Elite Men's Farting Association: Chapters 1-3

Hello, I wrote this story 4-5 years ago on an old site called Social Parody. I re-uploaded it to Tumblr a couple of years ago, and now I'm gonna house it here. Hopefully I copy/pasted correctly. It's too long for the blog so I'm splitting it into two parts.


Ben power-locked the windows of his old 2003 Chevy Malibu. His 3 friends were about to get “Ben Bombed” as he would call it. Their trip was like any other Spring Break trip for Sophomore college men, go to the beach, drink some alcohol, get wasted, find some girls, take girls home, then go back to the beach the next day.

These 4 guys had just recently become friends at the beginning of the school year after living with each other all of fall semester. Ben was a notorious farter and could clear rooms with ease. Rotten egg and skunk like gas filled their dorm almost as often as every day. Ben gave the men some reprieve.

Today however, their would be no mercy."Hey guys, did one of you spray cologne?“ Ben asked. The men sniffed the air only to be met with Ben’s silent but deadly eruption of ass gas. This Ben Bomb stunk up the Malibu in a few short seconds and the two guys in the back seat began to beg for some window air. Ben was having a laughing fit as he let out 5 more smaller, but audible farts in the car. Jeffrey was in the front seat and began to dry heave. He’s been on the receiving end of many of Ben’s farts, and most days he can tolerate them pretty well. Jeffrey most nights can sit right beside gassy Ben while the other two guys run away.

These "Ben Bombs” have been Jeffrey’s college experience not just sophomore year, but freshman year as well, his tolerance level has built up phenomenally for the past two years. Today however, alongside the heat and the small enclosed car space, Jeffrey was near tears from the putrid smell of Ben’s rear."What the fuck man!?!? Open the windows!!! BEN!!!!“ Nathan began stretching his arm towards the front seat window lock from the back seat and unfortunately was blocked by Ben. "I’m just getting warmed up gentlemen! Get ready for another one!”

"PPHHHRRRMRMMMMMMMMMBBBBBBBBBFFFFFFFFFF!" Ten seconds of pure fart fell out of Ben’s backside and spread throughout the entire car. If hell was on earth, it was located right in the center of Ben’s ass.Three hours later the guys had about 15 minutes left of the road trip. Ben finally gave them some air by letting the windows down a small crack. The three guys began huffing air through the tiny window cracks as if their lives depended on it. Ben was in heaven, he started off the vacation on a high note by dominating with the best gas attack of the semester. Jeffrey sat back in his seat after a few minutes of fresh air.

The smell was still in the car, and as funny as it may sound, that’s why he brought his nose back in the car. The smellier Ben’s butt gas become, the hotter it sounded to Jeffrey. Ben Bombs were a special treat for Jeffrey each night, and some nights he’d imagine Ben ripping out endless numbers of farts against his head and face. Last year the guys wondered why Jeffrey would live with Ben his sophomore year after what he endured the first.Nathan and Caleb entered Sophomore year unknowing of Ben’s special gift. Their first night was calm, Ben held in his gas his first night as a sophomore until about 3am when he went into his and Jeffrey’s room. “Dude, why do I have so many farts all the time? We’re gonna lose some roommates again.”

Jeffrey looked calmly into Ben’s eyes, but he was so tense. Jeffrey replied with “You still have those farts? I didn’t notice tonight.” Jeffrey blushed a little as Ben smiled a big grin and said “Well, I didn’t let any out, I can’t stink our roommates out the first night, that’s rude.” Jeffrey laughed a little bit, but his heart was pounding as he imagined getting farts like Ben’s fed to him through a gas mask any chance he had time to think. Ben continued with “you aren’t new, you’re my buddy.”

On the word buddy a barely audible fart came rushing out of Ben’s ass and both guys cracked up a little. Jeffrey winced at the smell as he noticed it became much stronger from last year’s gas. Ben let out a multitude of farts out for about half an hour as they discussed their two new friends, their summer escapades, and what their semesters would look like. Jeffrey was in heaven as Ben’s farts filled their room. He pretended to be disgusted but he anticipated every fart Ben had to rip out.

After 5 minutes more of this bonding a knock was heard and Caleb came right in. “PHEEEEW!!! Which one of y'all is THAT?!?” Ben innocently replied “That’s me” with a short giggle. “DAMN! Hey Nathan come check this out” Caleb called over to Nathan as Ben demonstrated his massive gas releasing skills. Both Nathan and Caleb were in shock as Ben “Ben Bombed” their entire dorm apartment. Nathan tried releasing a few of his own, but after 4 sizable farts in a row, he was out of gas.

Ben matched those 4 farts by releasing a 5 second fart each. The guys watched Ben’s talent in awe… but eventually they couldn’t stand the smell and had to vacate. It was the first of many fart bonding moments these guys would have.Back on Spring break, Ben and the guys stood outside waiting on a table at Cracker Barrel, Ben was still full of gas and looked at his victim Caleb. He grabbed the muscled man by the shoulders and massaged his back as he pressed him against the wood grain of the restaurant.

