, not on how well your abs can hold up my weight. And keep your arms above your head."

Luke nods and complies, and then Evan sits down fully on the young man's exposed abdomen. The weight and the hardness of Evan’s huge, muscular butt surprises Luke as it slowly crushes down against his soft and now flat stomach.

"Are you okay? I'm sitting on you with my full weight now." But even without this announcement, Luke could have assumed as much by the enormous pressure on his abs, squeezing the oxygen out from his body. "This is my full 250 pounds on your stomach. If you can handle me sitting on you for three minutes, then we can move on to the next thing.

Luke can only nod in assent, his desperate attempts to catch his breath not enough to provide for any speech. Each second feels as if Evan's full ass sinks deeper into his body. The weight is suffocating and the hardness of his ass is already becoming painful as it crushes Luke’s stomach and intestines like a boulder. Yet at the same time, the idea of that round ass that Luke’s stared at the past couple of years pressing into his vulnerable body makes his erection harden.

"Good job, you're holding the weight well," Evan praises after a bit more than a minute has passed.

Luke isn’t so sure about holding the weight "well"; he's managing the man's weight because he's under it and it's not like there's anywhere he could go if he tried to, but internally he feels like he might faint at any moment—or puke, or both. A condition only made more severe when Evan starts bouncing his ass up and down, a few inches up each time. And each time Evan’s weight comes back down onto Luke’s stomach, he let’s out a groan of pain.

"You know, I'm more than 100 pounds heavier than you," Evan points out, and somehow drawing attention to this fact only makes the weight seem worse for Luke. "There's no shame in giving up."

Luke only shakes his head, determined to finish the endurance training. There's less than a minute left anyway, and Evan finishes with a few final bounces, landing his hard, round ass on Luke's increasingly flat abdomen and grinding it around a bit. Then the first part of the training and finally over. Evan stands up, and Luke let's out a sigh of relief, resisting the urge to curl into a ball over his tormented stomach.

"We can split it up into different sessions," Evan says in amusement as he watches the younger man gasping in as much air as possible. "You can come back on different days to finish this."

Originally Luke thought he might be able to do it all in one night, but his stomach is still sore and he still feels light-headed. Knowing that it will only get harder, Luke knows he won't be able to survive much more of this is one sitting. At the same time, Luke doesn't want to be seen as weak and considers that after all this fitness training he should be able to take a man sitting on his stomach for a few minutes, regardless of how heavy he is or hard his body is. "I can take the next step," Luke says, sitting up and trying to ignore the pain. "Then after that we can be finished."

"Good deal," Evan says. "You've been doing well so far, so I think you can take this next part. Lay back down on your back," Evan instructs, and nervously Luke complies. "I'll be kneeling on your abdomen this time, so the weight will be more concentrated. It will be three minutes again, and if you need me to stop just tap my leg, okay?"

And before Luke has the chance to reply, Evan has already positioned himself. Of course Luke expected it to hurt, but even still he's surprised at the sudden pain as his trainer presses his knee-cap into the pit of the younger man's stomach and lifts his weight up onto it.

"My other foot's still on the floor right now," Evan explains. "But I'm going to lift it up gradually so that all my weight in my knee."

Luke can hardly believe that the pressure he feels right now isn't already full weight, but he nods his head in consent anyway. Luke groans weakly as the pressure increases, Evan's thick knee crushing flat Luke's abs and the internal organs underneath.

"You doing alright?" Evan asks after a few seconds, but Luke can't get enough air into his lungs to formulate an answer. "I'll get off early if you feel you absolutely can't take it anymore." When Luke still doesn’t answer, Evan lifts his other knee up so that it rests beside his left knee, which digs mercilessly into Luke's stomach. Evan shifts some of his weight onto his right knee as well, so that now the weight is more dispersed, but Luke still feels suffocated and completely crushed under his personal trainer's massive weight.

After two minutes, Evan begins to rock his knees back and forth, shifting the weight from one to another. It penetrates Luke's abdomen in turns—first in an area higher up and closer to his ribs and then again lower and closer to his hip bone—so that there's no relief. Luke manages to withstand this for 40 seconds, groaning and gasping whenever he can get any air into his lungs, and constantly resisting the urge to tap Evan's knee.

