Hitchhikin' Frank, Part 1

I was on the open road to the grand canyon. The humidity was bad today. In the south you sweat from it it the blazing summer heat.

 They always told me out west there was no humidity, so you stayed dry. Thetownspeople a good number of miles back mentioned that today was arecord breaking level of humidity for their hometown. I sweated in mycar with the AC on full blast.

The mountains were gorgeous; it wasjust me and the open road. The splotches of red on the mountainousareas looked exactly like a painting as it stretched deep into thehorizon line. Other than the random sharp turn sign on the road everyfew miles it felt like I was in a dream. I was 25 miles from the nextpitstop when I saw this man, no, it was a mirage. He was shirtless andtall and tan and his shirt was off, his pants were nowhere to be found,his underwear hung down as he held up a hitchhiking signal and stuck hisbutt out to the road… prostitute? That ass was the most beautiful thingyou’ve ever seen. It glistened in the western heat. You pulled over ashe pulled up his briefs and greeted you in relief.

“Oh dude, thatscared me, I thought you were a cop! I was trying to get a ride forhours, but I had to pee SO bad these briefs don’t have a fly.” I knewhis story was possible you bought underwear countless number of timesonly to come home and discover they were the type without a fly. Helooked innocent enough. “You need help?” I asked him as he seemed rathergrateful for the question. “My boyfriend made a pit stop one night andwe went camping I woke up to no car. He was gone, he took the food, lefta little bit of water I’ve been out here all morning, afternoon, andwe’re about to hit the evening. If I can get a ride bud… I just need aride, I have my wallet with me you can have it all the pants are dryingon that cactus so I don’t sweat through them…” He was young, scared, andso sexy. And a boyfriend? He is gay! But what was I thinking, takingadvantage of a guy like that when all he needs is a ride home… “Sure, mycar’s pretty small, but I’m sure we can make room.” I smiled as Iunlocked the passenger door and prayed that he wasn’t a bandit ready toloot me. “Man that’s so great! I’m gonna go get my pants! By the way,the name’s Frank” Frank ran into the desert and collected his pants, Idrooled a little and watched his butt jiggle up and down with each step.As he turned around I collected myself so he didn’t catch on to myattraction.

Frank hopped into the car and closed the passengerdoor. Sweat was dripping everywhere and heat radiated from his body in away that made me feel I was blushed with embarrassment. Then there washis smell. The sweat still glistened over his whole body and hispheromones spread throughout the whole car. The musk and sweaty manscent made it really hard to concentrate on the road. “I don’t havewater left, but I do have some sodas if you want some?” My offer wasjumped on as Frank guzzled the first one thankfully, and asked for asecond one. I was still 25 miles from the next pit stop about a 30minute drive. Frank and I spoke a lot about our lives, our goals, dreamsand interests. “Dude, I can’t believe you road tripped all the way downhere from Georgia! That’s crazy!” Frank’s excitement only increased bythe minute. But there was something I couldn’t believe too, 5 sodas inand this guy showed no signs of suppressing any burps. 100oz of soda andnot a single one.

“Well, the pit stop is over here if you need abathroom break” I commented. “Do I ever! 100 oz of soda didn’t justevaporate inside of me.” Frank was hyper as ever and looking reallyexcited to get to the restroom. I chuckled as I filled your tank of gasand headed inside to use the restroom too. Frank was buying some coffeesand sandwiches before heading in himself. “I’m sorry dude, I’mstarving, everything else in my wallet is yours I promise.” I told himnot to worry. I wasn’t looking for money, in fact what I was looking forI couldn’t ask of him. I headed to the bathroom and Frank followed insoon after. The urinal was surprisingly clean for a gas station and itsmelled lemon fresh. We began to pee and I heard it. It was a rumblethat erupted for about 2 seconds. “Sorry bro…” Frank apologized and Iwas hit with this smell that reeked of old sewage and vegetables. “Oh,it happens” I was trying to hold back my gag reflexes as my cock stoodstraight up in the air. I didn’t think I’d ever fit in back in myunderwear. Frank was still pissing as I went to the sink. The smell oflemon fresh restroom was completely taken over by the little fart fromFrank. “Hey Brian! This may take a while! haha!” I exited the restroomand waited for Frank who exited 2 minutes later.