Caleb fought back as he noticed Ben’s ass aiming towards his left leg. Ben let out three trumpet sounding farts in a row as Caleb helplessly struggled to break free. Nathan laughed as Caleb was being fart bombed by the master himself. Ben let out a small toot and rubbed his ass against Caleb’s thigh. “GOD BEN THE SMELL!” Caleb was suffering under countless number of Ben’s farts. pphhrrbbbt, phhrt, bbrrrmpppp, pphhssshhh, ssss, toot, phrt!Jeffrey sat in awe as he watched Ben’s ass move side to side against Caleb’s thigh.

Ben was a very attractive young man, his James Dean looks attracted everyone’s eye, and his blond hair added to his college cheekiness. Ben had chiseled abs and some of the roundest glutes one could imagine on a 20 year old guy. Those glutes were a weapon though as they let out more and more putrid air onto the leg of Caleb.

Jeffrey was envious of Caleb’s situation and fantasized about it happening to him. If Ben’s ass would fart on him, Jeffrey knew he wouldn’t struggle.Dinner that night was a rather smelly occasion. Ben cleared the whole restaurant and they were kicked out before they could finish their dinner due to the smell of Ben’s bottom. The restaurant gave them their meal for free, but only to get them out of the store. Cracker Barrel had some big ventilating to do before opening for business again. As they got back to the car a van pulled up beside them, one masked man pulled out a gun and put it to Ben’s head, “Give one of the guys your keys!!! Do it”

It was a strange request and Ben didn’t hear correctly and gave the masked man the keys instead. The masked man threw the keys to Jeffrey and dragged Ben into the van. “You boys drive on now, this NEVER happened!” Jeffrey, Caleb, and Nathan took off in the car after the van drove off into the night. They called the cops but they couldn’t help due to the van having no license plate and no current suspects. As they drove to the beach the car was silent, worried for their friend and what they were going to do if they didn’t find him all Spring Break.

Ben sat quietly in the car as the masked man took off his mask. His name was Johnny, a 28 year old man who looked very in shape and quite easy on the eyes. His light brown hair was pushed back and he had a light shadow of a scruffy beard. “Greetings Ben, we’ve been following you and we liked what we saw, sorry to startle you. We extend our apologies by upgrading your three friends to a first class hotel room, the bellhop will tell them they made a mistake in the booking, but it was all done by us. We hope your time with us is enjoyable.”

Ben was confused as should be expected, he also was experiencing some gas pain and made sure to make it’s presence known. The fart lasted ages and he was sure it would stink out the van. Johnny got a little closer as wafted heavily. “Oh dude, that’s pretty good gas you got in there, wait until you smell mine…” Johnny turned around and placed his butt right into Ben’s face and let out a 10 second long bass blasting fart.

Smells of garlic and eggs filled the van and Ben’s nose. Ben was out cold for the rest of the ride.Ben awoke in a chair, and he noticed several dark figures standing around him. All of these men were shirtless and very noticeably fit. 6 Pack abs, nice firm butts, great hair, these are men that you’d find on sexy magazine covers, and they were all standing right in front of him. “If you’re ready to kill me, go ahead, I don’t have anything you want pphhhrrrrrrbbbbbbppppphhhhh!!!! OOPS!”

Ben was scared, but that last fart of his got a slight giggle out of him. Three of the men fanned their noses before the leader stood up and introduced himself. “Ben, the name is Seth, you do have something we want, but we’re not here to take it from you. We’re here to help you grow what you have. We’re the Elite Farting Men Association. EFMA for short.

You have some of the most wicked gas we’ve seen for quite some time. We’d like to bring you on as our 9th member, two guys have gone on to do better things, but they are still part of EFMA in spirit. You’d be one of 7 men using their gas to fight big businesses from manipulating the masses. The government uses up to fight "bad guys” if that makes sense.

I’m sure you remember Johnny’s gas, he’s been with us for 5 years. At the age of 23 we found him dutch ovening his boyfriend. Once we tracked him down he joined our squad and now he can clear entire shopping malls in under 10 minutes. You’re already better than most of us when we started out, with our training you, you can possibly be even better than me.“"What if I don’t join?” Ben asked…“Well if you don’t join, I’ll have to make you forget this whole experience, but it won’t be pleasant.” Two men grabbed Ben and placed a gas mask to his head. Seth place another end towards his butt and proceeded to fart.

The first 5 farts were about 20 to 50 seconds long. Ben thought this was amazing, although he was a little frightened. Ben began to smell this toxic emission of flatulence a few seconds in and started choking. Ben’s farts smelled like roses compared to Seth’s gas. Ben was impressed by Seth’s 20 to 50 second farts until Seth began increasing the length. He stroked Ben’s head and neck as a fart went well over 2 minutes long. Ben’s nose was assaulted by skunk like gas that was made even more putrid by the smells of sulfur, garbage, and overcooked broccoli. Ben was pleading three minutes into the fart behind the gas mask “OKAY OKAY I’ll join!!!” Seth smiled and continued stroking Ben’s hair as his gas went into the 4th minute. “Good boy, but this is your first test and you’re doing well.

