An old story about trampling and mindset!

It happened a while ago. 
I began to find men’s footwear sexy and kept myself looking at every guy’s feet at the streets. Being straight, I found it weird by having hardons every time a guy in very nice sneakers, shoes or boots pass by me, so I went to a psychologist to see if I were normal. 
I started to tell about my life, how shy I was and after some sessions I told him how was the main reason of doing analysis.
The first thing he asked me was if I found his footwear attractive. It wasn’t anything that makes me horny. Just regular dress shoes. 
- No, Mr. Boyd, these are ok for me. 
- Good, good he said. So I suggest you a new treatment, you will let me know if you agree. This coming week you are gonna be at my feet at all the time in your “hour” so I believe will get used to that and not find it a big deal any way.
-Ok for me
But the opportunity of having some men’s shoes on me just made me more excited and waiting for the next session with Mr. Boyd. How come it will cure my “illness”?
Next week came. Here I was at the waiting lounge of Mr. Boyd’s office. 
- Greg, it’s your time, how you doing? 
- Fine, thanks! -I answered, only looking to his shoes, they look huge...
 So... Ready for the treatment?
- Think so! -I was, definitely.
- My 12’s are ready as well! -He answered, looking at his shoes and chuckling a bit. I must tell you he was also excited of having a new footrest- so, how will you find more comfortable, me on the chair or on the sofa?
- I don’t know, you can decide it.
- Think so too, as you are the one who’s going to be stepped on, right? – He put a bit of emphasis in the “stepped on”. - So lay at my feet, now! Haha...
I laid by the couch sideways and he sat on than put his feet on my belly. Even only with his leg’s weight on me I felt quite a pressure.
- So, Greg, how do you feel?
- Great.
- Are you liking to be at a man’s feet? – He then add some pressure and started bouncing his feet on my guts, that made his heel dig into it and I had to struggle not to get my cock hard, it felt really great, his cockiness, his grayish leather soles, the smell of the leather...
- I am, actually...- almost being sympathetic to the situation
Then we kept going on all this hour, talking about my treatment, how it will be and how long it will take.- I’m gonna take a notebook- he said, standing ON me full weight, than I really felt I was nothing but his rug. His weight pushed my air out.
- Wooofff!
- What? Can’t you hold 200 lbs of a man on you? – He said, with a grin on his face and walking on my chest, balancing on one foot on it and teasing with the other one on my face, showing all the street grime. Then he slowly put his heel on my mouth and the sole on my forehead, leaving a gap to my nose by his footbridge. Then he shifted his full weight on my head, which was awesome, he seemed to be doing this for ages...Than he said “ This had been part of my military training and I knew I would use it someday...”leaving to his desk. “ It’s time to leave, unless you don’t want to. You like it, right? It is your dream coming true!”
- All right, but I have to work...- I said still with the feeling of his sole on me.
- No problem I’ll give you a medical leave, than you will be able to also be at my other patient’s feet, I believe it will be a very nice part of your treatment...My next patient is a very nice guy, I think he wont mind of having you at his feet...
Is that a dream? Not to be working (my job sucks) and being trampled all day by guys in very different footwear... wow!
-  I’ll do it!
- I knew it, you sicko!! He said shaking my hands! “ But you’ll have to promise that you won’t tell anything about me and my patients talk about and I’ll make sure my patients won’t tell about you too.
 - So now, lie at the patient’s chair and put your head under the chair ruffle not to be recognized by the other guys...
- I did and he called the next patient. 
- Brandon how ya doin’?
- Fine Doc Boyd! Fine
I could recognize that voice form miles, it was Brandon, the country bar owner who stepped on me and made his friends, workmates and even a DJ use me as their footrest and dripping mat, months ago..
- What tha.... Brandon said, with a loud laugh and looking at my body” You have bad taste to furniture, now huh?
- This is a patient being treated from a behavior defy. So, as part of it, every patient of mine will step on him the way the patient likes, if likes and he’s gonna be deaf and never will tell anything about our discussion, so you will not tell anyone what happened, do you agree?
- Ok! You know, I already stepped on a guy before and I kinda like it!
- Really? How? 
- . I had a guy in my bar that put his hand under my boots and some friend’s boots. Can you believe we were standing on his hand and he didn’t say a word? Than we made him lick our boot soles clean and be my bar cast’s dripping mat. The guy stayed all night under my employees’ wet and dirty shoes and he like it...
- Interesting... This Guy also likes to be under men feet, but he’s not gay. Mr. Boyd said. 
- That one wasn’t too... Hey! You mean... This guy... Let me see his face!
- No, Brandon, he’s under the ruffles in order not be recognized...
- But you said I decided how I’m gonna step on him...
- Yep, so?
- So I want to STEP ON HIS FACE! I want to feel my boots smashing his face and see my street dirt stain on his shirt...
- Ok, Greg, out!
I was VERY scared. As I noticed, Brandon didn’t forget about our previous meetings. I went out and he looked at me and let out a very loud laugh!
- So you are so sick, you need help from the doctors? Sicko!!!!!! So do, as I demand, lie under my boots and lick them clean! – Brandon then made me lie at his black cowboy boots and put one on my mouth and the other one’s heel on my eye socket carelessly.
Then the session started, I didn’t even needed to be warned about the confidential issues between the psychologist and the patients, I was completely busy with the strong smell of the leather sole, combined with all the dirt that guy could collect on his way to the clinic.
Of course Brandon forgot I was by his feet because he has so into his conversation that he moved his soles sideways and even put his boots ankle crossed on my chest. His hour was gone and he stood on me to thank the doctor, reminding me that on his 13” boot soles was a 250lbs well framed guy. His boot heel ground on me and he lost his balance stomping me very hard to get his balance back. He looked down at me, said an uninterested sorry and let the room.
Then Craig arrived. A teen in his 16 /17 years old arrived the room already in contradiction. He looked at me grinned a bit, I was introduced and Mr. Boyd explained why I was there and in not more than a minute Craig was with his gray Osiris on me. As many teens, most of the time he put one or bot feet on the couch he was stting so it was easy so cope his hour. There was a time he put one feet on my belly turned sideways and the other on the top of it and I could see his shoes were 11and soles were worn . The time he left , he also stood on me , like I was nothing else but pillows on the floor . He asked Mr. Boyd to step on my face.
- If you don’t break his nose, it’ll be ok..You don’t seem to be heavy either…
- 165lbs! 
- Ok, so go on!
Then the teen put his right foot on my face, first the toes on my forehead, then slowly heels on my nose and mouth. I was like seing stars, even he wasn’t that heavy the sole smashed my nose I was feeling it will be broken…