In the final 20 seconds, Evan moves all his weight onto his right knee, forcing it down into Luke's gut and crushing it even farther than Luke had thought was possible. Luke squeezes his eyes shut, counting each suffocating second until finally Evan releases the weight and stands up beside the bench press. Once the weight is gone, Luke takes in grateful breaths. This time he does sit up on the bench press, holding his stomach and gasping in obvious agony.

"Well, Luke, congratulations!" Evan says with his hand on Luke's shoulder. "You made it farther than any of my other trainees on the first day of endurance."

Despite the pain, Luke is filled with pride to hear this and considers that what he had to endure to receive this praise was well worth it.


Chapter Two 


 Seeing him again after the last session wasn't as awkward for Luke as he feared itwould be. Luke felt comfortable with the idea of what had happened, and whatwas to happen in later endurance training sessions. In fact, he felt closer tothe older man than he had before.

"How are you feeling?" Evan asked, eyeing Luke up and down inhis usual manner. Then following the assessment through with his hands,caressing and squeezing the muscles in the younger man's biceps and pressingagainst his abs. "Have you recovered alright?"

"Yes," Luke answered. Indeed, his stomach had stopped hurtingnot long after the last training session ended.

"Good," Evan smiled. "The point is to train your body to beable to handle and adapt to the strain. Now you can take even more than youwere able to last time."

At the moment, Luke felt like he could have. Remembering the last time acouple of days ago didn't seem that bad now that he was no longer in the momentof it happening.

"So I'm going to trample you today, first just with my own weight.And then maybe later we can try using the dumbbell."

"That sounds great!" Luke agreed eagerly, in spite of howdifficult the last session had been at the time. Right then, Luke felt strongand not sore at all. Not even as sore as he usually felt even a few days afterregular physical exercise. Trampling wouldn't really be much heavier than beingsat on anyway, Luke reasoned to himself.

After all, Evan had sat on his stomach with his full weight as Luke laid onhis back against a hard surface. Nothing had been cushioning the weight ofEvan's large, muscular butt crushing down into his gut. Wouldn't it have beenthe same thing being stood on by Evan? "It can't be much worse than beingsat on," Luke said out loud.

Evan smiled, "we'll see. Go ahead and lay on your back on the floor."

Luke did so, putting his hands behind his head. He told himself that hecould handle the weight; he wouldn't need his arms to brace himself or tapEvan's leg.

Then without farther preamble, Evan stepped up onto Luke's gut. Luke feltevery pound as Evan stood, slowly beginning to shift his weight from the flooronto the young much smaller man. As he did so, Luke's abdomen was squashedflatter and flatter until Evan had both feet beside each other on Luke'sstomach, letting gravity push his full 250 pounds of muscle down to graduallycrush Luke's body. Luke tried to flex his abs to lift some of the weight off ofhim, but his abs were squashed as flat and useless as his organs.

"If you're not struggling too much, I'm going to start movingnow," Evan said.

Of course Luke certainly was struggling with this man twice his sizestanding on him. But Evan didn't wait for Luke's permission before he beganhopping with his feet on Luke's gut. Each time he hopped, there was a shortreprieve for Luke. Until Evan came back down onto Luke's stomach, crushing iteven flatter.

After a while of this, Evan said "you're holding up well," and Luke wondered if he was joking. Sure Lukekept his arms up beneath his head and refused to tap Evan's leg. But surely theolder man could see how difficult of a time he was having. Part of Luke wantedto tell Evan that he could hardly take any more, but there wasn't enough air inhis lungs to speak.

So Evan continued, his next words worrying Luke farther. "I'm goingto test your limits a little bit more, just to see how much you're able toendure right now."

Just as Luke was wondering how Evan could possibly get any heavier, Evanjumped. Not hops like before, but a jump into the air nearly a foot aboveLuke's defenseless body. Before Luke could move away or brace himself, Evanlanded back down hard onto Luke's stomach that was now crushed between Evan's weightand the wooden floor that shook underneath them.

Luke was only aware of the extreme pressure as Evan's feet landed, hisshoes sinking deeply into his gut. It felt like a 300 pound weight had beendropped onto his abs from ten feet up. His organs felt like they'd come out hisass or up his throat. Nothing came out of his ass, but he did feel bile rise tohis throat. Luke would have puked had he not starved himself beforehand inanticipation of being trampled during his endurance training.