How long can you withstand this fart master’s gas? You have to endure a lot of it if you’re gonna train with me. It’s only gonna get worse.”Ben fell unconscious after 9 minutes. Seth stopped farting and opted to save what was left of the fart for later. “9 minutes, 43 seconds” Seth said. That boy’s got a lot of will power. Most guys barely make it to 1 minute, let alone 2… We’re gonna be soo much stronger with this guy on our team. Our first mission is in two days…




Nathan and Caleb entered their 5-star suite equipped with an open bar. In both of their right arms were a girl they had each been hitting on, this was their first night of their spring break experience, 7 more nights to go.Jeffery laid in bed all alone in his room. Images of Ben flashed through his mind. Farting fetish aside, Ben was his best friend. A best friend that was kidnapped somewhere, and who knew if he’d ever return? Jeffrey’s worries were over-volumed by the screaming and orgasming of Caleb in the next room, this was going to be a long Spring break for him without Ben.

As Jeffrey turned on the TV he noticed a segment on the news, John Welgian, CEO of a major medical testing facility turned himself into the police for conspiring with a congressman to stuff his pockets with extra tax money. Welgian was on record speaking gibberish “ga man! shew! thop! Make em thop!” Jeffrey sat back curious of how many other corporations were paying off congressmen for political gain. He thought of Ben again and wondered if he was safe…Ben awoke to a gong. Seth was entering the bunks of the other 6 men and he released a large smelly fart into each bunk to make sure the men woke up at exactly 5am for training. “Wakey Wakey Ben!” Seth bent over and released a fart into the bunk of Ben.

PPHHRRRRMMMMPPPPPHHRRPPPPPPPPTTT!!! It lasted at least 12 seconds and smelled a tiny bit fainter than last night’s attack that made Ben pass out. Either Seth was getting less smelly, or Ben was growing a tolerance. Ben decided to retaliate against Seth and ripped a nice 5 second stinker himself. The smells of skunk and methane was then wafted into Seth’s nose, causing Seth to cough a little. A slight wrestling match happened between the two as they ripped farts on each other for the next few minutes. The small room began to reek of both guys’ gas and the other 5 men retreated to the kitchen to avoid the fumes.“PHEW! You’re already starting to get better Benny Boy! Wait till you start training” Seth winked at Ben and bit his lip and smiled.

He patted Ben on the back and wrapped his arm around him to lead him to the kitchen for breakfast.Seth’s chef Thomas was a world class culinary king. He cooked all over the world until he was recruited by EFMA. Thomas was unsure who controlled EFMA, but the money was too good to pass up. Millions of dollars a year helped Thomas not only provide for his family, but his kids are covered financially through grad school already and the oldest isn’t even 2. Thomas was given one command, cook food that makes 20 somethings as gassy as possible.

Today’s breakfast was broccoli omelets, refried beans, bacon and a protein shake mixed with extra glucose and licorice (prank fart powder ingredients)“Okay men, now that Thomas has given us this hearty buffet of food, I don’t want to see anyone leave this table today without filling your plates up at least 3 times. The man that eats the most won’t have to suffer through a dutch oven tonight by me, in fact you get to join me in the torture.” Ben was sure than any dutch oven from Seth would be brutal as he had to endure his face farts last night.

“Men, last evening’s gassing went perfectly… Welgian didn’t see it coming. Randall, great job with gassing his air vents, that funk spread everywhere!”Ben looked at Randall, he was a black haired man not large, but slightly stocky compared to the other men. 5’ 9’’. He was quieter than most of the other men, but he was a very stoic farter. He looked as though he could have been a former Marine. This 26 year old guy had been in EFMA for 4 years and had been one of the stealthiest members of the team.“Alex and Drew, blacking out those cameras in his house helped us stay completely anonymous! Next time you’ll get the first face farts on our next victim.”

Alex and Drew were twins. Dark blonde hair and blue eyes, 5'7’’ and skinny. They were notorious for fart fighting each other, in fact that’s what got them both noticed by EFMA at the age of 19. Their last college fart contest went on for hours after 24 other frat guys ran out of gas. These two guys ripped farts for hours later until the house had to be fumigated. They argued about who the true champion would have been had they not been fined by city police, they would fart on each other multiple times a day to make sure they marked their territory. Whenever they weren’t farting on each other, they were deadly if they attacked you together. The only thing that wasn’t identical about them was their smell.

Alex had garbage smelling farts while Drew’s were more cheesy. These twins knew how to break into security systems in order for EFMA to enter homes undetected. They’re 21 years old and have been with EFMA for 2 years.Cody, you made his whole staff pass out in seconds with your wind! Johnny transported them to our facilities in DC to make sure they forget the whole traumatic experience.

