Happy Ending - Jason and Deji

A little story I wrote based on curiousity about ashiatsu massage along with trampling - always wondered if something like this ever happens in real life!

Jason already had a semi-erection as he stripped naked and laid on the mat that was put on the floor for him. He stretched out as he watched the young Asian man prepare some massage oils from a cabinet and bring it to the small table by the mat.

Jason, a 28-year-old construction worker, had formed somewhat of a friendship with Deji over the last few months. Deji had opened his massage business in the Seattle area around six months ago and was dealing with strict competition. In order to remain competitive, he promised all of his clients 25% off their next massage. A co-worker had told Jason about this deal, and he made sure to take advantage of it.

Over the past few months, Jason had tried and befriended the 22-year-old masseuse, trying to speak with him about music, sports, and food, in order to build a rapport with him and make him feel welcomed in the community. While Deji wasn’t keen on every topic Jason brought up, he appreciated his kindness and considered him a great customer and a potential friend.

The massage that was about to take place today was different than their previous ones. During their last regular massage session, Jason had expressed a desire for receiving a massage with feet. Deji was aware of this type of massage but had asked Jason to text him a few videos specifically of his interests. A few days later, Jason had sent him a couple of traditional feet-based massages, but also a few gay trampling sessions, with a couple of them resulting in an orgasm.

Jason was coy. He apologized for the nudity and sexual depiction of the videos, but expressed interest in the “massage style.” Much to Jason’s surprise, Deji agreed to a naked foot-trample massage, and even an orgasm if Jason was willing. They both agreed that full price was fair considering the nature of the request, and that Deji would be using his equipment in order to perform the service.

Deji smiled as he walked up to Jason and stood at his side. “I must ask. Do you enjoy feet in a sexual way?”

Jason nodded. At first, he simply found Deji’s accent soothing and relaxing, but the more he came over to receive massages, the more he noticed how cute his smile was, how shiny his hair was, and how slender yet agile his body was. Jason considered himself bisexual, but he never had a preference. Usually, he would wait until he couldn’t stop thinking about the person of his desire and simply do something about it.

“Okay,” Deji chuckled. “Now, do you want totally erotic massage, or a bit of domination play too?”

Deji had spent the past week researching feet-based massage videos and trampling videos. He knew about the massage style, but wasn’t familiar with trampling as a specific kink. While he didn’t understand some of the things he saw, such as shoe licking or ball busting, he knew what he could do with his feet in terms of performing a massage. He had installed gripping bars in the basement of his bungalow in a spare room, and placed a mat by a wall for ultimate positioning. All of this, along with their size difference, made Deji feel confident that he could deliver the experience he thought Jason was looking for.

Jason looked up at Deji, who was wearing form fitting track pants, a tight white t-shirt, and Chuck Taylor’s All Stars. He doesn’t look like a masseuse, Jason thought, he looks as if he’s relaxed and confident.

“Kiss them,” Deji instructed as he put his left shoe sole on Jason’s face, followed by his right one. Deji let out a laugh, he couldn’t believe a guy like Jason, who was fairly wealthy, handsome, well over a foot taller than him, and over 100lbs of muscle heavier than him, was laying before him and kissing his shoes. “Turn onto your stomach,” he instructed while giving a light tap to Jason’s side.

Jason compared kissing Deji’s Chuck Taylor’s to a guy kissing the ring of a mafia boss. It was a sign of respect. Jason couldn’t explain it. He kissed Deji’s dirty shoes and could taste the stale flavor of dirt and grime from the streets stuck on the soles, but he didn’t feel weird about it. He’s debated trying to be trampled a couple times before, but always ended up changing his mind for whatever reason. He always figured his muscular frame could handle supporting someone stepping on him for a while, but couldn’t understand the reason why someone would want that pain. But he didn’t feel that way about Deji. He felt that Deji, with his smaller, light weighted body, and the minimal learning of feet-based massaging he learned in school, would probably feel like the most amazing thing. Jason wasn’t the least bit worried. He had 100% trust in Deji’s skills.

Deji stepped onto Jason’s back, first lightly with his left foot on the center of his back, and brought his right foot down with some force on his shoulders. Jason didn’t make a sound.

Deji decided to walk all over the back of Jason’s body. He walked from the one side of his back, stepped on Jason’s left buttock, down his thigh, and stood completely on the back of his shin. After a few seconds, he revered the process; stepped on the back of his right shin, back up his huge thigh, stepped on his right buttock, up the right side of his back, then stepped on the back of his head. He repeated this track a couple more times.

