Elite Men's Farting Association: Chapters 4-5

It was day 5 of their 10 day vacation. Caleb was running around the hotel room playing this cat & mouse game with his new 19 year old fling, Kelly.


It was day 5 of their 10 day vacation. Caleb was running around the hotel room playing this cat mouse game with his new 19 year old fling, Kelly. “Last time I saved you, this time I’m catching you!” Caleb shouted out. He caught up with Kelly and they entered one of the bedrooms for round 2…Meanwhile Nathan, Jeffery, and Lana (the Brazilian) discussed last night’s adventure into the chamber Morzo kept Kelly captive. “It was fabulous, the walls were paved with diamonds!” Lana was in awe of the decor. Jeffery wondered how it was so easy just to pick up Kelly from the lavish mansion without any issues from guards or security. “That’s what happens when the captor is arrested for, how you say… illegal activities.” Lana looked in Nathan’s direction. Dale was arrested 2 nights ago after turning himself in for promoting prostitution in his bar, kidnapping dozens of women and men, and paying off select government officials with the profits. “Plus, it helps to have big strong men like you to intimidate the guards” Lana dug her hand into Nathan’s chest and proceeded to flirt. Jeffery sat there as the 5th wheel again. He found Lana first, but he guessed that didn’t matter. Would he ever find someone? He thought about Ben again and how if he could turn back time, even if Ben was straight, he’d make a move. A direct move, ask him out, kiss him as passionately as possible, even rescue his friend if it would make Ben stroke his chest and sit in his lap. Lana whispered in Nathan’s ear something that seemed important… but maybe it was just a tease.Seth walked back into his own little fart chamber wearing those light turquoise boxer briefs. Ben looked him up and down and Seth smiled at him. As he made his way to Ben he began reaching for his shirt. Seth pulled off Ben’s shirt and began rubbing his shoulders. “Take off your pants Benny Boy”. Ben stripped off his pants as Seth walked closer to Chris, he brushed the side of his hip against the right cheek of Chris. As Seth turned around to face Chris he began stroking Chris’s chest hair. Chris was trembling in fear as he knew this wasn’t foreplay, it was fart play.“Chrissy” Seth began to pout. “I believe we haven’t had much time to hang out in a while. I feel I’ve been neglecting you. I also feel like you’ve been neglecting me, you’re gonna have to take in every last fart I have to offer baby.” Chris winced as Seth climbed on top of his chest and proceeded to aim his butt towards his face. Seth’s booty was rather ripe. He hadn’t showered since his dutch opening experience with Ben and Cody that previous night. Ben watched as Seth positioned his ass just inches away from the direction of Chris’s face as Seth let rip a 10 second fart that contaminated the entire room. Seth wafted the remaining smell into Chris’s nostrils and picked up a blanked to dutch oven his former love fling. The scent of garbage and sour asshole permeated the room for long after the fart was over.“That’s how we’re going to do it Benny Boy! Be seductive as possible, It makes the criminal feel really awkward, which makes them even more fearful.” PPPHHHHRRRRMMMMMMMPPPHHHHHHH! Seth completed a 15 second fart before giving Ben the instructions. “My last protege 2 years ago made him pass out 3 times in an hour from his gas. He’s grown quite the tolerance to my farts, but 3 shouldn’t be hard to beat. We’ll have him under this electric blanket to magnify the smell too. You and me are gonna have some fun!”Ben walked over to Chris and Seth. He caressed his hand up Chris’s leg and inner thigh before giving his testicles a quick slap. Chris screamed in pain as Seth smiled in awe of Ben’s sadistic nature. Ben climbed up onto Chris and placed his butt on one side of his face, Seth took the other and Chris’s nose was directly between both guy’s asses as they spread wide to feed him as many farts as they could. Seth made sure the electric blanket was good and warm as he tucked it tightly around Chris’s head and their butts.Ben started off with 3 bassy blasts that crescendoed into another 10 second long fart. Chris began to kick and scream as the smell of sulfur invaded his very cramped, overheated breathing space. Chris stopped screaming for about 5 seconds only to start up again. Ben was perplexed until he heard Seth say “WOW that’s a really LONG silent one” Ben retaliated by ripping a 15 second