First real life experience- Daddy on my hands

This is my first real life experience. When my daddy crushed my fingers underneath his shoes!

A long while ago, I came to my Dad's house
and there was a guy putting glass doors in the bathroom
shower box.

Dunno why, but i sat on the floor to see the guy fixing it
and put my hands aside my body. The left one was near the door.

Suddenly my dad came to see that guys work and stepped on my poor
left hand with his 200lbs in a pair of almost new Timberland classic
brown loafers( the ones with thick vibram shaped soles).First with his
toes, then with heels, it took about 30/45 minutes. I also don't know
why, but I didn't say anything, just handled my dad's weight and the
pain of his soles crushing my fingers and hand. Many times he even
leaned against the door, standing full weight on my hand.

Till now I don't know if he didn't notice my hand under him or if he noticed that and liked to have his son's small hand under his size
9 Timberland shoes and his 200lbs weight.

After this long time I saw my hand and it had a huge red and white mark
from his tread. It took much time to disappear. The pain turned into
a very pleasant pressure feeling that made me discover that I like to
have my hands stepped on.

Stepped Pisado

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