As I hit the roadagain Frank was chowing down on the sandwiches and coffees hepurchased. “The next pit stop is 100 miles down the road, are you sureyou can hold that in that long?” My question was answered in a way thatmade my dick rise. “Oh don’t worry dude, this coffee and roast beefcombo only makes me fart. We’re good.” Frank giggled as the comment onhis flatulence was meant playfully. “Oh, so not a burp out of ya withthat soda, but farts are your thing?” “You can say that”, Frank ate hissandwich calmly and stayed quiet the next half hour. I turned to him andnoticed that he dozed off. The poor guy has been out in the 110 degreeheat all day and was exhausted. I pulled off the side of the road andbegin to camp out in the car.

It was 3am, the roads were emptyas ever, and the nocturnal animals hid behind the rocks wondering whatstrange animal creature your car was. The animals didn’t wake me up, itwas a rancid smell of sewage, beef, and broccoli that permeated thesmall 2 seater hatchback. Frank. My dick was rock hard but my stomachbecame soft and queasy as I heard the noise, it lasted about 5 secondsand deepened into a tuba sounding fart that abruptly ended. That noisebrought along a smell that grew the stink in the car. My windows were upand I couldn’t roll down a window without starting the car. I triedquietly opening a door, worrying about some wild animal coming in for anattack, but any animal would be paralyzed from the smell that escapedfrom this car. The door popped open and Frank groggily whispered… “babyno! Don’t go! Stay here, please, close the door and stay, please!” Hewas crying in his sleep, but kicking the seat and slapping the headrest.I calmed him down best I could and closed the door. “Don’t worry, itwas all a dream… I’m here” “YAY!” Was his solemn soft reply as hequietly scooted to my side of the car, resting his head on my chest.PPHHROOOOOPPPTT! It happened again, but this one was the loudest todate. The smell intensified. I felt stuck. Stuck in this stranger’s gascloud. I knew if I was to survive this trip I’d have to drop him offquickly and never look back. His sleepy head nuzzled into my chest somemore and a tingle hit my body, he was quite sexy and he was all mine forthe night. Against all judgement I start rubbing my cock through mysweatpants. phhrrrbbbtt… another fart hit my nose, he wasn’t kiddingwhen he said that coffee made him fart. I continue rubbing and begin topull my sweats back to get to my fly. ppprrPPHHHHBBTT! That fart shotout of no where. I swore I felt the guy giggling after. I began to starecloser at Franks body, his lower back curved inward and his ass stuckout even further. It was huge, this ass was larger than any I’ve everseen… did it grow during the day? Was I just that much of a desperatelunatic that it just looked more alluring. My cum shot out the minutehis arm reached to my thigh. I was convulsing in orgasm. I swore I couldhave woken him up, but he must be a heavy sleeper. I stuffed my cockback in my pants and fell asleep, rubbing Frank’s back.

Iawoke the next morning to the smell of sweaty dude. Frank’s sweatcovered my shirt, his curly hair was pressed into my nose and everysniff made me feel like I was in heaven. His pants were off, like mostof the trip, and his briefs were soak n wet from the day and a half ofArizona summer heat. The smell in the car was a light funk, veryunnoticeable. Frank awoke and I started the car. “Good morningsunshine.” He smiled this cheeky grin that felt quite strange. “Thanksfor doing this man, I was toast out there. It’s so hot out can we justuse the ac? “Absolutely!” was my only reply. With the car started up andthe AC on, we had 40 miles to another pit stop.