After this session, Mr Boyd’s shift was over. He invited me to come to his clinic at least 3 times a day, you guys will know soon what had gone…
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Part II

A week has been gone before the next session at Mr Boyd’s office, but it seemed to be ages. 
I came to my regular session than he gave me a leave from my job for that day as well.
I took my place at the other patience’s feet.
So next was Ray, a basketball jock in his mid teens. The time he saw me at my position he looked confused but soon agreed to have me as his ratty Nike Air Force size 13 sneakers footrest. His soles were very well worn so they gave me a very good massage to my face. Several times in his session he looked at me, grinned and smashed my nose as stomping a cigarette. 
When his session was over, he stood on me pushing my chest, belly and crotch under his 190 lbs, I believe. 
Then came Richard, a stocky guy, with a very mean face. He was introduced to me and automatically put his 250 lbs on my chest and belly, made a turn on me and sat down. He was with a very cool pair of blues hiking sneakers (the ones which are very trendy now, with a thin sole and very aggressive look) . 
Mid term section, he decided to take his shoes off and shove his sweaty sox sole on my face. I hate this stuff( sorry guys it doesn’t turn me on at all…) I felt I kept his feet’s smell for days…
His session ended and I ended a very paiful endurance as well.
Then Eddy, an average build guy in his mid twenties, came for the next session and got a shock.
- What’s that, Dr Boyd?
- That’s a new treatment for this patient, try it!
- What? Step on him? But I am almost 200lbs, I would smash him, I believe…- With that expression of I don’t want, but I want to…You know?
- Try 
- Alright! – Then he slowly put his size 12 hiking boot sole on my face(!) and slowly leaned forward like he was rock climbing me!
- Wow! You act like you’ve done it before!
- No, but it is fun! Having a jerk as a doormat is very fun, doc!
- I know! And I believe it would be also good for your anger management treatment , right, Ed?
- Yep, it would, haha! – he said, while standing on me and looking me sadically.
That session was tough because this guy stayed most of time standing on me, even playing with my face like a ball. I could feel his mid worn soles bruising me , also could smell the very hot mix of dirt and rubber. 
Last guy of the day was Derrick, a very cocky rich guy tall( must be at least 6’) and lean. 
- Hey Doc, so you have a new cushion?
- Yeah, Derrick, try it!
- Ok! Than he sat down on a stool and demanded to be at his Nike Shox R4, size 10. .
- So you like to be at my feet, fag?-He then put his left sole on my mouth, not letting me to say anything. His soles smelled so good I had to try the taste. They tasted a very hot mix of rubber, dirt from the street and some sweet beverage he probably stomped on. 
- Yeah , he does!Haha!I’m believing he loves! Dr Boyd said. He looked excited. 
So Derrick just forgot I was there , moving his feet time to time sometimes adding more pressure, sometimes just tapping, I definitely felt I was nothing just a doormat. 
Then Joey, Dr Boyd’s 19 year old son came to his dad’s office. This guy was very muscular , as he and Derrick spent all days at the gym, like every rich guy does at their age. He has a very nice pair of size 14 light blue adidas sneakers he used in the gym for a while. 
- Hey guys! What’s up?
- Not much, Your dad just have a new doormat at his office, haha!- Derrick pointed to me. 
- What a …- Is it right , dad?
- Yeah it is part of his treatment…- and explained everything to him, as he did all day…
- So… Can I?- Joey said, with a grin.
- Sure!- Derrick said, standing on my chest with both feet pushing my air out under his massive 280 lbs.
Joey than put his left foot on my stomach and the right on my tights, balancing his 260lbs That was amazing! Having 2 very muscular men stepping on me like I was a gym mattress! And I felt I was nothing else but a mattress!!!
Both guys must also feel good of stepping on me because they stayed for a while, talking and sometimes shifting their weight on me. Derrick decided to rest his right foot on my face forcing a bit to adjust his sole on my profile, which hurt a lot!
Joey saw my bulge and, without a word, put his right foot on it, pumping a bit, the others didn’t notice anything.
When they felt tired , they just climbed down, but Joey came on me up to my head and put his massive worn tread on my face , went full weight on it , almost breaking my nose( thank god his soles were worn already and they adjusted to my contour.) I could smell his sole, the smell was amazing!
After that I came home and could not sleep after all that happening!

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Seriously, such a great story. Thanks for sharing it!