It's Bob again!

I want to thank @crushmemelb for his kindness in posting this.

Hi, dear crushers and crushees. I am Bob, a blind fellow living in
Brooklyn, NY.  I love sitting on guys and I am quite heavy!  I weigh about

Because of the pandemic, I have been pretty isolated but a week ago,
a guy came to visit me, and I sat on him.  It was wonderful hearing him
groan under my weight, and when he told me to please get up, it took a
bit of time, as I don't like to feel rushed. ?  Because I am blind,
he also helped me; made sure that when I sat down hard I was going to land
on him, and gave me his hand to help me when I had to get up, as my
balance can be a bit shaky after I've sat for a long time.

I am writing to find out if there are any guys who don't live too far, who
might be interested in getting together. We'd have to speak by phone, and
discuss what we want, but I'd love it.

I especially enjoy sitting on a guys lap, facing him, and having him hold
me as tight as he can.  Also, sitting on a guys chest and stomach.  I
cannot stand on a guy. Also, I like it if the guy takes off his shirt;
pants can be left on.

There are a few other things I'd like to mention. I don't care if you are
a big guy or not. I like guys of all weights.  I also love it when a guy
tries to lift me in a bear hug, even if he can't quite get me off the
ground.  One guy kept me off the ground for about 3 minutes, and boy was
that exciting for me.


I am sending four pictures: the one with my guide dog, Harley, is quite old as he has been gone for about 12 years.  The one of me in a restaurant wearing a lobster bib is pretty recent, and believe it or not, I am eating an omelet.  The other two are pretty straightforward.  (Or should I say gayforward?)  Bad joke: excuse me. ?

I also wanted to mention that I am an older fellow of 71 years old, born
in 1949.

I want to thank @crushmemelb for his
kindness in posting this. I cannot use the sight, but I can receive emails.  Please, if you'd like to be in contact, email me at  The site owner said it was okay for me to give my email address, as otherwise, I'd have to keep asking @crushmemelb for help in reading any messages I might receive.  Amazing to think @crushmemelb is all the way in Australia.

I wish you dear, wonderful people all the best.

My phone number (no tests please) is on my profile.  You may get my voicemail, so please leave your phone number if you call, and I will call you back from a different 718 number.  I have an excellent long distance plan so can call even outside the United States.

I apologize for this being so long!

~ Bob

Big Bob

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