We can’t have any witnesses remembering a fart attack. Cody was a dark haired stud. His muscles were only overshadowed by his gorgeous ass and repulsive gas. He’s known for some particularly long farts, however, usually he only lets out short ones so he doesn’t completely kill the suspect at hand. He’s 6'1’’ incredibly strong, but with the looks of a Banana Republic or Calvin Klein model. At 25 years old he’s been a part of EFMA for 7 years, recruited at 18.Johnny was recruited at 23, he left his boyfriend for the cause because he was passionate about it. Corrupt businesses took away his family’s pension and 401k right before college. Johnny lost the finances and opportunity to attend. He’s 5'11’’ and muscular.

He’s been with EFMA for 5 years, and is the oldest guy.Seth continued to talk in between chugging some of Thomas’s protein fart shakes. Seth was a natural born leader. Even at only 23 years old he commanded the room with his speech, intellect, and power. His smile was captivating as was his flirtatious nature. He’s 6'0’’ and slightly skinny, yet muscular.“Ben, this is what we’re all about! We infiltrated Welgian’s home last night and tied him down to his own desk. We all took turns farting on him until he agreed to turn himself into the cops for his crimes. Millions of dollars were stolen from fake insurance scams under his name, this money lined the pockets of some serious politicians that were passing laws to promote less strict FDA testing on a lot of his products. Some of these products even killed family member’s from our very own squad” Seth looked sympathetically at Alex and Drew as the twins held back some emotional pain.“Tonight’s mission is to PPHHHHHBBRRRRRTTTHHH take over Gretcho’s, as you know they are a multi chain fast food restaurant all across Florida, but Dale Morvo is running a prostitution ring between many of his restaurants. Johnny’s sister was kidnapped a year ago and we finally have a culprit!”Gretcho’s was also a bar that Ben and his friends were planning to try. He wondered if the girls they were planning on meeting were victims too.“Cody and Ben will act as tourists and order some food. Cody will gas out the bar in exactly 3 minutes TOPS! When the manager steps out to see the ruckus (and all his knocked out workers and customers, that’s when Alex and Drew will take over and gas out Dale. Johnny gets the final blast as he requested to make the suspect suffer.”Later that night Ben was getting dressed in a nice designer button up and white bow tie. Seth came into the room with a smile on his face. “You look so dapper Benny-Boy. I wish I was joining you” Ben started to notice Seth’s comments were slightly more flirtatious than innocent small talk. Seth bit his lip again and leaned in for a kiss, Ben noticed this and hesitated… he never imagined kissing a guy, but Seth was definitely attractive and three years old than him. Ben wasn’t ready though and broke the moment with some wind…

PPHHHRRRRRRRRRRFFFFFFRRRRRRPPPPPHHHHHH!!!! After the 20 seconds of fart ended, Seth burst into laughter and fanned his face. “You need to save those for Gretcho’s Benny Boy!” Seth twisted his rear end towards Ben’s leg and let out a small toot that packed quite an odor, he leaned in and pecked Ben on the cheek. “You’re going to do amazing in EFMA.” After a slight caress of Ben’s neck, Seth walked out of the room to prepare for the mission. Cody walked in and escorted Ben to the car.“I’ll have a double cheeseburger without the fries” Ben ordered. Cody replied with great confidence “I’ll have three of what he’s having, with fries on each!” Ben looked at Cody strangely but busted into giggling. Cody could pack down some food like no other. That possibly explained his rancid gas. “Hey, Seth is determined we eat as much as possible. It’s not my fault you didn’t eat your 3 breakfast plates and have to suffer a dutch oven tonight from me and Seth…” Ben was hesitating that tonight. After they gas out Gretcho’s, his face would be next.Cody ate two of his king-sized burgers in under 3 minutes. After a large noticeable belch, he started on the third. He began to let out silent farts in the bar and some of the “clients” vacated the area. Wait staff began to feel sick, and some patrons passed out on the floor. Cody finished his meal and the gassing in under 5 minutes. Ben looked shocked at Cody’s power and began to feel light headed. “Just wait until tonight little fart sniffer” Cody winked and hid behind the door to wait on Dale. Dale came out to investigate the smell when Alex and Drew trapped him in a net. Randall took the passed out visitors to the van and made sure the criminals were marked for a pit stop to the local police. Randall picked up Ben in his arms “It’s okay buddy, Seth and Cody’s gas is the worst you’ll ever smell. No one could tolerate it in their first week.” Ben was placed into Seth’s lap where he cuddled up to the fearless leader falling fast asleep… or maybe he just passed out.“I GIVE IN!!! NO MORE NO MORE NO MORE!!!!” The twins quit gassing the prostitution ring leader, but Johnny plopped himself on the man releasing fart after fart. PPHHRBBBBT, BBRRRMMPPHH, BBRMMPP, PPPRRRPPP, PPHRRT. Johnny was relentless until Dale’s struggles ceased. Johnny made the man pass out. Cody made sure to gas him with his natural “smelling salts” to make sure Dale was lucid enough to make the phone call. The police arrived minutes later just missing the 4 anonymous bounty hunters. Dale could barely form words with his mouth he was so discombobulated.Seth leaned into Ben’s ear and whispered “Alex, Drew, Johnny, and Cody made that bastard turn himself in in mere seconds. They still farted on him for a few minutes for the fun of it, but we got him.” Ben grumbled as if he was sleep talking. “We each just made $10,000 for his bounty buddy! Tomorrow you’ll do some training, and the next mission will be you and me!” Seth kissed Ben on the lips and rested Ben’s head back down on his shoulder. Ben questioned if it really happened…TBC…




