STORY - Grocery store flooring

This story was written by someone else for guys that like girls feet I changed it for guys who like being under guys feet.

I am the manager of a small but busy supermarket near an all-guys boarding school. All day I see them come in, wearing jeans or shorts usually. This is hot enough for me, but on Sundays, they like to dress for church or dinner or whatever and they wear dress pants and dress shoes or boots or sandals. Since I got there, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to get them to crush me without their knowing it. After all, I am a businessman and it wouldn’t be great for business if my customers thought I was a pervert. Finally, I came up with a plan.

I usually schedule two cashiers on Sunday, since I have to pay them overtime. I told the guys that I would have to finish some work in the aisles and that they would be covered over with a rug for the entire day. I also told them that I would be working throughout the night and I wouldn’t be in on Sunday, so they would have to open and close the store. I had been working on a hole in one aisle for weeks and covering it up with a rug so they would not think anything unusual. The ground was also unsteady so the fact of my would-be tormentors walking over an uneven surface would be thought of as normal.

On Saturday night, we closed the store and I got to work. I carefully dug the fake hole, covered it up again and laid down the rug. Then I switched the magazine racks so the most recent issues of magazines would be in the aisle I would be laying in. I made sure that I would fit snugly in the hole and that the rug would not ride up when someone not picking up their feet might kick the rug. As a bonus for me, I scraped the underside of the rug so that I could look up but no one could see in because of the overhead lighting. I laid in the hole, secured the rug and waited.

I must’ve been tired after all that work because I fell asleep. The next thing I hear is the alarm going off and the guys racing to shut it off. One of the guys, Edward, complained, “When is that cheap asshole going to hire someone to finish this job! I’ve sick of hearing about it from my roommates !” “Asshole ?!?! Is that what they think of….” before I had a chance to finish that thought, he stomped on the rug, right on my stomach! I saw stars, but I made no sound. Then he proceeded to scuff up to my chest and stand just below my neck! Another step and he would be standing on my windpipe! My heart beat faster – not just from the fear, but from the spectacular view of Edward’s chuck taylors rising up above me. From my vantage point, he was a giant! He stood there, just talking to the other cashier, Brendan, not knowing that he was a step away from killing me. Soon customers started to filter in. I could hear the shopping carts rattle away from the front of the store as they went about their rounds. In a little while, they would be rolling over me, full of food and male feet walking the length of my body!

I didn’t have to wait long, as one tall guy, who only needed a few things came up to the register. He walked up my legs, grazed my crotch with his heel and stood right on my face. He weighed about 140 lbs, but this was enough to make me wince in pain. ‘They look so fucking light !’ I said to myself. He paid for his groceries and stepped off my head. Soon I heard a grocery cart coming towards the front. I braced myself for the weight of a full shopping cart, but it went to Brendan’s aisle. ‘There will be others’, I said. Sure enough, a bunch of guys, coming from a Sunday service stampeded into the aisle. From what I could feel, there were six of them, all chatting and laughing. As Edward rang up their sales, they fidgeted on me, shifting their weight from one foot to the other, concentrating their weight on one foot. The one guy standing on my face kept shuffling, dangling his shoe off his foot, then slamming his foot back into the shoe. Each time, he would kick my head into the hole. I could see his barefeet and Chaco sandals with thick rubber sole lifting and slamming, lifting and slamming, over and over again. Another guy, reading one of the magazines I planted, shifted his weight on one foot and was bouncing the other – on my crotch! Though it was not a full kick, the repeated tapping of my balls to a Ariat boot was excruciating! Another one was listening to an imaginary song and dancing to the beat on my chest. Soon, the transactions were over and the guys all filed out, stepping on various parts of my body as they left. But just before they all left, one of the guys stopped – his boot heel digging into my neck and his thick hard sole smashing up against my nose! Through this pain, I could hear him say, “It’s going to be busy for YOU guys today – It’s Parent’s Day !”

His hard soled shoe twisted off my face as he headed off with his other friends. I hadn’t planned on a Parent’s Day! Sunday is a relatively quiet day usually. That and the fact of all the guys had nice footwear and boots was why I chose Sunday. Now with me being the only store open in the neighborhood…

Before I could finish that thought, I heard a deep rumbling. It was a shopping cart, but judging from the low rumble of the wheels, it must be loaded! As I heard it rumble closer and closer, I braced myself for… OOOOOOOF!

