FaceSit Bar

The Story of how a couple who are experiencing hard times, invent a new way to earn some money, having some risky fun along the way.

This is a Great Story I found online a while ago. The Creator has unfortunately closed his account however this little treasure is still going around.


FACE-SIT BAR “The Black Hole”

Ray had always been a gambler. Gambling in stocks and shares….. races, whatever. And he hadn’t been doing too badly. His parents had left him some money and with that he had managed to live well so far from his gambling. He was an elegant, smallish guy of 40 years old and had a beautiful boyfriend of 26 years old, by the name of David. David was a strong, beefy, bodybuilder type and Ray adored him. Both had been living happily and luxuriously from the money that always came Ray’s way easily. But now luck had changed. Everything Ray touched went wrong. He had lost most of his capital and didn’t know how to go from there. He had been discussing the problems with David but neither of them knew what to do.

  Before they met, David had been peddling his ass for a living. And a beautiful ass it was. ‘I have an idea!’ he told Ray, ‘You know that before I met you, I made a living as an escort. What always surprised me was how many old guys wanted me to sit on their face for money. For me it was the easiest way to make some money and to tell you the truth I even enjoyed it a lot. When I could, I only took clients that wanted me to sit on their faces. Especially the ones that liked it rough gave me an enormous kick. Smothering them without giving them a chance to breathe was my specialty. I came close to killing a few sometimes.’

‘Aha,’ answered Ray, ‘So that’s why you always look for a chance to wrestle, pin me down and then sit on my face.’

‘Exactly,’ said David, ‘But why shouldn’t we make a business out of my hobby? We can start a face-sit bar. We rent a small bar with 4 or 5 barstools in one of the big clubs that have various bars around the place . We change the stools so that we can tie a guy with his head face up on the stool, so that others can sit on his face and enjoy a drink. Many will want to be tied up and pay for it and many will want to sit on a face and enjoy a drink. We can charge a sum for a sit of 10 minutes with free drinking whatever they want. That way we make double money! From the sitter and from the sittee.’

‘Are you sure that enough people will offer themselves to be tied to the stool and enough people will want to sit on a face and pay so much money?’ asked Ray.

‘Absolutely,’ assured David. ‘I know from my experience that many guys want someone to sit on their face. And if there are no sitters, I can sit on their faces myself.’

‘Aha,’ said Ray, ‘That’s your game! You want to make money and have your ass worshipped at the same time!’

‘What’s wrong with that?’ answered David, ‘As long as we make lots of money. What do you care if I get a kick out of it?’

  The ‘Why not’ club was not of the best reputation. It had been closed down several times for presence of drugs and many hustlers and perverts used to find their way to the place. The management tried to run a tidy ship now but also needed to make money. When Ray had approached them with his idea, they had no objection as long as he paid a deposit and a nice sum per evening for the small bar-room that he had chosen. It had a little nice bar with 4 barstools and opposite of the bar along the wall a bench with two tables where 8 people could sit, facing the bar. Perfect for this purpose, Ray thought.

Before David had started peddling his ass, he had worked as a carpenter for two years, but quickly found out that life as a carpenter had it’s downsides. Nevertheless he could now use his skills to fabricate 4 barstools with a comfortable top for clients to lay their head on, with a strap to tie the head securely to the seat of the stool. Lower down and in front of the stool he had made a seat with support for the back for the client whose head was resting on the top of the stool. It was very comfortable and there was enough room for the client’s legs and feet under the bar. In front of each stool he had fixed metal rings to the bar, so that a client’s wrists could be tied to the bar with cuffs to make him completely helpless, if that was what he wanted. On the sides of the stool he had fixed foot-rests for the sitter to put his feet on.

  At the entrance door of the bar-room a sign had been put up with “face-sit bar The Black Hole” with under it “No Cameras allowed”. Prices were printed on the bar for a sit of 10 minutes including free drinks of choice. On the tables at the bench, prices were printed for drinks sitting on the bench with a maximum stay of half an hour, for people who wanted to just watch the sitting. David was just applying the finishing touch to it all and that night would be their ‘grand opening’.

‘OK Ray, let’s try if everything is perfect now,’ David said, ‘If the stools are exactly right. You sit in front of one and I’ll tie you securely down to check it for the last time.’

‘OK,’ said Ray and positioned himself on the seat and support for his back in front of the stool with his head on the seat. David fastened the thin leather strap over his forehead and secured it tightly down the seat. He then put the handcuffs around Ray’s wrists and hooked them on the rings at the bar. He started to undo his clothes, but Ray said: ‘Hey! No monkey business! This is work you know!’