“Just trying to get familiar,” Deji chuckled as he stood in the middle of Jason’s back again.

Deji stepped more forcefully on Jason’s back, putting more pressure on his heel before slowly shifting his weight to the ball of his foot, trying to put as much weight as he could on his toes before doing the same with his other foot.

Deji gave his first light jump, landing on Jason’s upper shoulders before leaning on his toes and twisting them just below Jason’s shoulder blades. He heard a soft moan from Jason.

“I know there’s usually some tension there,” Deji spoke as he levelled back from his toes and started twisting his feet, “somewhere under all that meat!” he teased while trying to complement Jason’s huge back and shoulders as he massaged them.

“You’re doing great,” Jason confirmed as he closed his eyes and enjoyed his massage.

After tenderizing Jason’s entire back this way, Deji gave a hard jump directly on his upper back muscles.

Jason groaned approvingly. It felt good to feel his muscles flatten out and tenderize.

Deji smiled as he walked down to the back of Jason’s kneecaps. He carefully used his toes to rub the tender area just above and below those ligaments.

Jason moaned again.

Deji’s eyes fell on Jason’s ass. He slowly worked on Jason’s thighs, standing in place and rocking on his heels on the muscular man’s thighs, but Deji’s real curiosity was Jason’s firm ass.

Finally, he stepped on it, slightly jiggling it up and down, left to right. He let out a little laugh before jumping in the air and landing on it. “Ahh, firm, but springy!” he noted.

They both chucked.

Deji took one last walk up to Jason’s head, standing on the back of it for a few seconds, before walking back down on Jason’s ass.

This time, Deji use his shoes to spread Jason’s cheeks further. He rubbed his toe around Jason’s ass hole, teasing the nerves around it. Jason’s moan was louder and much more defined with pleasure. He continued to tease Jason’s ass hole, gently kicking it. Then, he tapped Jason’s inner thighs further apart.  

Jason’s eyes widened in curiosity and fear as he felt Deji’s shoes tapping around his cock and balls. He let out tentative moans as Deji rubbed his throbbing dick and balls, but was wanting to remain on guard just in case Deji decided to kick them.

He didn’t. Instead, Deji jumped high and landed hard on Jason’s ass again.

“Huhghh!” Jason grunted as his entire pelvis got forced against the floor, making Deji laugh as he stepped off to the side.

“Okay. Now turn over,” Deji instructed, gently kicking Jason’s ribs again.

Jason turned over onto his back. His dick was now rock-hard and pointing at the ceiling. He noticed Deji looking at it with wide eyes before looking at Jason’s face.

Jason blushed and gave an embarrassed smile.

Deji rocked his head back and laughed, partly out of disbelief, and partly to try and make the mood lighthearted. He wanted to mock and tease Jason, mostly because that’s what the tramplers in the videos do, but he didn’t want to embarrass Jason to the point where he might be too nervous to show his face after the experience.

“Lick,” Deji instructed while still laughing, putting his shoe on Jason’s face.

Jason licked and swallowed as much dirt as he could get from Deji’s shoe, moving his tongue and his head. Finally, Deji got the hint and started rubbing his sole on Jason’s tongue.

Deji laughed and playfully tapped each side of Jason’s face with the shoe he had just cleaned with his tongue. Deji looked at the sole before bringing it back down next to him. Deciding what to do next.

Deji could see Jason’s eye fixed on the shoe he hadn’t licked, and Deyi reluctantly put the sole on Jason’s face again. Slowly rubbing it on his tongue.

Deyi was still getting used to the idea. While it was awesome watching someone as cool and successful as Jason lick his dirty shoes, he didn’t want him to get sick.

Jason was surprised too. He never thought of licking dirty shoes as even remotely sexy. All he could taste was gravel stuck in foul tasting mud caked on the bottom of the soles. He couldn’t explain why he signaled to lick Deji’s other shoe. It just didn’t seem right for one to be clean but not the other.

Deji stepped onto Jason.

Jason let out an adjustment groan while he received one foot on the chest, the other on his abs.

After a second of getting his balance, Deji slowly brought his other foot on Jason’s abs. He stood there for nearly a minute, gently rocking on his heels to toes, before giving a small bunny hop and stepping down on Jason’s thighs.  

“Wow, look at the prints,” Deji said with amazement. His Chuck Taylor’s left detailed prints in Jason’s abs. He couldn’t believe how nice they looked. Almost as much as he couldn’t believe how firm Jason’s body was or how little of a sound he made when he hopped on his abs.