Some of the guys with the cart ran ahead, stepping right on my stomach and bouncing up and down in anticipation. Two of them, not very heavy, but the surprise of their appearance plus the jumping up and down on me knocked the wind out of me. “C’mon!”, one of them said, “We gotta hide this beer back in the dorm before our parents get here!”

I felt the narrow wheels roll up my legs. Christ! How many cases did they load in this cart?!??! The merciless onslaught of wheel crush continued up to my crotch, passing my dick on either side, thank God, up my chest and stopped – right on my throat!! I began to panic. I could tense my neck muscles up for only so long, then I would have to breathe, and when I did, goodbye windpipe! The pressure was unbelievable! I could feel the wheels slowly sink down into my neck. I began to see stars. Then I started to pray. I prayed for a miracle, though it would be poetic justice for me to die this way.

A miracle soon happened as I heard my cashier say, “C’mon guys – I gotta ring each case up individually!” Groaning, the guys lifted each case out of the cart, one by one. With each case, the pressure was lifted, until finally, the cart was empty. I sucked in that dirty, dusty air as though it were the sweetest ambrosia. This was to be a short respite, however, as each case was rung up, it was summarily dropped back into the cart! One of the guys ahead of the cart, stood just in front of it, his soles mashing into my face. He would take each case after it was rung up to dump it in the cart. Each time he did, he would dig his soles into the ‘carpet’ shifting his weight so that it felt like he was grinding my face into the ground! Then the cases came. WHAP! One. WHAP! Two. WHAP! Three. WHAP! Four. Omigod! The slamming of each case on my throat increased my panic!

Each case would be preceded by a merciless grinding of my face by unknowing feet, then the relentless drop of the case! WHAP! Five! WHAP! Six! WHAP! Seven! That old pressure was coming back! This time each weight increase was augmented by a sudden crush on my throat! I began to see stars again. My vision began to blur, and I was losing consciousness, which I knew would mean death. So I hung on – I don’t know how I could not breathe for so long and still remain conscious but I did. Mercifully, the cart began its’ journey up my face and the guys filed into the aisle after it. They all managed to stand on me, but after having seven cases of beer crushing your neck, this was a welcomed relief. One of the guys, the one on my face, shuffled about, then removed his shoe. I could see through my vantage point that he had on nice olukai slip ons. He took off his shoe and began to rub it briskly on the rug as if to scratch it. I could see his wrinkled sole as it moved back and forth across my line of vision. I got tremendously hard. The guy standing on my crotch must’ve felt the movement and began to unconsciously grind his heel into my crotch. This was about as close to heaven as I could ever be! This is why I risked almost dying a few minutes ago. A beautiful tall guy, is rubbing his bare feet in my face while some other unseen hot guy is practically masturbating me! Did I say practically? I shot the biggest load of my entire life in those few minutes, I felt as though I had semen coating me from the stomach to knees. I was physically exhausted as they filed past my face, each giving me a distinctive reminder of their favor. One guy with hard soled shoes with hard heels clomped up my body; another in cowboy boots left my body with heel marks; another just skidded across my body and face in his flip flops; each one driving me higher and higher into a place I had never been before!

As I lay in the afterglow of the moment, the doors swung open again. Now I don’t know if a person can sound heavy, but judging from the way the floor was shaking with his every step and the tone of his voice, I silently prayed to myself that he would go into the other aisle.

The shaking subsided. I breathed a small sigh of relief. Then I heard the sounds of man in cowboy boots obviously in a hurry. He marched right up to my aisle and almost tripped over the carpet. “What the hell… I almost fell ! I see a lawsuit ready to happen!’ With that, he began to kick the side of the rug as if to get it out of the way. My heart froze. If he could succeed in moving the rug, my ‘cover’, so to speak would be blown! I’m sure my business would be ruined and I’d probably have to move out of town.

As he continued to kick the rug, Edward, the cashier at that station stopped him and told him, “I’m sorry, Sir. We are doing some repairs and this was the best my boss could do. It’s really for your own protection.” “Thank you edward!”, I said to myself. The man did stop and walked up my body. He was tall, but not too heavy. He did have on the most amazing-feeling cowboy boot heels. They felt like nails boring into my body. They hurt like hell, especially when he rocked back and forth on his heels. At times he would lift one foot and bear his weight down hard on me as if to flatten the carpet more. I tried not to make a sound, as he was bouncing on my chest. Edward rang up his sale; he only had a few things; the man went for his money. As he pulled out his wallet, some coins fell out – a few right on the scrapings where I was looking! “Crap!” he said, as he knelt down on one knee – on my chest – to pick up the coins.