ripper into the blanket, then a 5 second fart, then three small 1 second poots. Even after all that gas Ben looked at Seth who looked focused. Ten seconds later he broke his stare and looked into Ben’s eyes… “That was the longest SBD I ever ripped! All that food in the contest really messed with my insides man!” It was true. Ben held his stomach as it was in pain. He now knew the benefit of eating so much of Chef Thomas’s food, the gas inside of him seemed to feel without end. Ben was starting to feel he could fart forever. He began to show his skill with a 2 second fart which was halted by Seth. “STOP!” Seth checked Chris’s breathing patterns and declared him knocked out. 2 minutes in and he’s already out like a light, you’re doing great Benny!“ Seth pulled the sheets up and gave Chris some cooler air and fresher air… fresh was an overstatement because the room was pretty much stained with the gas of Seth and Ben, a better term would be "slightly less concentrated fart gas”.Twenty minutes into the training session and Ben and Seth had made Chris pass out three times. They had 40 minutes to go and Ben had already matched the former guy’s record. “You’re doing better that Bryan, Ben!” “Who’s Bryan?” Ben asked… “Bryan is the only other guy that I found promising so early on in his fart training.” He’s the only other guy who was a rookie to have won a fart round against one of the guys. In fact, it was the round you did with Randall, but before Randall did the fighting round, it was a guy named Zach. Zach turned 30 about a year ago and retired from EFMA. Randall did the loudest fart contest that Cody took over, Johnny did the most farts without stopping portion that you beat the twins in. Cody’s challenge was still the eating and the smelliest contest. The puzzle was my domain until the twins came by. I did the puzzle faster than they did on my own, however two against one at least made it look harder. They finally beat my time a few months ago, but you beat my record by over 5 minutes. That’s the most impressive feat I’ve seen.“Seth and Ben continued farting over Chris’s head while they talked. 25 minutes into the challenge and they felt his breathing get calmer again. He had passed out a 4th time. "If he only beat two challenges, how was he amazing? How am I amazing?” Ben asked. Seth laughed and caressed Ben’s back, “You’re amazing because no one has beaten two of us their first try. No one has ever made men of EFMA wince from their gas when we first meet. No one, not even Bryan, has made Chris pass out 4 times… oh crap… 5 times, in under half an hour” Seth lifted the sheets up again and slammed his butt down on Chris’s chest to wake him back up. “We don’t expect any rookie to beat us, and you did, infact you kicked three of our asses in those games, two of them were even working together! That’s half your team.” Seth leaned to the side and ripped a 12 second long fart that smelled of raw sewage and seemed to burn Ben’s nostrils. Ben let out an 8 second fart that seemed to make the room smell a little better to him. Chris was in hell because both guy’s scents were on going and made his eyes water. “Sure, I can invite Cody to put this man through some hell, but Cody know’s he’s the best, farting like this is an everyday ritual. A contest like this is like riding a bike to him, he’s done it before and he can do it again, he’d probably make this guy pass out 10 times in 5 minutes. The thing is, I think you have the potential to become more lethal that Cody! You’ve already proven so much in so little time. You’re the cutest walking gas bag I’ve ever met Benny Boy!” Seth and Ben only laughed and pulled the blanket back over Chris’s head. Farts were being let out every few seconds by each man. Every breath of air Chris took in for the next ten minutes was the air from one of their bottoms blowing into Chris’s nose. He passed out two more times within that next ten minute span meaning Ben and Seth made Chris pass out 7 times in 40 minutes. Seth grabbed Ben’s neck and stroked the back of it. He pulled Ben in closer and gave him the longest kiss of their new found friendship. Within the 20 second kiss, Seth let out one big 10 second fart and Ben let out 2 smaller ones. As the final 20 minutes came to a close, Ben was given some time alone with Chris. Ben completed his training by blasting over 100 more farts and making Chris pass out a total of 12 times in 1 hour. As Seth watched this action from across the room, he was hard as a rock. Ben was amazing not just as a fart sniffer, but