The Sleeptrampler

It starts out one summer at a friend's beach house. Me and four of my mates were there for the weekend, enjoying the sun and surf.

One night we had a bit of a party on the beach, bonfire, lots of alcohol and a few joints. By the early hours we were all pretty legless. I crashed out on the floor next to the bunk that Josh had passed out in, and off I went to sleep. Josh was a blonde 18 year old surfie, stocky build, 5'8", about 70kgs.

Some hours later I was woken up by the bed creaking, Josh was stirring. Before I could open my eyes properly to see what was about to happen, I felt two size 10 bare feet land on my stomach. I expected him to react to the feel of my skin under his feet, but instead he just stood up, squashing the breath out of me before I could say anything. He steadied himself by grabbing the desk next to my shoulder. He never looked down, I don't even know if he was awake, but he payed no attention to what he was standing on. I assumed he was heading for the door, but instead of stepping off me as I expected him to; he turned toward the open window above my head. As he turned my body twisted as his weight moved from one foot to the other, he hardly lifted his feet, but my stomach got a good trampling. Slowly he moved toward the window and on to my bare chest. He shuffled his feet forward, still completely wasted, on to my rib cage, my body rocked from side to side with each step, each time letting out a groan. When he at last got to the top of my chest he stopped, I got a good close-up look at his smooth tanned feet, but they were about to get closer!

By this stage he was partly leaning on the window sill, and I could hear him starting to cough, or vomit out the window. I wasn't sure how long this was going to last, but things soon changed. His right foot lifted and he went to step forward, but all it succeeded in doing was hitting the side of my face. I now got the best close-up view of his foot, from underneath! He had been barefoot all weekend, and the shape of his sole was clearly marked, in dirt and grime. His foot search out something solid to stand on... my face! As it came down on my face I got a taste of that dirt and grime. His heel pressed down on my lips and my nose got squashed to the other side of my face. The dirty sole was now right over my right eye as the ball of his foot and toes came to rest on my forehead. Then came the weight, I struggled to keep my head from turning to the side as his entire weight came down on that foot. With the other eye I could see his left foot making its way on to my face, the ball of this foot overlapped the other one, my nose was squashed between them, and I got a good taste of his heels, because I had to open my mouth to breathe.

I have no idea how long he stayed there, but some of his weight was supported as he leaned on the window sill, and he occasionally moved his feet trying to keep his balance, still, my head was starting to hurt. Suddenly the movement increased, he had finished vomiting and turned away from the window. He was sort of wedged between the bed and the desk, but instead of stepping back, he decided to turn around on my face. My face contorted as these two feet trampled around 180 degrees, each foot lifting slightly and then treading back with his full weight as he turned. At last he ended up with both feet either side if my sore nose, heels on my forehead and ball and toes squashing my lips into my teeth.

He stepped forward on to my chest; I let out a groan as the weight forced the air out of my lungs. At the same time the heel of the other foot was lifting off my face and as he pushed off his foot went into my mouth. I got a brief feel of his big toe ball of his foot against my tongue, before he stepped onto my chest. Once again he walked his way down my body on to my stomach, but this time as he turned to sit back on the bed his foot trod on the rock hard cock in my shorts. His weight lifted as he collapsed back down on the bed, for the rest of the night.

The next day Josh could remember nothing about the experience, I did tell him about it later, but that's another story......

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