‘Humor me,’ answered David, ‘We have to make sure everything is perfect. How better to check it than with the real thing?’ With that he had finished undressing and putting his left foot on the foot-rest of the stool, he swung his right leg over Ray’s face and sat his beautiful firm round ass heavily on Ray’s face, putting his right foot on the other foot-rest. The foot-rests are exactly on the right height, David thought. They made his butt-cheeks rest on Ray’s face in the most perfect position. He wriggled a bit until he felt Ray’s tongue slide into his ass. ‘Hmmmmmmh ……,’ David let out, ‘That feels soooooo good! Stick it in deeper! YES! YES! In and out! Quicker!’ He lifted his ass for Ray to catch some breath. When Ray could talk he said: ‘Well … That’s enough. It is perfect. Get off me and untie me!’

But David lowered his ass on Ray’s face again and said: ‘We haven’t even started! Some guys will want to sit to the max. Smother a guy completely till he passes out! Some guys will want a guy to sit on their face till they themselves pass out! We have to try the real thing now, so that we know exactly when to take action to avoid people dying in our bar. Now stick your tongue deep in my ass! You won’t breathe until you make me feel good!’ After Ray had worked hard with his tongue for a while, David lifted his ass to allow Ray to breathe. ‘Take a deep breath he said. For now I’ll sit on your face for longer.’

Ray started protesting, but David silenced him by lowering his ass again. He wriggled his ass until he had Ray’s nose completely in his asshole. David now started to ride Ray’s face slowly back and forth, grinding his nose in his ass. ‘Soooooooo good,’ he murmured. He lifted his ass again for Ray to breathe, but when Ray started protesting instead of catching his breath, he lowered his ass immediately to stop the protests. After a little while he lifted his ass again and now Ray took in breath by deep gulps. ‘That’s how I want it,’ said David, ‘No protesting! Breathe or suffer!’

Ray didn’t protest any more. Every time David lifted his ass he took the opportunity to breathe as much as he could. David had already been riding Ray’s face now for more than half an hour. Sometimes with Ray’s nose as deep in his asshole as he could get it. Sometimes ordering Ray to stick his tongue deep into his ass and move it in and out quickly. If Ray didn’t do it exactly as David wanted it, he threatened him not to let him breathe and let him pass out. Now after all this riding and enjoying Ray’s tongue he couldn’t hold back any longer. Without touching his dick, David shot his cum over Ray’s chest, his ass-muscles contracting around Ray’s nose. When he was done he stepped off the stool and untied Ray, who slipped off and lay on the ground gulping for air for awhile. When he had recovered, Ray said: ‘This will never become a hobby for me! We have to put a button near a guy’s hands to ring a bell when he is in trouble. This is too dangerous. And we have to put a towel on the guy’s chest, so that he doesn’t get all dirty with cum. The towels we can wash easily.’

‘Good idea,’ said David, ‘I’ll fix that this afternoon.

  It was Saturday-evening 10 o’clock and their face-sit bar was open for the first time. They had done some advertising in gay magazines and some people stepped inside, looked around, checked the prices and left again. Then at 11 o’clock a young guy of about twenty years old stepped in. David thought him to be a hustler with his tight clothes and his observant stare. He wasn’t bad looking. Average size and with long black hair. ‘How much will you pay me if I serve as a seat for an hour?’ he asked.

Ray thought about it. The bar needed some action, or they wouldn’t make any money. ‘I’ll pay you 50,’ he said. ‘It’s a deal,’ the guy answered. The guy was tied securely to the barstool with a towel over his chest. To animate things a bit, David undressed until he only wore a short T-shirt and sat on the guy’s face with his butt-cheeks spread wide apart, trying to get the guy’s nose in his ass. Now clients started dropping in and sat on the bench. Ray quickly served them drinks and collected the first money. David shifted forwards and felt the guy slide his tongue up his ass. ‘Oooooohhhhhm,’ he couldn’t help himself murmuring. The guy obviously wasn’t doing it just for the money. He must get a kick out of it, David thought. Looking under the bar he saw that the boy had a huge boner. The bar was getting busier and Ray had the idea that some people were interested to sit on the boy’s face as well.  He whispered to David to get off and when David had done so, a skinny guy with his naked butt in leather chaps took his place. He ordered a whisky and riding the boy’s face back and forth he sipped his drink. He moved his ass all the time and the young guy under him obviously had no problem breathing between the movements of the leather guy’s ass. David looked again and saw that the young guy still had a big boner. The leather guy took out his dick and started stroking it. When the 10 minutes were over, Ray asked him if he wanted another 10 minutes. The guy nodded and riding the young guy’s face harder now, he kept on jerking his dick until he shot his cum all over the towel on the boy’s chest. He got off and paid for 2 times. ‘That was great,’ he said. David was thinking of taking his place on the guy’s face again, but another man was already sitting down on it. He was a fat man of around fifty, that had stripped his pants down just enough to sit on the boy’s face bare assed. He had a big ass. The young guy’s face was completely inserted in the man’s ass, who was shifting a bit to get the guy’s mouth right under his hole. Apparently the boy was also giving this man a good tongue job, for he started moaning and then also started to stroke his dick. Lifting his ass from time to time to let the boy breathe, he jacked himself off and within 10 minutes he shot his cum. He paid for his sit and left the bar, while the next sitter was already taking his place on the boy’s face.