As he picked up the one closest to me, he was staring right into my eyes! At first, I thought he couldn’t see me because of the light above. But then, he gave me a funny look – not of surprise or fear or anything you might have expected a person who just found himself kneeling on a man under a carpet. No, he stared at me, raised an eyebrow, and gave me oh-so-just a subtle, evil smile.

“He saw me!” A thousand thoughts raced through my brain. “What is he going to do?” “What is he going to say?” “Is he going to tell the cashiers?” “Is he going to call the police!!?” I got my answer soon enough as he moved up my neck, on my face. Then he stopped, lifted one heel and started to grind it into my forehead. I knew that he was thinking of a way to punish me for what I was doing. He didn’t care who I was, he just wanted to have some fun! Then, he shuffled his feet around my face, and positioned his heels so they would be directly over my eyes! I freaked! he’s going to blind me! I only caught a glimpse of those heels: Black cowboy boot heels  – the ones that come to almost a point! I quickly closed my eyes and prayed. I think I prayed – more than all the people who went to church that morning! I felt him slowly descend on me – on my eyes. I shut my eyes tight, and prayed, almost audibly. More and more those heels increased their pressure on my eyes. My heart was pounding, so loudly I could swear that everyone above me could hear it! More and more the pressure increased. I could feel the tears streaming down my face. I could actually see my own blood, passing through my eyelids! While up above, the man doing the punishing was asking insane questions on some coupon special at the counter. The carpet, although it had been scraped there so that I could see, held fast.

Through all this panic, I felt footsteps walking up my body. Another customer ! Thank you, Lord! The man, wanting to get a last ‘dig’ in, started to march in place, just lifting his heels and grinding them back in the carpet again, as if to stretch his legs. Then as a last gesture, he lifted his soles, putting all his weight on his heels! I screamed the most horrific silent scream imaginable, but kept silent and still. The man then bounced off my face and ‘walked fast out of the store.

Others moved in to take his place. In all the panic, I didn’t realize the store was filling up with customers. The aisle was full of people, some with carts, others carrying baskets, all of them crowding in the aisle, on me! At one time, I felt eight guys on me, mashing me into my hole. My breathing became labored. I didn’t have the strength to inhale. After the ordeal of almost being blinded, I was physically and emotionally weak. Now, because of Parent’s Day, more people than I expected have piled into the store, crushing me more than I had imagined. I felt feet on my own feet, feet on my legs, feet on my knees, feet on my thighs, feet on my crotch, feet on my stomach, feet on my chest, feet in my face. I could smell cologne, shoe leather, sweat, cotton socks, barefeet – it was overwhelming!

Involuntarily I became hard again. All five senses, sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing were bombarded with the entire crush experience. I could taste the carpet in my mouth. I could even taste the shoes in my face. I could hear the tapping of feet on my body. My site was bombarded with the sight of giants everywhere I could see. And the feeling – my God – the feeling! I had another orgasm, this time, I could swear my soul orgasmed also. It was like a roller coaster! My body was out of control! If it were not for the half ton of crushing feet above me, I would have convulsed uncontrollably. But the feet held me fast. No one even noticed that every fiber in my being was climaxing as though I had exploded – literally! The procession continued for over 30 minutes. Each sensation building on the last. I was in the ‘dry heaves’ of orgasm, simply sending orgasm signals to my body. I had nothing left.

It was over. The crush of people subsided. Edward took his break and closed his aisle. I heard people filing into Brendan’s aisle. I just laid there, spent, exhausted, and sore, sore, sore. I never knew I could hurt so much. Even my hair felt trampled. I fell into a light sleep.

What seemed for only a second later, I was awakened by Edward walking over me to get to his register. “Your turn,” he told Brendan, as he closed his register to go on break.

Then I felt the floor shake again….


The floor shook with each approaching step! Suddenly everything turned surreal. I felt I was in Jurrasic Park as the T-Rex was slowly approaching. I could almost hear the ‘THOOOM-THOOOM-THOOOM’ of his massive footsteps! I felt as though I wasn’t there, that I was really looking on at some Roman Spectacle, the Christian being trampled by an elephant.