Deji’s goal wasn’t to leave prints though, it was to massage Jason with his feet. He walked a couple of laps from Jason’s thighs up to his chest, stepped on his crotch a couple times, and listened for reactions. Again, other than a few wheezier breaths when he stepped onto his abs, Jason took it in stride.

Deji walked up Jason’s body again. He stood right on the muscular stud’s pecks and looked down at him.

Deji jumped, hard and high this time. He wanted to put those huge muscles to the test.

“Gulpkk!” Jason grunted as all of Deji’s 130lbs came crashing down onto his chest. His grunt echoed through the room along with the loud smack of leather smacking on skin.

Deji smiled and took off his shoes, throwing one to the side and placing the other one on Jason’s face, making him smell the inside of his shoe. He couldn’t resist the temptation, he stood on the shoe.

Jason took a big sniff of Deji’s shoe while he stood on it.

It was hot and moist, somewhat sweaty with the slightest hint of cheese, but nothing repulsive. Jason inhaled hard, moaning as the odor danced through his nostrils and up into his brain. Deyi started gently marching on the shoe.

After a minute or so, Deyi stepped off the shoe, kicking it to the side before standing on his face again.

This time, Jason turned his head to the side, and Deji closed his toes around Jason’s nose, letting him smell his socks for a bit before stepping onto Jason’s chest.

“Okay, first I slide on you in socks,” Deji’s said as he began dragging his feet downward on Jason’s chest to his abs, using the material of the socks to glide down his body. He was facing Jason and watching his reaction. He noticed his one shoe was close to Jason’s face and saw that Jason looked at it. It was only for a second, but Deji couldn’t help but call him out on it.

“Do they stink?” Deyi chuckled mischievously, sliding gently in circles on each of Jason’s six abs.

“What?” Jason asked in a groaning voice, feeling Deji’s toes dig into one specific ab at a time.

“My shoes you just looked at,” Deji laughed, sliding down to Jason’s waistline, alternating between twisting on Jason’s thighs and rubbing the fabric on his pre-cuming cock.

“A little bit,” Jason moaned. Not moaning because of the smell, but because Deji’s toes where foundling with his cock head and teasing the very nerves of his penis hole.

“Did you like it?” Deyi continued to question, both trying to embarrass Jason and tease his cock.

“Uhhh,” Jason moaned, feeling Deyi carefully pull his sock away and pressing back, precum sticking to it. “It certainly sets the tone of who’s in charge….Ahhhrhg!” Jason suddenly groaned loudly.

Deji slowly moved his other foot that was on Jason’s thigh onto the base of his cock and balls, standing on them full weight.

Deji let out a laugh. “Let’s get messy,” he announced as he took off his socks.

Jason nodded and braced himself.

Deji briefly marched directly on his dick and balls, staring at Jason who was trying to take it in stride. As his heels would sometimes catch one of Jason’s testicles dead-on, he could see the big man wince and struggle to remain in a state of stillness.

Deji chuckled and hoped off. He went to collect the massage oils he set aside.

“This is the part I’m excited for!” Deji spoke confidently while staring at Jason.

Jason grinned and exhaled as Deji walked up to him, standing at his side again and placing the little tubes of oil in his pocket. He used his feet to slap Jason’s face a couple of times before again standing up on it, turning ninety degrees so his toes were on his forehead.

Deji grabbed a hold of the bars suspended on the basement ceiling for support as he gently kicked Jason’s lips with his big toe from his right foot, prying it open and sticking it in his mouth.

Jason began sucking on it, making Deji give a little giggle before he wrestled it to the corner of his lips. With his left foot, he brought his big toe into the other side of Jason’s mouth.

He laughed out loud as he began to squat, holding the bars for support as each of his toes began to fishhook Jason.

Deji continued laughing as Jason stared up at him with wide eyes. He tried to laugh along with him, but the sounds were more of a muffled groan, mixed with the sounds of gum and saliva smacking against Deji’s toes.

Jason let out another muffled moan and pushed his hips upwards. His cock pulsing in the air, hard as hell.

Deji then stood with his left foot on Jason’s chest while he inserted his right foot directly into Jason’s mouth, gently twisting left and right to get it as far inside as possible.

“mmhmmf,….mmmm..” Jason moaned, sucking on his foot. “Mmmmmm, culkkk… kellk..” He continued to moan and gag.