A handsome and well dressed man in his early thirties that hadn’t been able to keep his eyes from David after he had seen him sitting on the boy’s face, now approached him and asked how much he would have to pay to be tied on a stool and serve David as a seat. ‘You pay 50 to stay tied down for an hour,’ David said, ‘but you will stay after I’m done for anybody else that wants to sit on your face during the rest of the hour!’

The man thought about it and asked: ‘For how long will you sit on my face when I’m tied down?’

‘For at least twenty minutes,’ David promised. ‘OK. Here’s your 50,’ the man said and put himself in front of a stool to have his head strapped to the seat. As before with the others David had shown him the button of the bell that was close to his hands with his wrists cuffed to the rings at the bar, for him to press it if he got in trouble by lack of breath. David then sat on his face and securing the man’s nose and mouth tightly under his buttocks, he now stayed sitting like this without giving the man a chance to breathe. The man started wriggling his face under David’s ass, but David didn’t let go and continued to sit heavily on the man’s face. David felt an enormous kick from smothering the man, who was suffering under his ass. When the man was almost passing out, he apparently just in time remembered the button and pressed it. David lifted his ass and the man was breathing heavily. Then David sat down again and stayed until the bell rang, which this time didn’t take as long as the first time. He also rode the man’s face back and forth and made him stick his tongue up his ass. When the twenty minutes were almost over David smothered him again and now he let him ring and ring without lifting his ass, until the man started to pass out. That made David so horny that he shot his load over the towel on the man’s chest and then quickly stepped off. The man’s face was completely red and he was gulping for air. ‘Thank you!’ the man whispered, ‘that was just how I wanted it. It was perfect!’

David noted a wet stain at the front of the man’s pants, so it must have been good for him, he thought. But the man had hardly cought his breath or the next sitter took a seat on his face.

In the meantime the other two stools had also found people that had paid 50 to be tied on them with their heads strapped to the seats. These were older guys and the first ten minutes nobody sat on their faces.

Remarkable, David thought, that the young boy of twenty and the man in his early thirties had sitters one after the other and with these older guys it took time. He was having a drink looking at the bench opposite the bar, his butt leaning against the head of one of the older guys. He then spread his butt-cheeks and moved his ass over the face of the guy, still standing on his feet with the guy’s face between his thighs under his ass. The man started licking him and David thought that this made him enjoying his drink so much more. This was the most perfect way of making a living, David thought. When the young boy was released after an hour and a half (he didn’t object staying strapped down longer than the hour) and also the man in his thirties was untied, people started to sit on the older guys faces and other sittees offered themselves to be strapped down to the stools. People had been embarrassed to be sittee or sitter in the beginning, but the more they saw it being done, the easier they did it themselves. No stool was without sittee or sitter the rest of the evening.

  When the club closed that Saturday night and Ray was counting their earnings they found that they had made over 6000, which was a killing with the 75 they had to pay per evening for renting the bar. And the expense in drinks was minimal, so the future looked bright. And David had been having real good sits on Ray, the young guy and the guy in his thirties, but apart from that he had been hopping on and off faces of other sittees that evening to keep them happy after they had just paid 50 to be strapped down for an hour, before other sitters presented themselves.

  Sunday night started a bit slow, but after eleven o’clock things picked up nicely. Ray noticed that a few of the people that had been there the night before, now again had themselves strapped to the stools. It must have felt good, Ray thought. Also some people that had been there the night before just sitting on the bench looking, now took their place as a sittee for 50 an hour, or sat on a face for 50 per 10 minutes. Some of them sat with their pants on, but most sitters lowered or took off their pants and sat bare-assed. Also at the tables it was a coming and going of people that came to watch. They could only stay for half an hour with one drink and at least half of the money was made in that part of the bar. Quite often a bell rang and Ray had to warn the sitter to let his sittee breathe. He observed that to a certain type of sitters it happened much more often that the bell rang than to other types. Those must be real sadists that like to smother a guy almost to death, Ray thought. He noticed that the sitters where the bell rang often, usually were smallish, skinny little men. Obviously they like to exercise power over bigger men, Ray considered and he kept an extra eye on those types. But that it was not so easy to know what certain people were made of, he had to find out the hard way later that evening.

