A Message from Logan

Regarding updates, software, and promised improvements to the platform. I believe I owe you an apology.

Hey kinksluts,

What a year so far - am I right?


I've dealt with a few health issues this year, and then my career took off. That and a few other things have sidetracked our progress quite a bit.


What progress? Well, we've drawn up lots of plans for this platform over time. It's fair to say that these plans haven't come to fruition yet - I want to take responsibility for that. I am truly sorry.


Beginning this weekend, we're catching up. We appreciate you constantly logging in and keeping our modest fetish community healthy. It makes us feel like we're doing something meaningful that you continue doing so.


Updates and Main Priorities


This weekend, we are installing updates across MxM (this website) and Videonet (the video website we own @ mxmnext.com). Naturally, there will be residual bugs after the updates (seems we can never avoid those) - please email ANY issues we miss to support@mxmifc.com


Any emails you send automatically generate a support request on our side.


After we smooth the update out, we'll move to begin hiring the developer for improvements to meetup search (I'd like to implement something similar to a dating app grid), built in engagement improvements (to keep content circulating and in front of you), integrated functionality for creators and those wanting to effectively promote their work, and SOFTWARE. These 4 items are our top priority. 


On the apps thing - deploying software has turned out to be a royal pain in our asses. It is very, VERY challenging to do on any scale. As long as you understand that censorship will greatly limit our ability to have an App Store / Play Store presence for the forseeable future, we should be good. ;) Expect all software to be available on Android first as a non-store download. Any software made available will still be digitally signed and use the same encryption + security standards as the web edition of MxM.

I'll be busy looking at screens, but y'all have a fun weekend for me!


(Heads up: This message will probably be edited/updated a few times.)

Logan - Managing Director

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