Big Bob's New York Squashing Session

This is Bigbob. I have always loved crushing guys because I am extremely heavy. I therefore was so happy to join MxM with the help of Logan and Crushmemelb.

This is Bigbob.  I have always loved crushing guys because I am extremely
heavy.  I therefore was so happy to join MxM with the help
of Logan and Crushmemelb, I was able to be a part of the site.  I am going to
write about an experience I had, thanks to the site.  As all of you know,
I am a blind fellow, so Crushmemelb is helping me to post this.  Unfortunately, I
don't have any pictures to share, as the guy I met asked that I not use
his name.  I certainly understand and respect this, but what I am about to
recount is 100 percent true.

Elliot (not his real name) lives in NY and contacted me.  We emailed for a
while, and then decided to meet.  I was a bit uneasy because he is a small
guy, weighing about 120 pounds, and not very tall.  I was afraid I could
really hurt him, but he told me it would be fine.

Well, he did amazingly well.  We did a few things.  First, I sat on his
lap facing him, which I like.  He supported my 386 pounds well, and held
me as tight as he could.  I sat there for quite some time, and we talked.
Then, he stretched out on my sofa and I sat on his chest and stomach.
This was scary for me because I was facing away from him, and didn't have
anything to hold onto.  He gave me his hand to help situate me, and I
plopped down with all my weight.  I loved his groans.  I sat there,
getting comfortable, and often getting up and plopping down very hard.  At
one point, he asked me to get up, and I said I was comfortable and didn't
want to, but after a bit, I took his hand, and with some difficulty did
stand.  The next thing we did was I sat on his chest and stomach, but
facing him, and this was easier for me.

After all the sitting was done, I asked him to hold some notes for as long
as he could, and I really tested his endurance.  That is something I like,
which is a bit unusual.  Once all this was done, we ordered a lovely
Italian meal, and he helped me divide it, and cut the raviolis for me.
What amazed me about this get together were a few things.  First, how well
he withstood my weight.  His wonderful groans when I plopped down on him
as hard as I could.  His willingmess to work with me, and, perhaps the
most important, his kindness.  I do not know if we will ever meet again,
but this is an experience I will not forget.  It would not have happened
if it weren't for this website, and for Logan and Crushmemelb's support and help.


Big Bob

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