Finally, Luke brought his hands down when even after landing Evanremained standing on Luke's stomach, his sneakers still buried deep into his soft,skinny stomach. Luke couldn't budge Evan off of him because he was weak fromthe lack of air and pain, and because Evan was now 250 pounds of dead weight ontop of him.

Luke was at Evan's mercy.

"I'll stand here for one more minute" Evan said calmly despiteLuke's growingly desperate grabbing at his legs. "This is endurance training. It's supposed to be hard to endure at first." Evan didn't ask if Lukecould handle more, because Luke couldn't answer anyway, nor did Evan have tomove regardless.

Luke was pinned down. He could squirm, raise his knees, try to adjust to shiftthe weight from his gut onto anywhere else. But Evan didn't relent. Anyway hewas moved by Luke's squirming, he would only shift position and shuffle hisfeet so they were pressing down anew on a slightly different area of Luke'sabdomen. For 60 grueling seconds, Luke's squashed stomach was forced to sufferunder Evan's feet.

When that time was up, Evan finally stepped off.

Luke immediately sucked inbreaths of air. He curled his arms around his stomach and sat up.

"Good job!" Evan enthused. "We can take a break now."

For the next five minutes, they did take a break. By the end of it,already Luke didn't hurt as much and he felt well enough to continue with thetraining. There was no internal damage, and he knew now that it had just beenan intense amount of pressure. Considering this, he felt ashamed for having movedhis arms down from behind his head.

"So, should we try adding weights?" Evan asked.

Still Luke hesitated. He didn't hurt now, but he hadn't hurt before thetrampling and erroneously assumed it meant that being trampled by Evan would beeasy. Luke didn't want to make the same mistake again. At the same time, hedidn't want to look weaker than he felt he already did in front of Evan. So,despite his misgivings, Luke nodded that he was ready for the weights.

"Alright!" Evan said eagerly. "But first maybe we shouldtry the dumbbell bar without the weights" he suggested.

"Whatever you think is best," Luke said, hiding his relief. Atthis point he couldn't imagine a heavy dumbbell being dropped onto is stomach,let alone with the additional weight of a 250 pound muscular man crushing itdown farther. Without the weights, Luke could learn to endure the concentratedpressure of bar across his abs without it being completely too much to handle.

Evan went over to a dumbbell and slid the weights of it until it was justthe metal bar. Luke laid back down, and Evan laid the bar on top of him,positioning it horizontally across the pit of Luke's stomach. "Tap my legwhen you need me to get off," Evan said.

At first Luke had his hands above his head, and promised himself that hewouldn't move them until Evan was done. But as soon as Evan stepped up onto thebar, he knew that would be an impossible promise to keep. When both of Evan'sfeet were standing on the dumbbell on either side of Luke's abdomen, the barsank into Luke's gut like a rock into the water.

Evan was the same 250 pounds he had been when he had sat on and trampledLuke's stomach earlier, but Luke could never have imagined how much adifference it had made when the weight was spread out. Now it was concentratedalong this narrow bar that relentlessly squashed his organs until it felt like thebar must have met his spine and couldn't possibly sink any deeper.

And yet it did when Evan began to bounce, each land after the momentaryrelief from the hop seeming the force the bar down even more. He couldn't begfor the older man to stop if he wanted to, as there was too little air for Luketo do anything than let out strained groans each time Evan jumped and the barsquashed into his gut a bit farther.

Luke endured for as long as he could. But the lack of air combined withthe pain of the concentrated 250 pounds repeatedly crushing his abdomen underthe horizontal bar proved to be to much. After just under a minute, Luke tappedEvan's leg.

However, Evan didn't let up right away. He said something to Luke abouthow he was sure that he could endure it for a bit longer, but Luke could barelycomprehend anything other than the pressure of the much larger man tramplinghis abdomen.

There was a moment of panic when Luke realized that Evan wasn't going toget off and that he was completely powerless to do anything about it; Evan wasfar too big and heavy for Luke to push him off, and Luke was so thoroughlypinned under his weight that he couldn't even shift his body to tip Evan offbalance. But after a few seconds this panic made way to acceptance. He wouldhave to trust that his personal trainer knew his limits, and would eventuallyget off on his own.

