Reflections on Serving Men's Muddy Boots

I like men stepping on me, walking on me, standing on me, trampling me, and stomping me with their muddy boots.

I like licking and serving men's dirty, muddy boots. I like men stepping on me, walking on me, standing on me, trampling me, and stomping me with their muddy boots. I like men wiping their muddy boots on my face, chest, pelvis, cock, and balls. I like to feel men scrape their muddy, lugged soles across my face and nipples. I like to feel them twist and grind their muddy soles and heels into my face, nipples, cock, and balls. I like men to wipe their boots on my tongue and I like to lick the mud from their boots.

My brain is wired so that being at a man's muddy boots and licking them clean is a reward. Such treatment occurred for me during puberty and it became mixed up in my sexual development. I do not think of it as abuse, it is not a punishment, it is a privilege to be permitted to be under and to lick a powerful man's filthy, muddy boots. I am sexually aroused by the sight of men's muddy boots, the thought of licking men's muddy boots, the act of licking men's muddy boots, being used as a doormat for their muddy boots, and being stepped on, walked on, stood on, trampled, and stomped with men's muddy boots. It is very erotic being intimate with a man's filthy, muddy boots.

I learned that most men who are into having their dirty, muddy boots licked are dominant gay or bi men. Consequently, I learned to trade cocksucking for the opportunity to be trampled with and to lick and serve their boots. I also found that many of these men like pissing on subs as a way of "marking" them or humiliating them. I have come to really like being pissed on during boot play, boot licking, trampling, etc. There is an exquisite transfer of power to have a man standing on your chest with his muddy boots and pissing in your face. I like having my mouth pissed in and drinking a man's piss. Licking a man's muddy boots, cocksucking, being pissed on, and drinking a man's piss is all a part of power transfer and submitting to another man. Of course, for me, the most important thing is to be trampled and serving and licking men's muddy, filthy boots. The rest is periphery, but since a lot of men get off on pissing on me and having me suck their cock, I am very happy to oblige them.

The trampling with boots and the bootlicking are central, anything else is secondary. The point is my submitting to a man wearing powerful, filthy dirty, muddy boots, submitting to his superiority. I am lower than dirt submitting to a man's mighty boots, licking the mud from his boots, tasting the mud on his boots. As he steps on me and walks on me like dirt, and wipes the mud from his boots on me he leaves his muddy boot prints on me.

The power transfer, the act of submission to another man's boots is powerfully erotic for me. It is a quirk of my sexual development that I find being trampled and bootlicking even more erotic if the boots are muddy—the dirtier, the muddier, the better. I will lick another man's boots regardless of how dirty, filthy, or muddy they are. If I know that a man has purposely walked through mud, has deliberately gotten his boots muddy to trample me with them and for me to lick, it is mind-blowingly erotic and sexually stimulating.

Mat MacGregor

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