Well wishes! ~ Creator @Victimboy of Manchester, UK

Hi all! ? I'm pleased to see MxM is growing well. We do need more members though. As we are all observing social distancing right now due to the current situation, more and more of us will have to resort to spending more time online, so let's try and spread the word of MxM!

That being said, I've taken the time to create some kinky artwork to share with you all. It's caught the eye of the site owners and I have been asked to produce more. If you'd like to request an artwork, please drop me a line.

I'm 28 from Manchester, UK and love kink of all kinds! I have been in this scene since I was a teen. I am very happy to chat kink or about anything on here or meet up*.


*When the world returns to normal, I and many many of you will be horny as hell and gagging for some kinky fun! Let us hope this world crisis is over soon!

I travel all around my home country so happy to meet up for a coffee, a drink or have some kinky fun outdoors or in a hotel. I also travel to Europe every summer and willing and able to try and meet up with some European MxM kinksters!

Stay at home - save lives - protect your national health service
Obey the instructions of your local authorities. The sooner this crisis is over, the sooner we can get back to some kinky action!

Stay safe!



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