In the meantime, all he could do was try to adjust. He relaxed hisstomach muscles completely and allowed Evan's jumps to squash the bar into hisstomach with no resistance, knowing that it would only hurt more and be a wasteof energy for him to try to flex against the vast and unrelenting weight. Hetried to ignore any discomfort in his stomach, and redirected his attention tothe waves of intoxicating pleasure that accompanied the pain of being completelydominated and utterly crushed by the large older man.

After another half minute, Evan finally stopped jumping and stepped off.Luke gasped in lungfuls of air, but it was as if even then he couldn't getenough air into him quickly enough. Still when Evan congratulated him andhelped him back to his feet, Luke felt proud to have been able to endure theintense trampling session.

But more than that--and much more than the residual pain that he knewwould linger in his abdomen for the next couple of days at least--he feltsatisfied. He was glad that his tight briefs and loose gym shorts were able tohide the boner he had, and that grew as he reflected on the incrediblesensation of being flattened under the weight of the large man squashing themetal dumbbell bar into his stomach.

"You've done really well in your training," Evan complimented."Better than I'd expected from such a small boy! I think we'll save theweights for next time, though."

Luke agreed without argument, though he was more disappointed thanrelieved that he wouldn't have to endure even longer and even more weight justnow.

"We still have some time now, so I think we should do some regular workoutsfor the rest of the session.

Again Luke agreed and they continued with their exercises. All the whilehis mind eagerly and nervously anticipated the next "endurancetraining".


Chapter Three


For the past few meetings, Luke and Evan had only been doing regular exercises.Ofcourse Luke was disappointed about this, but he didn't want to ask Evan andrisk sounding too eager. The last thing he wanted was for Evan to realize howmuch he was getting off on the feelings of being sat on and trampled by thebigger, older man. He liked to imagine that Evan was getting off on dominatinghim, as well. But knowing how unlikely that was, he kept his thoughts tohimself.

Either way, a week after the last endurance training, when his stomachwas trampled under Evan standing on the dumbbell, Luke was relieved when hispersonal trainer finally brought it up again. "I think you've had enoughtime to recover, so we're going to continue the endurance training," Evansaid.

"Alright," Luke said, forcing himself not to show too muchenthusiasm.

"This time we're going to add more weight. I thought about justjumping right into: adding more weight onto the dumbbell, and then doing thesame thing as before. But considering how much you seemed to struggle with theconcentrated weight, I figured we should work up to that a bit slower. Wewouldn't want you to get serious internal damage, after all."

"So what do you have planned?" Luke asked. It seemed that thenatural progression after being trampled under the dumbbell without weightwould be to do so with weight. "You said you were going to add weight."

"We will add weight," Evan said. "However it will besimilar to how I started with you: beginning with sitting, so that the extraweight is spread out rather than concentrated."

"So you're going to go back to sitting at first, but heavier?"Luke asked, wondering if perhaps Evan meant that he had gained weight. If so,he didn't look much bigger.

"Not me. I asked for a friend of mine to help me with this. He usedto be a personal trainer, as well, but that was in a past life. He should bearriving here any minute."

Luke was surprised to hear this and had so many questions, but he decidedto hold off on asking them until after meeting the man.

"Until then," Evan continued, "how about you do some trainingon the lat pulldown machine?"

Obediently, Luke went over to the pulldown machine and sat down to dosome arm exercises.

But after only a couple of minutes, another man entered into the gym.

The man was enormous, even compared to Evan. His thighs and arms werewide. His fat, muscular butt protruded prominently from his lower back. Thefirst thought that came to Luke's mind was that this man had a build similar tothe Samoan wrestler Rikishi: big and strong-looking; muscular, but with toomuch fat to be call "fit"; with an ass so gigantic that it wasimpossible to ignore. Hence what made Rikishi so infamous for his stinkfacesand Banzai Drops.

This man didn't look like Rikishi in the face, but Luke was mesmerized byhis body. Especially since the outfit he wore accentuated it. He was wearing aratty wife-beater, with seemingly permanent yellow sweat stains, that fit tightaround his stomach. His bottoms were a pair of holey sweatpants looking as oldand worn as the shirt, if not more so. They were high-waters and looked to bestretched so tight that they were thin and his bulge was clearly visible. Clearenough that Luke could tell he wasn't wearing underwear.

