The sleepover

I'd say this was based off a true story, but it was more like an actual event

Based on a true story....

So I had a friend stay over one night and he slept on the couch while I slept on a thick mattress on the floor, right in front of the couch. So if he got off the couch, he'd have to step on the mattress. Well, we are both laying there in just our shorts, watching tv, and he dozes off to la la land. Once i realize he's out for the night, I turn off the television. I cant sleep and Im laying there in almost silence, listening to him breathing. There is several times that he moves, flips in about an hours time. I had also rolled from back, to side, to stomach, a couple of times. I was just about out when I was startled to fully awake by an arm crashing down across my chest, followed soon after by a heel on my leg. I just laid there and listened for the slow paced sleep breathing, which started seconds later. As I'm laying there I realized there was no way I was going to get to sleep. With his arm across my chest, his hand was just floating in air on the otherside of me. I gave it a few minutes before I gently placed my hand underneath his and moved his hand onto my stomach. He didn't react at all, breathing patter still the same, for a few seconds. Then he picked his arm up off of me. The milisecond that I felt the movement, the eyes closed, as if I was asleep. I could hear him moving, as if he was scratching, or rubbing something. Then his heel came off my leg. Then I hear him moving on the couch, this time it wasn't a scratch or rub, but his whole body moving. Then all of a sudden his arm and hand come down on my chest and stomach, and a thigh comes down across mine. I start wondering what he's doing, and the movement stops. I just lay there, eyes closed, listening to his breathing, also feeling the exhale across my face. I take a chance, open my eyes, and he's right there, sound asleep, on his side, using me as an arm and leg rest. I didnt realize it at first, but I started to feel some heat on the side of my stomach. At first I pushed out my stomach, and gently pushed it into his. I picked my head up and looked down. With that faint light, I could see his stomach hanging over the edge of the couch, less than an inch from mine. After a certain amount of weight is applied, the weight seems to grow, even if there is no change. Well, he's got some hefty thighs, and after a few minutes, they felt like they were getting heavier. All of a sudden I feel his hand move and immediateeye closure. Then his leg comes up off me. I hear the couch creak as he rolled onto his back. I was a bit dissapointed that he rolled away from me, but also a bit relieved that his legs weren't crushing mine anymore. It probably was only a second before I felt him again. This time it wasn't an arm across the chest or a leg on top of mine. This time it was him, fully rolling over, fully on top of me. To tell you how fully he was on top of me, his belly button met my belly button, his niples were meeting my nipples. I had a 250 pound guy, laying on top of me. The next question was answered rather quickly.... he was in fact asleep. All kinds of thoughts started going through my head, do I wake him, do I let him sleep, do I try and roll him back onto the couch, what's he going to think if he wakes up and I'm trying to pretend I can sleep with a fat guy on top of me. I wasn't sure what to do, but as all these thoughts are going through my head, I'm just laying there, letting him sleep on top of me. I felt like he was going to wake up from how nervous I was. I felt like I had the nervous shakes. It took a couple minutes to calm down a little, just enough to get the shaking to stop. As we were laying there, I managed to sync up our breathing patterns, so our stomachs and chest were expanding and contracting opposite to each orher. Concentrating on the breathing also seemed to get my mind off of the nervousness. We laid there, him unknowingly squashing me for about a half hour before he simply rolled over onto the couch. This may sound a bit weird, but I was extremely grateful for the opportunity that he had just given me, and a bit relieved it was over, so he wouldn't have woken up and asked me why i let him sleep on top of me, but was a little worried that he had woken up and that's why he rolled onto the couch. The next morning, after waking up, he hung out for a couple hours, and not a word was said about what happened.

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No, it was just a photo I had on my phone. The photo is actually me..... and a friend's arm.