Nearby is now Available with Reserve Pro

Scheduled originally for May 20th and delayed to May 24th, we have officially released Nearby to our paid members. Additionally, non-Pro members can enjoy limited Nearby functionality right from the Global Feed.

Welcome to Nearby!



Nearby, a streamlined profile grid showing members in order of distance to your location, is officially complete and the feature has been released to our our Reserve Pro membership users.

Additionally, non-Pro members can experience some Nearby functionality right from the Global Feed.

This is the first version, and we have made it easy to use!

Here are some useful things to know:

  • Exact distance indicators (down to the mile/kilometer) are NOT yet a part of the Nearby grid - we will allow users to opt-in for this via Settings on a later update.
  • The green and red dots mean what you think they mean! Green means they’re online, red means they’re not.
  • Settings → Privacy and Visibility Control has been updated with a toggle to opt out of the Nearby grid should you ever wish to do so.
  • If Nearby shows you profiles in the incorrect order, it means MxM isn’t being allowed to access your location - you can reach out to us for assistance fixing / overriding location access problems here.
  • Support documentation is in progress.


Grab a Pro membership for as little as $10.99 USD and try Nearby out today! Investing in us helps us expand our reach a great deal faster with relevant features and content.

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