"...So, Luke, meet Jason," Evan said, and it wasn't until nowthat Luke realized that Evan had been talking since his friend entered the gym."First, you should get a feel for his weight, Luke."

Luke wasn't exactly sure what Evan meant by that, until Jason went overto Luke where he was still sitting at the pulldown machine. When Jasonapproached him, he turned around. Luke could see that there were holes in theback of his sweatpants, as well, including a few right over his ass cheeks sopieces of his hairy ass were exposed. The pants were so indecent that Luke knewhe couldn't have possibly been out in public wearing them; he must have beenwearing something over them until he arrived.

Luke was so distracted by the sight of this man's huge, chunky ass thathe didn't notice what he intended to do until he had already begun to sit.

Jason sat down deliberately hard into Luke's lap with such force that itknocked the air out of him for a moment. Jason's ass landed all the way back sothat it squashed against Luke's groin. He relaxed his entire mass of fat andmuscle down against the young man's small body, his wide thighs crushing downagainst Luke's, his broad back reclining against Luke's chest.

The older man was so much bigger that as he was sitting on Luke's lap,his head was about a foot above Luke's, and his ass crushed the entire area ofLuke's crotch and stomach. The weight was already on the verge of suffocatingthe young man.

Then Evan said, "can you guess how much he weighs?"

Before Luke could guess an answer, Jason shifted back against him,helpfully, in order to give him a better sense of his full weight. Except thathe was already sitting back against Luke as far as he possibly could, so theshift only ended up squashing his ass harder against Luke's groin and deeperinto his gut.

"Well, can you guess?" Evan asked, sounding amused.

Definitely more than Evan, but Luke couldn't know exactly how much more.Before now, Evan had been the only one who had sat on him before, so it's notlike he had a lot of experience from which to make an accurate assessment. SoLuke gasped out "300 pounds?"

"That's all?" Evan laughed. "He must not be getting yourfull weight."

"Yeah," Jason said, then stood up.

Luke's lungs were grateful, but his mind, and his dick, was disappointedonce Jason was no longer sitting in his lap. Until he realized what Evan andJason had in mind

"Maybe you should lay down on the bench press," Jason said.

Luke went over to the bench and began to lay down on his back

"Remember, just tap him if it gets to be too much," Evanreminded Luke. "He's a lot bigger than me, so you'll have to adjust to hisweight."

From where he was laying, Luke could see Jason heading towards him. For amoment, he was standing beside Evan, and the size difference did seem startling.Evan was bulky with muscle. Jason was bulky with both muscle and fat--a trueheavyweight wrestler body, if not a sumo wrestler. Luke saw that Evan's friendcould have completely crushed even the personal trainer if he wanted to. Hecould only imagine how his 120 pounds would hold up under the massive man.

Soon, Luke didn't have to imagine. The weight came down on his abdomenrelentlessly as Jason sat his huge, chunky ass down on Luke's stomach ascarelessly as if the bench had been unoccupied. The padding of fat coveringJason's butt softened the fall that otherwise might have broken Luke's lowerribs and damaged his internal organs. But it was only a marginal relief as theseconds ticked by with Jason squashing Luke's stomach under the full weight ofhis ass.

"How about we play a gamewhile we're at it?" Luke heard his personal trainer say, and again noticedthe amusement in his tone. "Once you can correctly guess Jason's weight,then you can get a break. Does that sound fair?" Evan directed thequestion towards both of the other men, but of course only Jason had the breathto answer.

"Sounds like a deal to me!" Jason said gleefully. "So whatdo you think, smallfry. Any guesses?"

Luke had know way of knowing. All he could tell for sure was that Jasonfelt much heavier than Evan had when he was sitting on him, but he couldn'tguess by how much. He now knew that 300 pounds was too low, but wondered ifguessing too high would be taken as an insult by Jason.

Luke's lower abdomen felt completely compressed, and as such he couldn'tbreathe properly. He was only able to take short, shallow breaths into the upperpart of his lungs. Still he took the largest breath of air that he could fitinto his gradually flattening form and managed to gasp out "325?"

"Nope, still too low!" Jason laughed.

"I guess you don't seem that heavy to him, Jason," Evan said."He's not learning to endure if he can take your weight so easily. Youmight make things a little harder for him."

