STORY - Best 2 days of Trampling.

Hot weekend of Asian Trampling

Over the last two days I experienced 2 excellent trampling sessions.

On Sunday afternoon I meet up with a 180cm tall 90kg chinese guy from mainland china who was very much into being dominant with guys. He had very lovely size 10 feet and incredibly hot muscular legs with huge calves. He trampled my chest, back, hands and face on and off for 3 hours without much care for weather I could handle his crushing weight.

After about 30 minutes of him trampling he became harder and harder to take his weight but yet he was standing on me for longer and longer. It felt like my chest would collapse under his feet after 3 hours my chest was red and very sore. It was hard to breathe under his feet towards the end of the session as my chest was total crushed.

However the trampling wasn't over.

On Monday the very next day I met with another asian guy this time smaller and lighter only 170cm tall and about 70kg. However still very sore from the Sunday he trampled my chest, head, hands, stomach and back. But despite the lighter weight it was very hard to take his trampling weight for long it felt like he was 140kg not 70kg. He did have very nice size 9 feet that felt great on my face and chest. 

Unlike the sunday session he wanted me to trample him and I hadn't trampled someone since 2011 when I used to weigh over 160kg. But today I am only 80kg but he loved me trampling him and it was a turn on for me too. He took it well too although he felt crushed after only a short time. 

The guy from the monday session has potential for being a regular meet up too and has other friends that might be able to do multiple guy trampling session in the future with me!

A couple of things I took from these 2 days of trampling.

  1. Never get trampled on consecutive days especially if the first session was quite long and brutal. The soreness lasts for days and leaves you much less able to resist the crushing weight of the second guys feet.
  2. Lighter guys can still offer excellent trampling sessions. Traditionally I had only looked for chubby guys or body builder guys over 120kg to trample me hard but these bigger guys are great but I would rarely last more than an hour under there massive weight on my chest. The lighter guys say 80 to 90kg I can last for hours and get more adventurous with how I am trampled too.

In the end they were great sessions and opened my mind to new trampling options with a wider pool of guys beyond my preference for being crushed flat under huge chubby guys. Not to say I would ever turn down a trampling from a huge chubby guy in the future. 




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Crushermelb 4 yrs

Also there is a good chance that I will be able to meet one of these guys again in late January when I finally return to my home in Melbourne

Logan 4 yrs

Hilarious! Did you know that this blog STILL has more traffic than any other blog on HQ to date?

Razor Rudock 4 yrs

Cool recommendations for consecutive sessions, thanks!

RAV4000 5 yrs

wow im so jealous

Logan 5 yrs

Insanely hot telling of your weekend! I’d like to add that some might WANT the soreness that you get from multiple consecutive trampling sessions. Trampling as a kink is rooted in SM after all. I certainly do enjoy it when the soreness lasts.