Ben awoke in the lap of Seth when Seth let out a noticeably loud, but small, fart. Seth stared into Ben’s eyes and giggled as he resumed to stroking Ben’s neck. Randall drove the van back to their hideout and all 3 men went inside. Cody, Johnny the twins joined them about 15 minutes later for dinner.“It’s a rather brief meeting tonight, we have other fun things to attend to” Seth smiled down at Ben in the group meeting from the stage. Ben was due for a dutch oven from Seth and Cody that night. Cody ate the most food at breakfast and Ben didn’t eat his quota of 3 plates. Seth informed Ben that he needed to learn his lesson. Eating big meals like that kept the men at their gassiest. If Ben was going to bring down criminals with his rear end, it needed to be deadly. He needed to train harder, eat gassier foods, and learn to fart at all times. Each day the men wake up for breakfast and Seth dictates that they each at least a few plates each. One time he demanded 8 plates of food, the gas in the gym that day was rancid. Each day the men workout at their underground gym the poor ventilation has caused many guys to pass out in intense workouts, but that’s part of the training process, if you can withstand the gas in the gym, then you can torture villains in small rooms and handle the gas of your comrades. After working out the guys eat a large lunch and move onto the day’s mission. Seth commands the men to each assume a role in the heist. They operate that night and then sleep it off for the morning, after dinner of course. Tomorrow however was a special training day for Ben, so Seth held a debriefing meeting at night instead of the next afternoon. Ben was going to be put through a test to train his gas producing skills, miscellaneous talents, and his fighting skills.The men were treated to a rather large mexican dinner. Seth decided not to give the men a plate quota… partially because he knew the less food his team ate, the more him and Cody would be able to gorge themselves with for tonight’s entertainment. Ben watched nervously as Seth and Cody both put down dozens of tacos, scary amounts of refried beans, and multiple large portions of fried ice cream. Cody winked at Ben as he ate his fifth big bowl of ice cream knowing all good and well that ice cream gave him horrible gas. Seth wouldn’t let Cody sleep in the same room with the team if he had ice cream that day. He was sent to a very well ventilated room that kept Cody (and the team) safe and sound.“Nighty night Benny-Boy” Seth smiled at Ben and gave him another innocent kiss on the lips which he soon followed with a teasing rub of his bloated belly. “All this GAS gives me a tummy ache Benny Boy.” Seth was dressed for bed in nothing but a tight turquoise pair of boxer briefs, Cody came out in a pair of orange-red colored boxer briefs. The guys laid on their stomaches in bed and told Ben to press his face in one of their asses. Ben had gotten a little used to Seth’s gas it seemed, so he picked Seth. Seth brightened up at the feeling of Ben’s face in his butt. Four years of service to EFMA and this feeling hasn’t gotten old yet. The men pulled the covers over Ben and both guys anticipated the oncoming eruptions to come.BBBRBRRRRRRRRRBBBBBBBRRRRRBBTTTTTTPPPHHHHHFFFFTT!!!BBRRRRRMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPFFFFRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOSHSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!SSSSSSSSSS…. sssssssssssssss… BBRRRRRRAAAAPPPPPTTT!FRRRMMMMMMPPPPHHHHHMMMMMPPPHHHH!!!The gas was spectacular, 5 farts from Seth and 1 from Cody cam within the first minute and a half. The bed sheets were already stained with gas and Ben was already struggling against Seth’s booty. “Come on Seth, give him to me for a few minutes, my farts are pretty bad but I feel like I’m wasting them. Seth let go of Ben’s head and gave Ben the option to retreat, Ben placed his face into Cody’s butt which in turn prompted Cody to let out four high volume rippers into Ben’s nose. "Benny! You were supposed to stay with me in my ass!” Seth looked saddened by Ben’s choice signaling Cody to put two and two together… “Oh my god Seth, you like him! You like Ben!” Seth denied it in an innocent giggle and reached for Ben’s head to pull it back into his butt. “He’s a cutie” Seth stated as he winked at Ben.Hours later Ben was taking a deep whiff of Seth’s gas, exhaling, and taking a deep whiff of Cody’s gas, exhaling, and repeating the process. The two boys ripped farts out without pause, smacked each other’s behinds like it was a fetish video and Ben was a prisoner under the covers for another 5 hours. 