Luke didn't hear Jason's response. But he certainly felt it, as suddenlyJason was no longer merely sitting on his body but was beginning to bounce upand down, lifting his ass up a few inches and dropping back down on Luke'svulnerable flat, stomach with increased force, grinding his butt down a bitharder into Luke when he landed.

"What do you think now?" Evan asked, chuckling along withJason.

Luke guessed again--"340?"--and again, was wrong

The game went on for a while longer with Luke continuing to guess lowerweights than what Jason apparently was, and continuing to be punished with higherbounces, harder grinding back and forth, side to side, as Luke's stomach wasmore and more squashed under Jason's butt.

At first Luke guessed wrong simply because he genuinely didn't know anddidn't want to insult Jason by guessing a weight too high. But considering thatevery time he guessed too low, Jason would respond by sitting for longer,bouncing higher, grinding harder, Luke began to deliberately guess low numbers.He would increment his guess by only a small value each time, hoping to prolongthe 'torment' for as long as he could.

The feeling of being sat on by this giant man was as much of a turn on asit was the practice of endurance it was meant to be. Though, after about fiveminutes, Luke finally guessed a higher number that he felt was accurate. Itwasn't because of the enormous pressure on his stomach, which he was in factenjoying, but only because breathing was getting difficult enough that heworried he would pass out. Which was mostly a concern because then Evan andJason would stop the training for the day and Luke wouldn't be able to enjoy whateverthey had planned next.

"415?" Luke guessed

And finally Jason said "close enough" and stood up. "425,"he announced.

Luke could hardly believe it. Certainly the weight had felt enormous, buthearing the number--almost twice Evan's already large frame--made him wonderhow he managed to survive the full weight of a man that heavy for so long. Heknew he wouldn't have been able to stand it for more than a few seconds at thebeginning of the training.

"Don't get to comfortable," Evan warned Luke, stopping him fromgetting up from the bench press. "That was just to see if you could guesshis weight. We haven't really begun the real endurance training yet."

Luke obeyed and laid back down, taking deep breaths in preparation forwhatever would be coming next.

"Do you have any ideas?" Evan asked Jason.

The two of them deliberated for a few minutes, before Jason settled thematter. "I think I should do some drops."

"Yeah, that would be the best thing to do next," Evan agreed. "Massfalling from a distance, with gravity pulling it down, will weigh more than if you'rejust sitting, even with your full weight. Do you think you can handle it, Luke?Or should we start smaller?"

"I'll be fine," Luke agreed, even though he was as nervous asexcited. He worried that it would hurt. At the same time, the thought of thisman's fat, chunky, delicious ass thoroughly crushing him to the floor arousedmore than anything. So Luke got up from the bench press, and laid down on theground behind where Jason stood.

Then Jason jumped up and, while in the air, pushed his legs out in frontof him like a little boy jumping up to sit down on a tall bed. Except there wasno bed, and Jason was certainly not a little boy. So instead of landing softlydown onto a mattress, Jason fell and continued to fall, until he landed threefeet below him.

Jason's gigantic ass landed on Luke's stomach with a booming thud thatresonated throughout the entire gym. For a moment, Luke's gut was crushedcompletely flat underneath the weight that might have been 600 pounds. And fora moment, he genuinely believed that his guts were coming up through his mouth.So he was relieved to find that instead the only thing in his mouth was traceof bile mixed with some water that he had drank before the training began. Certainly,if he had any food in his stomach, it would have come back up.

Even still, the sudden weight on Luke's body shook him to the core and hecouldn't help doubling over. Or attempting to; his knees trying to raise, andhis arms coming down to try to protect his soft abdomen from the assault. Butthe weight was still there, Jason sitting completely relaxed on top of the youngerman's body. Just like there had been no way for Luke to protect himself fromthe weight of Jason's drop, there was no way to protect himself from thecontinuous pressure as Jason's ass seemed to sink down farther into Luke's gutwith each passing moment.

Laying against the floor, Luke could feel all the pressure going into hisstomach, as the ground was too hard to cushion any of the weight that had nowhere to go but into Luke's abdomen. And he had no where to go but be squashedunder the massive man. Too exhausted to struggle or even tap Jason leg, hecould do nothing but lay there being flattened by the 425 pound ass for about aminute longer.