After two o’clock things started to quiet down. Probably because everybody has to work tomorrow, David thought. At some time all 4 stools were empty and only 2 people were sitting on the bench finishing their drink. At that moment a strong, muscled leather guy came in, complete with cap and chaps that left his ass, balls en dick uncovered. David saw that his balls and ass were shaved carefully and he thought the man looked beautiful. He was probably around 35 and apart from his rough looking outfit, he had wide shoulders, small hips and a handsome face. ‘Hey,’ the man said, ‘I came here to sit on a face! Where are the seats?’ Normally the role of being a seat didn’t appeal to David, but with this guy he would love to spend some time under that fantastic ass. ‘You can sit on my face,’ David offered.

‘OK,’ answered the man, ‘Get ready then.’

Ray helped to tie David to the stool, complete with his wrists tied to the rings at the bar. The leather guy put his left foot on the footrest, swung his leather covered right leg over David’s face and sank his strong, hard, muscled ass on David’s face. He positioned himself so that his asshole was exactly above David’s mouth and said: ‘Now tongue it good boy!’

David started working his tongue in and out of the man’s ass, playing around in it and from the contraction of the man’s ass-muscle, he could notice that it gave the guy a kick. Then the guy lifted his ass and said: ‘Open wide boy!’ When David opened  his mouth wide, the guy lowered his big ball-sack into his mouth, filling it completely. He lowered his ass further and sat down so that he had David’s nose in his ass with David chewing on his balls. Without any chance to breathe David didn’t keep it up for long, but the man didn’t react to the sounds David was making. He just kept on sitting heavily and obviously was having a good time. When David hit the button, Ray warned the guy to let the boy breathe or he would pass out. The man lifted his ass and David was taking in big gulps of air. After a short while the man moved backwards a little and bending forward he now stuck his huge cock into David’s mouth, sinking it deeper until it went all the way into David’s throat. He then started face-fucking him quicker and quicker with his feet on the footrests moving his ass up en down. David could only breathe little bits when the huge dick came out of his throat off and on. The man took his dick out and now sat on David’s face again. He ordered a second drink and said to Ray: ‘Here’s the money for another 10 minutes. I kind of like this barstool.’ Sitting heavily and riding David’s face back and forth he sipped his drink. When the second 10 minutes were coming to an end, he wriggled his ass again and managed to get David’s nose deep in his ass, covering his mouth completely. When David couldn’t last longer without breath and wanted to press the bell-button, David suddenly felt the guy secure his hands, so that he couldn’t reach the button. He tried not to panic but knew that it wouldn’t take long until he would pass out. He tried to move his head, but with little effect. He struggled to free his hands but the guy held them securely away from the button. He was aghast that Ray didn’t notice what was happening and felt himself slowly losing conscience. When he was sure that this was the end of it all for him and thought that this face-sit bar maybe was not one of the best ideas in his life so far, he felt the guy’s ass contract around his nose, indicating that the man was shooting his load. It won’t take long now until he lifts his ass of my face, David thought and passed out.

  When he came to, Ray was hysteric. ‘That creep,’ Ray shouted, ‘He got off you and left the bar without saying a word. I spoke to you and you didn’t answer. I untied you and thank heaven you were still breathing. You’ve been out for five minutes or so.’

  David got up and said: ‘Let’s forget about it. And let’s be more careful in the future. I’ll change the position of the rings and the buttons more to bottom of the bar , so that a guy sitting cannot reach at the hands of a sittee.’

‘OK,’ Ray said, ‘Let’s hope that solves the problem.’


The rest of the evening wasn’t too busy and often there were more guys strapped to the bar-stools than there were sitters. David didn’t mind that at all. He spent almost the whole evening sitting on faces of which some of them gave him real good tongue jobs. The only problem was that it didn’t make all that much money. When the bar closed David had been sitting on faces non stop for 4 hours. When they got home and David sat on a normal chair he missed a face under him worshipping his ass with a tongue deep inside. He grabbed Ray in the neck and put his head on the chair. Lowering his pants he sat on his face and said: ‘I’m hooked now. I can never sit on anything else but a face for the rest of my life.’

Ray giggled and said: ‘You know it’s not my hobby but for you I would do anything. And there are worse places for my head to be than under this beautiful ass of yours.’ David, who hadn’t cum that entire evening now enjoyed Ray’s rimjob and his orgasm was a nice ending of the day.


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