10 farts erupted from Seth’s butt that reeked of sulphur and garbage. Another long silent fart came from Cody’s ass, Ben felt the air blow against his right cheek. The fart smelled of skunk and musky jock strap. “I have an idea bro!” Cody sounded excited as he whispered the secret plan into Seth’s ear. Seth was giggling like a school girl.Both guys put their backs to each other and locked their legs. Ben’s head was scissored towards their asses and Cody tightly tucked the covers under his whole body. Seth followed suit, and soon Ben had maybe 1 inch of breathing room.PPPPPHHRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOMMMMPPPHHHHHHHHHH!!!BBRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPHHHHsssssssssssss…Sssssssssssssssssssssss… sssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!FFRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHGas flowed out like it was air conditioning, but sadly for Ben it was quite the opposite. He was sweating and the sweet combined with the farts made the gas even smellier. “It’s true Cody! I like him! He’s so cute and cuddles soooo well! I just want to have him forever!” Ben was unsure if he imagined what he heard… Seth seemed to flirt, but did he really do these things out of affection rather than intimidation? Ben pondered off to sleep, he would wake up numerous occasions only to suffer through even more constant blasts of gas. This in turn would make Ben pass out yet again. Ben even dreamed of the guys farting on him while passed out. One of his dreams he even begged Seth for more gas while Seth caressed his neck. Another dream Cody and Seth were having a fart contest with Ben as the judge, and another Cody and Seth took control of the other 4 men and Ben helped torture them as a third ass.Morning arrived and both Cody and Seth were still loaded with gas. Ben was in shock when the covers were ripped off his head and the light shown into his eyes. Both Cody and Seth rubbed Ben’s back and Seth even pulled Ben upward to cuddle with him for a bit, kissing him on the back of the neck. “PHEW! I think you went through a fart torture worse than our criminals we take down.” Seth tickled Ben’s belly causing Ben to let out a fart on Seth’s crotch. Seth and Cody both laughed at this spectacle and Ben blushed. Seth turned Ben around and kissed him on the lips. “Time for training day Benny Boy” Cody scotched up closer to the two for a little more cuddle time before starting the day with breakfast. Seth demanded 7 plates be eaten that day. Ben obeyed orders and then some and stuffed down 9.The fart training facility was a room that Ben had never seen before. He had seen the gym, but this room was much larger. Multiple doors hid multiple arenas that were designed to test Ben’s smell, fart length, strength, stamina, fighting ability, and overall skill. 5 of the guys showed up to help Ben train. Johnny took the day off in search of his missing sister. Dale Morvo’s capture was ineffective in finding her, but she had to be out there somewhere…Randall was first up, Ben’s goal was to beat him in a physical battle. Farting was optional but not required. In certain situations men would need to physically fight to take down a captive. Cody’s gas can make guys pass out easily, but sometimes criminals put up a fight. To ensure the EFMA crew were in fighting shape, they had to train daily.Randall gave the first swift kick to Ben’s ribs followed by a kick to Randall’s knees by Ben. Randall hit the floor and Ben took the opportunity to fart a few times in Randall’s face. Randall coughed as Ben let loose with 3 big farts that seemed to smell worse than his usual gas. It was as if Ben’s farts improved by smelling Seth’s and Cody’s all night. Randall being a strong stocky guy did a sit up which lifted Ben in the air and off his face. Randall proceeded to walk over to Ben and sit on his head. Randall got 2 farts in that smelled of sour milk and jockstrap before Ben retaliated and put Randall in a bear trap with his legs. Ben’s legs squeezed as tight as he could and Randall had a few farts squeezed out of him. Ben moved his head away from the smell while Randall tried opening Ben’s legs. While doing so Randall got a little too close to Ben’s butt when he farted. Randall was “Ben Bombed” the combination of no air and smelly air caused Randall to knock out after a 10 minute fight.The twins were next. Ben’s speed and stamina were tested this time. Alex and Drew worked together to solve a huge jigsaw puzzle that Ben had to solve on his own. The guys had to climb a ladder while carrying each 30 pound puzzle piece up with them. Once they placed the piece on the wall, they had to lay a fart on each piece and then go retrieve another one. Alex and Drew had to fart on 18 pieces each. That meant Ben had to not only carry 36 30lbs puzzle pieces, but he had to fart on 36 pieces as well. It was two minds vs one, two bodies vs one, and two gassy studs vs one.Ben got to the wall first with his puzzle piece. Alex trailed behind him but didn’t climb the ladder, he handed it to Drew who climbed and fit the piece. Drew let out the first of many “pprrhhtt” sounds on the puzzle pieces. It was a smaller 1 second fart, Drew knew releasing too much gas in this mission would be bad. Ben ran for the next piece before farting. He picked up his second, third and fourth before Alex retrieved his third. It seemed for every three Alex retrieved, Ben would get four.Halfway into the competition Ben was breaking away from the competition. Ben was placing his 24th puzzle piece and was getting ready to go for a 25th. Drew and Alex switched places when Alex returned piece number 18. Ben noticed Drew was much faster than Alex and when he placed his 25th piece, Drew was running for number 20. Ben decided that he needed to fart on as many placed pieces as he could and stayed at the wall beginning at the top left. “phhrt… 1, phfft… 2, brrmp 3, sssppphhrt 4, brrmppph 5, phrt 6, pprrrrrmmphh 7, brrppp 8, ffrroop 9, prrttt 10, phhrt… 