It wasn't until Jason got up that Luke could breathe properly, taking inseveral deep long breaths. However when Evan came to stand next to him, Lukefound that he was still more excited than nervous. The butt drops from Jasonwere intense and even painful, but more enjoyable than anything. Up until thistraining started, Luke would never have imagined that the feeling of being saton and crushed relentlessly by such large men would hold so much appeal to him.

"We're going to try something new, since you handled the last partso well," Evan said.

Luke didn't correct Evan that he hadn't handled it well, as much as thathe was physically incapable of protesting.

"We're going to see how you handle both our weights." Evanstood with his legs on either side of Luke's chest, then without warning satdown onto his stomach, letting his 250 pounds fall from his standing position.

Evan's ass met Luke's stomach with a force that made him let out a gruntof air. Even though the personal trainer was lighter than Jason, his butt washarder and more muscular, so it wasn't much of a relief.

"Are you alright, Luke?" Evan asked, looking down at Lukethrough between his knees

Luke nodded. At this point, he was used to the feeling of being sat on bylarger men enough to where he was hardly struggling. But he didn't speak,because he knew he would need to conserve his air for what would be coming next.

"Alright, Jason, ready to help me out?" Evan said.

Jason grinned and began waddling over to the two smaller men on theground. "Gladly," he answered.

Jason stood to straddle Luke's chest just in front of where Evan had beenstanding, his thighs so thick that even standing with his legs apart, there wasno gap between them. Then he sat down similar to how Evan had, right down onto Evan'slap. His large lumpy ass overtook Evan's upper thighs and his lower stomach. Thoughof course most of the pressure was against Evan's crotch as Jason adjustedhimself, grinding his butt--that was semi-nude due to the holes in Jason'ssweatpants--down against Evan's hardening cock.

Evan knew 425 pounds would be heavy, but he was still surprised by theweight of the man sitting on his lap, as he had never been sat on by such a bigman. This being the case, he could only imagine how Luke was feeling rightthen, half Evan's size and with his stomach being sat on by the now 675 poundcombined weight of both Evan and Jason.

To Luke, it felt like being sat on by an elephant. He couldn't move orspeak, his small body crushed helplessly under the weight. He could barelychoke out any sound, let alone plea for the men to get off. Even though the twoof the large men sat on him for less than half a minute, each second flattenedLuke more as the weight sank deeper into his stomach. In the last few seconds,Jason began to move grinding his fat ass back and forth against Evan's crotchas if giving him a lap dance, and in doing so pressed the weight of both ofthem down harder against Luke's gut.

By the time Jason then Evan finally stepped off, Luke felt relieved.

"You did very well, Luke," Evan praised.

"Yeah. I was wondering if you'd be dead!" Jason agreed,chuckling.

"...Almost," Luke gasped, once he had finally acquired enoughair to speak.

"Well, that was 675 pounds, so the most you're probably going to get,"Evan said.

"So...we're done?" Luke wasn't sure if he felt more glad bythis news or disappointed. He certainly didn't want more weight--he wasn't sureif he could survive it. But he did hope he could continue to be squashed by atleast one of them in the future.

"Endurance training is never done!" Evan said, with a laughthat was echoed by Jason. "We're going to continue similar things for awhile in between regular exercising for longer periods of time, until it getsto the point where you can handle it easily for several minutes at a time."

"Great," Luke said, deliberately sounding sarcastic. Despitethat, in fact, he actually meant it. It was the perfect situation: he had foundsomeone--two people--much larger men who he could continue to go to whenever hewanted to be sat on or trampled. "But are we done for the day?"

Evan and Jason exchanged thoughtful glances. "We'll give you a break--about45 minutes--then continue. You still haven't been stood on yet, today."

During the break Evan and Jason ate. Of course, Luke didn't eat, knowingthat he would probably puke up anything later, or it would just make hisstomach hurt. Instead he mainly relaxed and laid down. After a half hour, hefelt refreshed enough to do some light exercising with the kettlebell, beforemoving to the treadmill. And after an hour had passed, Evan and Luke went toget him.

"I just added a few pounds to my weight with that meal. I was eatingthe whole time!" Jason laughed. "Do you think you'll be able to feelthe difference in weight?"

Luke knew that he wouldn't be able to. What was a few pounds more on a425 pound man? But before he had the chance to respond at all, his personaltrainer directed him to lay down on the floor.