I quickly returned to my own reality as I felt a shopping cart roll over me. Relatively speaking it wasn’t heavy, when – MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!! He stepped on my ankle!! It immediately cracked, but it wasn’t broken. Then his other foot came down – near my knee!!!!! Lightning bolts of pain assaulted me all up to my brain! His weight was nothing I could have ever imagined, much less prepare for. His other foot met the second as he stood on my shins. He had on those alligator cowboy boots . When he settled back on his heels, he drove those heels into my leg, breaking the skin. Though my eyes were closed from the pain, I could see bright lights all around me. As he began to unload his cart, he shifted his weight from side-to-side, standing on one foot then leaning back to take another item from his cart. I could hear my bones crack! A little more of this and they will break !! Mercifully, or at least I thought so at that moment, he began to move up off my legs. His massive weight pummelled my body past my groin, my stomach and stopped on my chest! Again, he settled back on those spikes of torment. If I could scream, it would have been one heard throughout the store. But his weight on my chest, just standing there waiting for his groceries to be rung up mashed all the air out of me. Although I have had more weight on me today, I have not had this much weight on a concentrated part of my body !!

My eyes snapped open. Through the openings I made, I could see him. He was a giant! Apparently one of the fathers competes in bodybuilding, and this one looked like he was in the super-heavyweight class! He was tall – very tall. I could not see past his pecks as they were quite impressive. Through the pain shooting through my eyes, I could see his massive tanned sexy legs,This is too much. ‘Mr. Happy’ could not control itself even through all of this ! It popped up, tearing the skin off from the last ejaculation, pulling the dried semen from my underwear.

My eyes wide open, tears streamed from the sides. I could taste something coming out of my mouth. I was disgusted, but I couldn’t move. Then, suddenly, he took a step backwards, for what reason I’ll never know and stepped – right on my erect penis ! I bit my lip, blood flowling freely from them, as I felt myself giving in to myself once again. Only this time, the pain cannot be described. As semen propelled itself from me, he began to stamp on it. “You got something under here ?”, he joked, stamping on my crotch over and over again. Edward laughed, saying, “If there was, it’s dead now !”

The giant finally moved – a little. He took a step forward. I felt his foot descend on my head and face. I reacted to slowly to turn my head. His foot, his massive foot landed on my face, his soles crashing down on my forehead and those killer heels just below my chin. From my vantage point, I could see his shoe size – 14 ! I could also see that ’14’ getting closer and closer to my face – his heels were sinkin in the rug ! If he stayed there another minute, those heels that broke the tougher skin on my legs would easily pierce my throat ! My eyes were tranfixed on that ’14’ – moving closer and closer. I felt the carpet contour itself around my chin. Soon it wrapped itself to my chin form. The ’14’ got closer. I began to feel the carpet touch my neck. I began to cry. This luxury was soon denied me as he shifted his weight again and put both feet on my head, his soles now covering my eyes and his heels resting on my collarbone. This, although saving my life, brought about a new level of pain. His heels, digging into my collarbone were twin nails driving into my flesh. Finally, my body screamed, “NO MORE” and I passed out.

When I came to, the store was dark. The guys had closed the store and it was evening. I tried to move out of my torment chamber, but all the abuse I put myself through refused to allow my body to move. Suddenly, my body remembered it had not relived itself all day long. While I am not a bathroom dweller, going all day without a bathroom break was too much. Urine shot out of my semen-clogged penis, breaking the skin again. The hot urine splashed my body. I discover why it is called uric acid. Every bruise, every cut, every abrasion burned. In the confines of my ‘coffin’, I screamed – loud, long and pitiful. I broke down and cried. I could not restrain myself anymore. My body just curled up, ripping the carpet loose, as I convulsed what felt like hours.

I finally got out of that coffin a few hours later. I could barely walked, my breathing was labored and I felt as though I WAS a carpet, being used and walked on and used and walked on and walked on and used. Instinct forced to me clean myself up and cover the hole back up.

Then it all went black.

I awoke to screaming. Brendan saw the dishevelled shape I was in and screamed for his life. He called the police and I was rushed to the hospital. The incident was reported as a mugging, where I was attacked and forced to open the store. I told the police that I fought back and I was beaten severely by several men.

They bought the story ! How would they believe that I was a human carpet for a day, allowing myself to be punished and tortured and stamped on for a full day, with all my tormenters unknowing that they almost committed murder several times that day.

A few days later, I was released from the hospital.

Maybe next time, I’ll try the deli counter !


Brandon Mccurry

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trample_fasi_hesc_babu_loves 25 w

It's exciting to see them being ruthlessly trampled as carpets without anyone noticing...
The style in which the fetishist is found to be secretly indulging his fetish with someone inside and intentionally inflicts pain on him is also an exciting situation.
It is a causal fetish that makes you want to bite again even though you have suffered so much damage that you wish you had never done it in hell.

Razor Rudock 3 yrs

I want to be that rug