Deji again took a brief moment to admire Jason’s fortitude. The man would clearly swallow his whole foot if he could, and his gagging was nowhere near an indication of defeatism.

Deji pulled his foot from Jason’s mouth and stomped it down on his chest hard.

Both guys looked at each other and chuckled as Jason’s grunt filled the room, spit dripping from the side of his grinning mouth.

Deji again grabbed the bars and stepped onto Jason’s face.

Slowly, he turned 180-degrees, so his heels were now on Jason’s forehead.

He briefly teased Jason’s lips again before slowly rocking back on his heels.

Jason gasped and reached for Deji’s ankles. It wasn’t to push him off, but it seemed to be more bearable to handle with his hands around the sexy man’s smooth ankles as he pressed his heels into his frontal bone. He stood there for a few seconds, feeling Jason grit his teeth and squint from under him.

Deji readjusted on his feet and reached into his pocket, pulling out a couple tubes of oil and emptying them on Jason’s chest and abs.

“There still warm so it won’t mess with your body temperature,” Deji said.

Jason moaned into Deji’s feet.

Deji alternated standing Jason’s face one foot at time so he could pull up his track pants above his knees.

Finally, he stepped onto the pool of oil that was on Jason’s huge chest. Holding the bars above, he slowly spread the oil across Jason’s chest and abs with his feet, pressing hard into the mans chiseled body.

Jason moaned out loud as Deji slowly spun on the balls of his feet on Jason’s chest and abs. It was like nothing he felt before, the pressure was intense but removed so much tension at the same time.

Deji continued downwards, focusing on Jason’s thighs. He stood and marched on the balls of his feet on each thigh, then gently rubbed his heels all along the exterior part of his thighs. After that, he began to use his toes to massage and press up along his inner thighs, starting from the knees and working his way up, stopping just before the balls.

Jason took a deep breath; he couldn’t wait for his cock to be manipulated by the hot man’s skilled feet lubricated with oil.

His heart sank when Deji turned on his heels – strategically on Jason’s muscles- and walked towards his shins and feet to rub them with his oily foot. Jason’s cock was throbbing hard, and he could feel his cum churning in his balls.

Deji knew exactly what he did – and he smiled directly at Jason. “Turn over one last time, I want to put some oil on your back and treat it before I finish you off,”

Jason did as he was told and flipped over. Moments later, he felt more warm oil on his back.

Deji practically skated along Jason’s back. He dragged his feet in figure eight patterns, expertly ran his foot up and down his client’s spine to crack it, brushed his toes between all of his ribs, skillfully pushed his shoulder blades apart, and tenderly massaged Jason’s neck with all of his weight.

He did perform his due diligence on the back of Jason’s legs, but he wanted to play with his ass one last time before he made him cum.

Jason’s moan was caused from an element of surprise as much as it was of pleasure when he felt a warm drop of oil on his butt cheeks.

Deji stood up on the huge muscular buns again, using the balls of his feet to jiggle them and spread them apart. This time, he ran his big toe from Jason’s taint to the crack of his ass, back and forth, and back and forth.

He could tell Jason was enjoying it. He then pressed his big toe against Jason’s ass hole again, slowly massaging it and pressing it until he was able to insert it inside.

“Oh yeah! Mmmmmmm..” Jason moaned loudly. He didn’t expect it – he rarely let anyone play with his ass like this – but was loving every second of it.

Moans continued to fill the basement along with the sounds of the oil as Deji kept toe fucking Jason’s ass.  

“OOOoooooooooh,” Jason moaned when he felt the toe removed from his ass and now coating the back of his balls with oil. His eyes were wide open. He knew if Deji lost any type of balance the risky pleasure would result in crushed nuts beyond the pleasure point.

“Flip back over. It’s time,” Deji said as he stepped out from between Jason’s thighs.

When Jason flipped over, Deji took out the last bottle of oil from his pocket and emptied it over Jason, covering him from pecs to nuts.

He stepped onto Jason’s chest again, smiling as he placed his hands against the wall and leaned into it.  

Jason groaned loudly as Deji suddenly sprang back from the wall, using the momentum to spin in place on his chest as if he were dancing a Michael Jackson tribute.

Deji snapped his fingers as he glided on the balls of his feet along Jason’s upper body, now clearly dancing more than massaging.

Jason looked up at him, groaning more now the there was much more sporadic force in Deji’s movements. His cock also grew harder, harder than titanium, as he could see Deji’s bulging crotch and ass hugging against his track pants.