"Just this one more thing. Then I can be confident in the progresswe made and we can be done for today."

"Alright" Luke agreed. He wasn't eager for it to be over, buthe knew that once the trampling actually started he would probably feeldifferently. Also, he was glad that what he couldn't handle today, he could experienceat a later date.

"Are you ready, kid?" Jason asked. He was standing besideLuke's small body, as he laid vulnerably on his back.

Looking up from his position on the floor, Luke saw that Jason seemed totower over him. Still, he seemed nearly as wide across as he was tall. For amoment, Luke wondered what had he gotten himself into.

But again, Jason didn't wait for a response. He stepped up and put hissneakered foot horizontally on Luke's stomach. The weight gradually began toincrease as Jason slowly stepped up. The foot began to compress Luke's gut, andsunk down deeper as more weight was added. It got to where it became difficultfor Luke to breathe and slightly painful, and he involuntarily groaned as themassive weight crushed down into his abdomen. Then Jason lifted up his otherfoot off the ground.

For a moment Luke's stomach was nearly crushed down to the floor as all425 pounds of Jason's weight was shifted to his one foot pressing down into hisgut. But soon, Jason had both his feet beside each other on top of Luke'sstomach. The feet were so large that, as Jason stood horizontally, they coverednearly the entire area from Luke's pelvis to his lower ribs.

Luke's abdomen was crushed so flat that Jason didn't even have to balance;it was more like standing on the flat floor than on top of a round torso. Lookingdown at himself, Luke could barely even see the tops of Jason's shoes becausehis feet had sunken so deeply. Unable to take in a proper breath and unable toshift one inch from under the man's enormous weight, Luke surrendered himselfto his fate. The pain and the amazing pleasure were about an even match, and hecould have puked up his guts as soon as orgasm.

Jason began to march, as best as he could with his massive frame, on topof Luke. He lifted his left leg and shifted his weight onto his right foot,forcing it even deeper into Luke's crushed organs. Then he did the same with hisother side.

It went on for a bit more than a minute. But that was long enough to getLuke to the point where he was sure that any longer would cause some kind ofactual damage. He was almost relieved that Jason was too heavy to be able to jumpup and down on him the way Evan had done. Just being stood and stomped on wasdifficult enough, considering that the man weighed 205 pounds more than him.

When Jason stepped off, the residual weight still seemed to linger behindfor Luke, even when he curled over onto his side. His stomach ached, but it waspleasant, in a way. He was glad that his boner was hidden, from the positionthat he was in. But as he was laying on his side and able to see Jason nowstanding by Evan some feet off, he noticed that amazingly he wasn't the onlyone with a boner.

In fact, he wasn't even just one of the two. Both Jason and Evan hadnoticiable tenting in their pants, far too prominent to just be from flaccidcocks. It wasn't until now that he realized what should have been obvious:there was more to all of this than just "endurance training".

Luke pretended not to notice. But knowing that he wasn't the only one whoenjoyed it explained a lot. It explained why Jason came here wearing such revealingclothing. It made Luke question how many other personal trainers did any kindof "endurance training" at all--and if any did, how many alwaysinvolved squashing.

He wasn't going to question it, nor acknowledge what he knew, nor stophiding his own arousal. He thought that it would better if they kept up thepretense, at least for now, to avoid having to address what was actually goingon. He worried that Evan and Jason would deny their motivations if he calledthem out, and stop doing the squashing altogether if they realized how obviousthey were being

Soon, Evan helped Luke up from the ground, got him some water, and congratulatedhim on his achievement. "We'll take it easy for a at least a week andfocus on exercises to built up a bit more muscle," Evan said, squeezingLuke's bicep as if to test the firmness.

Luke agreed, knowing that it was best to take some time to recover. Buthe was already looking forward to the next session, and every later one tocome.

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trample_fasi_hesc_babu_loves 2 yrs

While it was incorporated as part of the training or as an endurance test of the abdominal muscles, I was very excited by the description of the relationship between the trainer and the non-user in some places.
For example, the trainer is being relentlessly hard on you even though you are begging him to stop.
Is there such a gym in reality?
I have heard that there are places that do stomping for strengthening the abdominal muscles, but it seems to be slightly different in nuance from that. It's almost exactly the same thing...
Maybe that's because I want to be stomped, not because I want to be stomped for abdominal strengthening.