Fruit stand flooring conversion

Story was changed for guys who like being under other guys

Fruit stand flooring 

Its another conversion that I did hope you like 


When I was living at my bestfriends house, when I was around 19 years old, his dad and his uncle, (His Dads brother) always set up a vegetable stand in front of our house and sold fresh vegetables from the garden. The stand consisted of a canopy top held up by aluminum rods and ground stakes, much like a tent. They cut the canvas bottom out of an old tent and used it for a floor. They had two long tables set up to display the vegetables, and two lawn chairs to sit in, which were directly behind the tables, with just about enough room to stand up between the chairs and the tables and wait on the customers. 


Now I had always loved getting my hands and fingers stepped on and stood on, so as his dad and uncle constructed the vegetable stand, I suddenly had a brain storm of how I might be able to get my desires met. The trouble was, I didn't know which of the chairs his uncles massive size 15’s would sit over. Thinking my plan would work well however, I decided to guess the chair he would claim and hope I was right. That night, I slipped out of my bedroom, grabbed a shovel and went out to the stand and folded the canvas floor back and began digging a trench for my body to fit in, right in front of the chair I guessed his uncle would sit in. It took quiet a while to dig it so that my body was fairly level with the rest of the ground when I laid down in it. I told my best friend i would go out and jog that morning. I heard his uncle knock on the door. I peeded through the crack in my bedroom door as he walked in. he was wearing blue jean shorts, a white tee-shirt and a pair of Chaco’s with very Tall soles about 2 inch’s and a half tall. My friends dad had on white shorts a tank top and a pair of brown Birkenstock sandals with the straps in the back and flat soles that I felt every movement thru. I knew they would be a while drinking coffee because it was early yet to go out and start setting up the vegetable stand. So I slipped out while no one was looking and made my way out to the stand, folded the canvas floor back and laid down flat on my back in the trench I'd dug. Then I carefully pulled dirt in around my body to fill up the hollow spots. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to finish before they came out because it took longer to fill in the hollow spots around me than I thought it would. Low and behold, just as I finished and pulled the canvas back over me, I heard them talking as they walked toward the vegetable stand. I was so anxious I began literally shaking like a leaf and was afraid they'd notice it. "We'll set these on the tables and then go get the other boxes before we start setting up the display." I heard Andrew size 14’s(friend's dad) say, just as they got to the stand. Just after the word "display," one of them stepped square on my face, then on my chest and came to a stop on my stomach. Just as he stopped and stood on my stomach, the other stepped on my face and just stood on it! I knew immediately I was in trouble. Never had I dreamed they would squash me that badly. I had no idea who was who, but I knew they were both mashing my body flat. My ears were ringing from the tremendous weight on my face, but I heard Andrew say, "on second thought, why don't you go ahead and start setting up the display while I go back and get the rest of the boxes?" "Yeah," Kevin size 15’s(Friend's Uncle) answered. "Someone might just stop in early, and we sure don't want to miss a sale!" He added as they both laughed. I determined then that it was Andrew standing on my face, because he stepped off of my face while Kevin continued to trample on my stomach and chest as he put the vegetables out. Kevin had worked his way up and was now standing on my chest as he placed the vegetables on the table for display. He was literally crushing me. Just as I thought I would pass out from lack of being able to breathe, I felt his right foot lift up, and suddenly come back down square on my face! The hard rubber heel of his sandal was right over my eyes and I could feel his weight shifting as he put the vegetables out, often putting his full weight on the heel on my face. "Looking good!" I heard Andrew say as he brought another box. Kevin stepped back onto my chest to make room for Andrew, who stepped and stood on my face with both feet as he set the box on the table. He had his left foot on my mouth and his right foot over my eyes. "If only he knew how cruelly he was mashing his son's best friend!" I thought silently. After a few seconds, Andrew left to go get another box, and Kevin again stepped on my face. I felt the extra weight as he picked up the box. Then he walked down my body and stood on my thighs and started unloading the box onto the table, slowly working his way down my legs. Several minutes had passed and suddenly there was someone standing on my face again! Andrew had walked back up without saying anything, and caught me completely off guard! He must have had his heel on my nose because it felt as though it was caving into my brain as he stood full weight on it! Kevin had walked back up my body and was now standing on my chest again and I was seeing stars, and lots of them. "Okay! Looks good to me," I heard Andrew say. I'll walk out and put the signs up." He added, stepping off of my battered face. As soon as Andrew stepped off my face, his uncle stepped on it. "I'll help you." I heard him say as he stepped off of me. I desperately wanted out of there because I knew I had bitten off much more than I could chew, but I knew they were only a few feet in front of the stand, putting up the sign, and I sure didn't want to get caught. Besides, I reasoned, "If I get out now, this huge hole I dug will be here and I'll be found out." I kept still listening to them laugh and talk as they drove the sign posts into the ground. Suddenly the hammering stopped. I waited. Their voices were coming closer and closer. I tensed up. WHAM-O! My face was again pounded as they came back in the stand. I thought it was Andrew, from the way the heel felt when it crushed into my face. I heard a chair squeak then and knew he had sat down. WHAM-O! My face was being crushed again as Kevin stepped on it and sat down in the other chair. Much of the weight came off when he sat down, but both his feet were squarely on my face as he sat in the chair. He had a lot of foot movement, sliding, twisting, patting, and so forth as he used me as a footrest. I could easily tell when he crossed one leg over the other, because the weight would increase on my face significantly. Andrew's feet were on my thighs, so I was okay with that, but Kevin was dealing my face some constant misery. I listened as best I could until noon, as they laughed and talked, occassionally standing on me to wait on customers. Every once in a while they would get really tickled and his uncle would pick up his foot and literally stomp it down in my tender face as he laughed. I knew my nose was bleeding and my lips were crushed pretty badly, and I thought I might even have a couple of loose teeth from the stompings, not to mention the 2 or 3 minutes he stood with his hard heel square on my mouth as he waited on a customer! I only hoped they'd both go inside for lunch and give me a chance to get out of this hell hole I'd put myself in! 


Nothing doing! Lunch came and they took their breaks one at a time. I ended up spending the entire day, (about 10 hours) being their floor, with my face, stomach, chest, and legs being constantly squashed by Kevin and Andrew. 


When they did finally close shop and go back in the house, it took me several minutes to get out of my position. I was as stiff as a board, cramping, and sore all over from the tremendous pounding punishment I'd taken all day long. 

I slipped back in the house and into the bathroom where I locked the door. I was really frightened when I looked in the mirror! My lips were torn and bleeding, and my nose was bleeding. My cheeks were scratched and bruised. That was just what I could see. My ribs also felt like they were crushed, and my insides felt as though they had been stomped out and poked back in! However, after I rested and began to think back on just what had happened, how I'd spend the entire day with two grown men using me as their floor, I began to get excited all over again! Three days later, when they had enough vegetables from the garden to re-open the stand, I was right there in my little hell hole again with Kevin and Andrew, stomping, walking, standing and crushing my body for another 10 hours! WOW, I LOVE BEING A FLOOR!

Brandon Mccurry

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