as a fart giver as well…The next day Seth stormed the guy’s room with a loud boisterous fart to each of their faces. He got to Ben’s bed and climbed under the covers after giving him a face fart. Seth tickled Ben and then gave him another kiss on the lips. This time Ben purposefully kissed Seth back and proceeded to cuddle into Seth’s chest. Seth dove under the covers and gave Ben’s ass a nice sniff while Ben poked his butt out and blasted his face with some decent gas. Seth inhaled and came back up from the covers. “You’re getting better, Benny boy! Don’t get used to my nose up there though…” Ben smiled and the idea of having someone’s face to fart on and gave Seth one final kiss on the lips. Seth demanded his team eat at least 5 bowls of oatmeal and 4 plates of eggs. It was going to be a big day so they needed to be as loaded as possible. Ben actually challenged Cody today for the most food at breakfast, which shocked Cody. 15 plates in, the other 5 guys looked on at Ben and Cody as they seemed to stuff themselves with as much food as they could. by the end of the meal Ben broke his personal record of 19 plates (13 plates of eggs and 6 bowls of oatmeal) Cody congratulated the rookie followed by a belch, and proceeded to dominate the competition eating 27 plates of food, (18 plates of eggs and 9 bowls of oatmeal) it was a wonder Cody was able to maintain his lean and cut physique.“Okay men! PPPPPPHHHRTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTPPPPHHH! We have a new mission this afternoon. Benny and I wrecked this insurance agent last night, in fact Benny boy made him pass out 12 times just for the fun of it, but now we’re onto other things.” Seth continued speaking, but the guys looked in wonder of Ben and the feat he pulled off, high-fiving him for his job well done.“Cory Gruff is a banker associated with Morvo’s prostitution scandal. He’s hired many guards recently to buff up his establishment, however that’s why we need to beat them the best way we know how, with our gas.” On the word gas Cody let out a minute and a half long fart that made all the guys run to the furthest sides of the room as they could. Cody fanned in between his legs and laughed at the men for their cowardice. But Cody knew he stank. After 27 plates or food he would only be more lethal. Seth was excited to use him for this mission.“There’s no roles this time. We just need to get up to the top floor and pass out as many guards as possible. I made Chef Thomas concoct some stronger fart shakes today for added effect” Seth ended the meeting with a team chant. They all exited the room and prepared for the night…The seven men walked up the street to Gruff’s bank. The twins walked past the two guards out front and smoke screened them with both of their gasses. They began to cough when Johnny and Randall each grabbed a man and face farted them until they hit the ground. Randall grabbed the key and EFMA entered the building.Three men came running up to EFMA and Cody turned his butt to their direction and blasted a fart even smellier than the one at the meeting. The men began to choke and cry as the gas entered their lungs. Nothing was stopping Cody’s gas from filling the entire bank, except for the fact that his EFMA allies were in the room with him. He didn’t want them to pass out too. If Cory Gruff was seized tonight, it’s likely that anyone in these premises would go to jail with him. 6 EFMA arrests simply for passing out from passed gas could be bad news. Johnny pulled Ben aside and told him to sit back and let the five handle it. It was important to watch how they work. Ben sat down and saw Alex and Drew tag team a rather large man and bring him down to his knees with just their gas. It was a spectacle to see because these guys were kind of tiny compared to the rest of the team. Seth had two men on the ground while he straddled over their necks. His butt was aimed towards their noses and he wafted one of his many silent farts into their faces. In seconds one guy had passed out, within the minute the other guy was in tears before he was knocked out just the same. Randall’s technique was throwing big beefy men over his shoulder to Cody who let out small little toots into each one of their faces, sometimes he let out multiple farts, but generally one fart was all it took to knock them out from his gas. The oatmeal was tearing up his insides. These guys were farting machines! Each guy had an ability that matched their farting power and each one of them were knocking out the guards right