We were 10 milesaway from the pit stop and Frank moved a little in his seat. The smellwafted over seconds later. “DUDE! You kept doing that last night and itwas killing me, that heat’s getting to you man!” I tried rolling mywindow when Frank grabbed my hand. “No baby… please… just keep it up forme?” Frank was acting very odd, but he grabbed my crotch and rubbed itup, moving to my chest and shoulder. The smell was foul, but was hereally coming onto me? Would he stop if rolled the window down?PPHHHBBBBBBBBBBBBFFFF!!! Another fart met my nose from his side of thecar. “WOOOOAAH!!! Talk about beef sandwich gas! Feeling lightheaded yetbuddy? Yeah?” I was… I felt like I was tipping over every which of way,my body was going limp and the car was swerving. “Let me get that foryou…” Frank jumped from the seat and into my lap taking control of thewheel.

“I like to call this move the Hitch’nFart” make up somebullshit excuse of why I’m on the side of the road, gain your trust andmake you lose your consciousness. Two years ago my boyfriend left mehere because he couldn’t stand my gas. He said it was killing him… so hewas gonna kill me by stranding me out here. My first victim was thistrust fund frat boy that ran away from home, he was LOADED! I stole hiscar, his wallet, $40,000 inside that. I bought my first car and droveback to my boyfriend, gassed him into a coma. He still hasn’t woken up.They said it was a carbon monoxide leak. I’m only telling you thisbecause you can either become my slave, or face his fate pronto!” At theword pronto Frank lifted his ass into my face and blasted fart afterfart. He was still driving the car and I remember those mountains… thosebeautiful painted mountains. There was a heat… Frank turned up theheat. His farts were getting worse. I slip into consciousness, I didn’tknow what was better, a living slave, or a dead man.

I had aheadache. I smelled that smell, but Frank was no where to be found… Ilooked at… I was looking at… the top of my car roof… Huh? My head was inthe seat but.. my body was through the other side of the chair, sprawledout in the back. He cut a hole in my car seat? “Afternoon partner!”Frank opened the door and you panicked at the site of his collection. 10bags of beans, coffee drinks, sodas, and snacks. “We got a long way togo. I gassed up the car pretty well.. but then I realized I had beengoing 80 for the past 4 hours and we were running out of gas. So now Ithought we’d better find a pit stop. I got some food cuz I’m starving. Iused your credit card. Hope you don’t mind.” Frank took a seat on yourface and you heard a can open. “Beans… my favorite!” He scarfed downthree cans before starting up the car and chugging a coffee. “Thisshould be a pretty relaxing drive. For me” I heard fart on top offart on top of fart. After a while it felt normal, natural. I was hispermanent fart sniffer, a simple easy job for the rest of my life. Theheat blasted in the closed up car for hours. He drug me to hisunderground house and strapped me to a machine. Three men lay beside me.“Hey man! I see he found you too! Welcome to the FART CAVE!” He was abearded man around his thirties. “It looks like he’s about to begin!”Another man spoke up, he looked emancipated. Begin what I ask? What’sgoing on? “He’s gonna place some…” The third man tried to tell me theritual. But a mask was placed over his face. The bearded man finished“He puts these masks over out faces and farts into a funnel, we all getto sniff it! Enjoy it now this week! Next Saturday he’ll go out and getanother victim, who knows how long that’ll…” A mask was placed over him,and me… The last guy chimed in, “Don’t worry! When he’s gone he madethis device that blows his fart scent into our faces like an Airconditioning machine, that way we won’t miss it! But the real thing isso much better!” The mask was placed over him too, and Frank got intoposition. What did they mean, so we won’t miss it? Why would we miss it?Why on earth? Well… his ass is still rather cute… I guess I’d missthat… Frank began to fart again. The gas acted as though it waspressurized. It was all busting to come out. “This may be nice… I’d be afart filter to this sexy man above me. The hitchhiker named Frank.

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