11, phfft… 12, brrmp 13, sssppphhrt 14, brrmppph 15, phrt 16, pprrrrrmmphh 17, brrppp 18, ffrroop 19, prrttt 20, bbbrrrmmmppphhhssssssssssss 21, (Ben accentually let out a little too much gas in that one), ppphhhrtt 22, brrrppphh 23, ffffffrrrmmppphh 24, brrrrraaaappppttt 25” Ben raced to the puzzle pieces and placed 26, 27, 28, 29 while Drew ran back with his 25th piece. Alex was having trouble fitting them so they were technically still at 23.Ben ran back with the final 36th piece 4 minutes later and placed it. when he began to fart he realized he forgot which ones he previously farted on and therefore decided the best option would be to fart on them all again. Drew was helping Alex with the puzzle as soon as he ran back with piece 36. Ben let out his first 9 farts on the puzzle rather quickly. Alex placed piece number 31 in the top right corner and let a fart on it. Drew ran up and placed piece 32 in the middle and age it a rip as well. Ben farted on numbers 10 through 19 as Alex climbed up with another piece. Drew placed piece number 33 with an additional fart, then helped Alex place piece number 34 and Alex farted on that. Ben was farting quicker and got all the way to 31 when Drew and Alex worked together on piece 35. Alex was told by Drew to do the farting while he did the thinking. Alex took insult to that and slapped his brother. Drew retaliated by hitting him back and Alex ripped a fart right on Drew’s leg. Drew gave up and let the fart out on puzzle piece 35. Ben was farting on 35 as well. When Ben got to 36 he hesitated, he tried to push one out but he was waiting for the gas to be ready. Drew lifted the piece into the slot and Alex pressed his ass to piece 36. Ben let out a 5 second long fart just seconds before Alex pushed his fart out. Ben won the contest.The battle of the twins was not over yet. They tested his physical stamina and brains, but his gas was not tested as much as he thought. His next challenge was to out fart both twins in a row, if any man didn’t release a fart within a minute, they would be eliminated. Alex let out 5 farts that reeked of garbage and eggs. Drew pushed out 3 slightly larger farts. Ben had to let out 8 farts to tie with the twins and 9 to beat them. Upon Ben’s 6th fart Alex let out 2 more blasts of gas, Ben let out 11 total and was in the lead going into the 3rd minute by one fart. Drew started catching up and let out a fart, followed by 10(!) smaller ones. The room smelled of really strong cheese and made Alex crinkle his nose, slapping his brother.It was an hour into the contest and Drew had let out 94 farts, Alex had released 119. Ben was at 211 farts, but in order to win he still needed to catch up by at least 2. Drew pushed and pushed but his minute of no farting was almost up, he was eliminated with 94 farts in 63 minutes. Alex upped his game letting out farts once every 5 seconds, and Ben was finally able to keep pace since it was now one on one. At 70 minutes Alex had reached 250 farts. Ben had exceeded over 350. Ben was in the lead when Alex began giving up. Ben let out 4 more small farts and Alex pushed out 2, but a minute went by with no gas from Alex. 346 farts from Alex and Drew combined, 391 from Ben. Seth gazed into Ben’s eyes and blew him a kiss. Ben looked rather puzzled.Cody was up next. In the room was a large eating table and a gas mask. Cody pointed to Randall and the twins, who were strapped to another table. This table came up to Ben’s thighs, perfect farting level. Cody sat on Randall’s head and ripped a ripe 9 second fart. Ben and the twins even gagged at the smell, but Randall who got it face first cried and screamed at the smell. “Your turn, make it as smelly as possible” Ben sat on Randall’s face and mustered a 4 second blast. He made Randall pass out minutes ago from his Ben Bombs, but that was when he was also scissoring Randall in the wrestling match. Randall coughed from the smell, but ultimately declared Cody the winner.Drew’s face was next. Ben went first after telling Cody that Randall didn’t have a clean palate after Cody’s fart. Ben sat down on Drew’s head and his ass nearly engulfed Drew’s face it was spread so wide. This time a 12 second fart erupted from Ben’s ass. Cody went next and let out a 10 second fart. Drew thrashed and revolted at the smell, and Ben thought he lost. But Cody told Ben that he forgot to mention this fart was only for length this time… Cody winked at Ben signaling that he threw it.The final test was best overall. Alex had to decide who’s fart was best overall in sound, smell and length. Ben chose Cody to go first. Cody sat perched on Alex’s chest and bent over so his ass was pointed in Alex’s face. The fart was huge! 24 seconds of pure ear shattering bliss. Rotten eggs, skunk, unwashed ass, and shower fart smell filled the small room as Alex coughed and gagged and begged Cody to end it. Ben knew he had lost. Ben sat on Alex’s face and pushed out a 14 second fart, it was his best of the day, however the fart was completely silent. Alex was still complaining about Cody’s smell the entire time meaning that Ben had lost his first competition."This was just part one of your time with me buddy.