My enduring passion for men's boots

Lick your boots, step on me, stand on me, wipe your boots on me, trample me

My passion for men's boots developed during puberty. It was the product of a close link between my developing sexuality and being bullied by guys wearing work boots and engineer boots and their using those boots to bully me. For more information about this, read my "Autobiography of a bootman".

My passion for men's boots evolved into a passion for mens' muddy boots by about the age of 14 or 15 from seeing men working on construction sites and from continuing abuse by bullies in school. This included a desire for having men wipe their muddy boots on me as their doormat, trampling me with their muddy boots, and for my licking their muddy boots clean.

I also wear boots and I currently own about 85 pairs of boots, mainly logger boots, but also linemen's boots, military boots, muck boots, motocross boots, mountaineering boots, hiking boots, engineers, and wellingtons. I also own 44 pairs of cleats—soccer, rugby, American football, and metal baseball cleats.

My passion for men's boots and the men that wear them has never diminished. At first, there was no explicit sexual contact with these men, I would lick their boots, they would step on me, stand on me, wipe their boots on me, trample me. They would step on, stand on, trample and crush my hands, face, chest, pelvis, and eventually, my cock and balls. This did not mean that these activities were not sexually stimulating for me, there was just no sexual contact. With time, I began to indulge my male play partners by letting them piss on me and drinking their piss, and finally, I began sucking their cocks (which I had first done in middle school). It seems to me to be a fair trade for me to suck their cocks in exchange for being under their boots and licking their boots clean.

At this point in my life, I am more sexually attracted to men's boots and men wearing boots, especially men wearing muddy boots (such as construction workers, landscapers, tree service, cable installers, truck drivers, stable hands and others that get their boots dirty doing real work). I love men pissing on me and I love drinking their piss. I play with male partners 3 to 6 times a month including fetish play and oral sex.

Mat MacGregor

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