Deji could tell Jason was checking out the goods in his pants. For his final trick, he stood on Jason’s chest and looked down at him, breaking into a smile before performing a Michael Jackson crotch grab while standing on the tips of his toes. He heard the big man moan as he moon-walked from his chest down his abs and stood on his dick and balls.

Jason arched his back as Deji rubbed the oil along his cock; starting from balls and up to his dick head, squeezing it with his toes.

“Yes… ye… yes!” Jason cried out as Deji stepped on the base of his cock with one foot and began stroking the head with his other. “Don’t stop, man!”

Deji continued his momentum, occasional stopping to gently rub Jason’s balls with his other foot to include them in the action.

Deji looked at Jason while standing on his crotch, taking a hold of the bars. “Sit up and kiss my foot,” he instructed and raised his left foot, balancing his right one on Jason’s crotch.

Jason sat up, moaning into Deji’s foot as the other was vibrating and pulsing on his pelvis.  

It looked as if Deji was going to push on Jason’s chest to lower him. Instead, he grasped his right nipple and pinched it while putting a bit more weight on Jason’s balls.

Jason’s moans quickly mixed with whimpers as the sexual nerves in his body were teased with pain. He couldn’t have balanced it any better.

Deji pushed Jason back down and brough his other foot onto Jason’s crotch again. His right foot began a steady stroking rhythm on the bridge of his dick, slowly increasing the pace, while his oily toes from his other foot played with the underside of Jason’s ballsack and taint.

Jason’s moans got louder and heavier, his breathing more rhythmic and deeper, as he felt his cock ready to finally release its load.  

Deji felt the tightness in Jason’s balls as the cum was about to shoot.

Jason cried out loudly and cocked his head from side to side as he felt the orgasm about to rock his body.

Deji trapped the hole of his dick with his toes and stood firmly on the root of his dick – causing the slightest delay and making Jason lift his head to see what was happening.

At that moment, Deji released the hold his toes had on the cock head and gently stomped on the root of his dick, making the cum shoot out of Jason’s dick like a high-pressure hose and hitting the moaning man in the face.

Jason’s fingers dug into the mat. He moaned and whimpered like never before as his hips bucked up while Deji was still standing on him, his dick leaking cum as it pooled into the creases of his abs and belly button.

Deji wasn’t exactly sure how to end the session, but he got the idea to push his weigh against the bars on the ceiling to see if he could force Jason back down, gently pumping his dick and balls to drain him in the process.

For a couple of seconds, the muscle tension from Jason’s orgasm prevented Deji from realizing his goal. However, once the immediate high slowly began to fade, Jason’s hips lowered back to the ground. His moaning slowly fading.

Deji continued to pump, watching the current of cum trickle to nothing. A yelping moan, and Jason reaching to protect his balls, indicated that Deji had successfully drained his client dry. He got off of him and went to grab him a towel.

Jason turned on his side and reached for Deji’s sneaker, sniffing it until his breathing returned to normal.

He removed the shoe from his face and saw Deji standing over him, offering him a towel, a huge grin on his face. “You still want to smell them?”

“It helps to prolong the high… kind of like when some people smoke a cigarette after,” Jason said as he stood up and wrapped the towel around his waist, hoping Deji enjoyed the experience, at least somewhat.

“Oh okay, I understand. Grab your clothes and I’ll turn on the shower for you. We could do something after if you want,” Deji said.

As he walked towards the shower, Jason turned around to face Deji. “Deji. Thank you. I’ve always wanted to try that, and you made it even better than I expected. I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but you’re very sexy, and you have amazing massaging skills – with your hands AND feet. I mean it. Thank you,” Jason blushed.

“Thank you,” Deji nodded. “It was interesting. If you want, I can do it again and try some new tricks.”

Jason’s face lit up like a Christmas tree. “Yes! Yes of course!”

“Okay. But next time, I get to cum too,” Deji smirked.

Jason eyes widened and, in a moment of pure comedy, his towel actually dropped from around his waist as his hands went to cover his face. “Shit! I’m sorry, I didn’t think… Did you want to cum right now? I can hel-”  

“No, no, it’s okay! I’m too hungry,” Deji laughed. “But next time, I will cum while standing on you and listening to your sounds.”

“Deal!” Jason quickly said.

Both men shared a sinister, lustful, smile at each other before Jason went to shower. Already, he couldn’t wait for his next massage, and knowing Deji wanted to cum next time made it even better. Then, he suddenly thought to himself…I might not even have to pay for it next time! Fuck yeah!



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