Housekeeping is underway.

Fall cleaning, anyone? I think it's time!

Hey, boys!


We’re still growing quite nicely and close to surpassing 1600 members. And honestly? Some of our new arrivals are just incredible. Have you seen these handsome beefy studs? Lol, I love this place.


Welcome to @Wolfpup, @Satan666, @ItallianStallion, @Dann_the_man, @Mike04T, @Tuffty, @Paradigmshft, @albino_novelty, @Romanixe, @Dddeeeg, and @Coconut83 who have joined since the beginning of the month!


Good profile? Free PRO! Verified? 2 months of Free PRO! 


At our discretion, we will be giving a month PRO membership to new members who go above and beyond with their profiles. Two months of premium membership if you verify yourself in Settings!



Housekeeping is Underway!


We all want hotter, more relevant profiles - and less blank avatars. Overall, a better service that works for you. 


Non-compliant profiles are now restricted: Many of our users are still missing critical info. That violates the Terms. If your account is missing critical information, it has been restricted (frozen) with an explanatory message of what we need -and- a link to contact support. You have until December 31st - if you don't correct your account by then, it will be deleted.


Quality over Quantity: We have decided to stop permitting low-quality profiles on MxM. Users with blank profiles will need to adjust over time or risk eventually losing access.


DM me, email, etc if you have any questions. We’re serious about building this place up, so let us know how we can be there for you and your fetishes/kinks.


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