and left as if it were a cake walk. Ben looked in awe as within minutes over 50 men had been passed out from the sounds, vibrations, and smells of 5 men in their 20’s. “See boy, that’s how it’s done, find your niche and hone it.” Johnny patted Ben’s back causing him to let out a small fart, Johnny gave a small pprrt in return causing them both to laugh. “Did you ever find your sister?” Ben asked innocently. “No, but we’re on her case, one day I’ll find her and that’s the day I’ll retire. All 7 men proceeded to the second floor. Only 2 more floors until they reached the whereabouts of Cory Gruff.They went up the stairs and Johnny let a few squeaky farts go on the upper steps. "shh! Don’t let em’ go now” Cody whispered between giggles. “Okay men, we need to be stealthier this time. Any one of them can run to the buzzer and alert Gruff.” Seth was serious.Cody entered in first and crop-dusted the first room as he let out a silent spray of gas, the guards began to drop like flies. The twins and Ben began to gag on the stench from the stairwell. Cody smashed the first intercom used to call up to Gruff and the sound of that made guards come out from many of the rooms in the second floor. Cody’s gas was everywhere and many of the guards passed out a few feet from their dwelling. The ones that didn’t pass out were dragged to the ground and given a face farting session by one of the other 6 men. Cody was fumigating the entire second floor with as much gas as possible.“BEN! Get this guy with me” Johnny whispered. Johnny had him on the ground and Ben sat directly on his face. Johnny bounced on his stomach making his exhale so Ben could feed him some gas when he needed air the most. PPHHHHHHRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!! “SHOOT MAN! You’re supposed to let them out silently, any noise can get the attention of an unmanned guard” Ben listened to Johnny’s reply and observed the other 5 men. They were all purposefully farting SBD’s on the faces of these unsuspecting guards. It was as if the men were just breathing in chloroform from EFMA mens’ asses. Johnny traded places with Ben and let out one of his own. Ben smelled a distinct scent of garbage and cheese from Johnny’s emission and had to vacate the area.Ben saw in the dark a shadow of a man and got ready to attack him. The man’s back was turned and Ben pounced. The man did a startling scream that caught Ben off guard, it also signaled his friend to run towards the second intercom on the second floor. Ben ripped a loud fart and the first man laid on the ground unconscious. Ben ran towards guy number two knowing he blew EFMA’s cover tonight. What punishment awaited him from Seth and the guys later tonight he wondered? As he caught the second guy and let loose as much gas as he could he was shocked to find the first guy got up and bolted towards the intercom himself. The second guys was passed out by Ben’s 5th fart. Ben smiled only to be kicked in the head by guy number one. Ben got up feeling woozy, but ran towards the man. Seth screamed for Cody to run and help Ben when Ben grabbed the arm of guy one. Cody noticed guy two waking up, he squatted down and ripped a big silent fart into his nose, he stood back up and kept running. Ben lost the grip of guy one who reached the intercom and alerted the boss of the team of assassins. The guys heard a helicopter fly away just seconds after the guard alerted Cory Gruff of the attack. Cody grabbed the guy by the face, threw him on the ground, and made him pass out by just sitting on this face. This didn’t stop Cody from ripping farts on the guys head for minutes on end. The other 6 guys watched intently at the man who foiled their plans. Seth wrapped his arms around Ben and kissed him on the head. He didn’t seem angry which made Ben less worried. Seth checked his pager and read the message. “Guys, there’s still people upstairs. We have evidence that they have the whereabouts of Cory Gruff”The men raced to the final story of the bank. It was a lavish room fit for a king… diamond walls everywhere.“FREEZE!!!” Randall called out to five bodies holding bits of diamonds and standing around the room.“KELLY!” Johnny cried and ran towards his sister“BEN!?!?” Jeffrey looked into the eyes of his best friend, tears in his eyes and his hands in the air.Ben stood perplexed at the sight of his three college roommates, all under arrest for assisting Cory Gruff in crimes when they only started Spring break 6 days ago…To be continued…

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