“ Cody walked towards the counter and picked up the gas mask. Your punishment for losing part one, you get to wear this. Ben placed the mask over his nose, and Cody connected it to his butt. "We’re going to have an eating contest. You have to stay within 3 plates of me in order to stay in the contest. If you pass out from my gas, you lose. The goal is to eat 20 plates of food, that’s difficult even for me. But don’t give up, even when it hurts… it probably won’t help that I’ll be farting on your face the entire contest…” Just then a person walked into the room “WE will be farting on his face” Seth brought in a different gas masked and strapped it to Ben’s face. The mask allowed for two butts to connect to it and both men attached it to their rear ends. “Ben is proving to be better than I originally thought, he’s not just a cutie-pie. I say we up the competition. Stay within 1 plate of me and Cody each, don’t pass out from our gas, and every fart we let out, let out one of your own."The contest began and Ben noticed 3 plates of pasta pop up from the table. Ben took a bite while Cody filled the gas mask with one of his loud farts. Ben coughed before swallowing and proceeded to the next bite. 3 bites in and Cody was onto plate two. Seth stroked Ben’s hair while letting rip two long farts into Ben’s mask. 3 minutes into the contest Ben had finished his first plate with an aching stomach. Set had finished a plate and was halfway finished with his second, and Cody had finished 2. Farts were flying everywhere for the first hour. Cody had let out 40 huge rippers. These blasts were at least 10 seconds long, at least 5 times larger than Alex and Drew’s gas from the last contest. Seth had ripped about 30, and Ben was ripping about 65 tiny farts. He didn’t come close to the farting duo in power, but to keep up with their number this was the best method. Cody was at 17 plates of food, Seth was at 15 and Ben was at 16. Ben had to eat 4 more plates to end this contest. His abs were aching like no other. Cody and Seth looked each other in the eye. Ben sat in the middle of them and they both smiled. Both men lifted their butts into Ben’s direction and let out a 30 or 50 second fart a piece. Ben was on plate number 17 when Cody hit plate 19. Cody was now two plates ahead of him ending the contest, Ben lost the game. Ben was still connected to the gas mask when Seth and Cody let out continuous streams of gas into the tubes. Ben was knocked out with only 70 farts in the contest. Seth had let out 71 and Cody let out 169. Seth and Cody were going to be tough to beat, if not impossible. Ben dreamed again of Seth and Cody’s gas. This time Ben dreamed he was begging for it, thanking Cody and Seth for each blast of gas they could muster. This dream was different because another man ran up to Ben’s butt and began sniffing profusely. Ben ripped a series of farts in this guy’s face before waking up and realizing he was in another one of Seth’s meetings.Jeffery, Caleb, and Nathan were getting drinks with some girls from a club. They arrived home but not to have sex. They were all exhausted and turned on the news. "Last night Dale Morvo, owner of Gretcho’s Bar was arrested for running a prostitution ring in his offices. Morvo turned himself in along with the names of his accomplices ranging from bankers to politicians. More details to come as they arrive to us…”“AAH! Kelly was in that group!” A college aged girl cried out. Caleb consoled her and asked her more. “She was working for Morvo and that banker and she’s so young… I wonder where she is now…"Jeffery was still perplexed at the recent number of high end business leaders turning themselves in for crimes. He noticed a girl at the bar table in their room and walked over to chat while Caleb and Nathan consoled her friend."Hi” Jeffery said. “What’s wrong?”She turned her head and whispered in a very worried Brazilian accent “I know where Kelly is… shh!”When Ben awoke, Seth was sitting on his crotch farting tiny farts every few seconds. He was also giving orders to the other men. “Okay guys, new mission, this one will just be me and Ben tonight! He outlasted three of you, and I think that constitutes a solo mission with me, I think a congratulation is in order.” The guys all applauded and cheered for Ben’s training day. “You all have the night off, I’ll give you the details in the morning.” Seth grabbed Ben by the shirt and took him into one of the secret rooms…In the room was a man… Ben looked perplexed as the guy looked worried. He was strapped to a table similarly to Randall and the twins, but he didn’t know who this guy was…“Seth… what’s going on?""This is my ex boyfriend, he dumped me for the smell of my farts. He also turned out to be one of the most skillful criminals in the "insurance” industry. It was my fifth mission I had done with EFMA and I realized it was him. In return for not turning himself in for his crimes, I keep him here as a fart cushion for training. Not many guys get to try him out with me. In fact, you’re the only one out of the seven.“"Try him out?” Ben asked“You and me are going to make him pass out as many times as we can in an hour.” Seth looked at Ben and gave an evil grin. Ben was shocked as Seth leaned in again for another kiss on the lips. Ex Boyfriend Chris looked scared as ever… it’s been years since Seth has shared him with another guy for fart torture…To be continued…

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