STORY - Crushed at the stadium

Story was written by someone else for guys into women trampling but I changed it for guys into guys trampling guys

Finally the day brandon had been waiting for. Brandon was a bright young boy of 18 every day after school he would go work at the old stadium selling tickets or just helping out. Today was the day of the concert he had been selling tickets for the past two weeks.

Every time a hot guy would come for tickets he would mark down on a piece a paper who he was and where he would be sitting. Brandon loved his job because every time the town had an event he could go below all the people in the stands and when he saw the seats he had marked out as that of a hot guy he could easily slide his hand up and get him to step on his finger without any fear of getting caught as the guys laughed and stomped on him without ever giving any thought to what they are crushing under their heels.

Today was going to be even better, the concert was sold out so they brought in spare seats. They made a small mound of dirt to raise the last row of seats so the people could see without any problems. They had a small piece of wood over a slightly raised mound of dirt as the floor in front of the seats they had put up for the concert.

Brandon made a special note, three of the most popular guys in school would be in this row of seats. After school, brandon ran to the stadium and removed the boards in front of the guys’ seats.

He then started digging a hole large enough that he could just squeeze his body into and then put the board back on top covering himself. He laid there waiting in the dark hole for over two hours before he heard the sound of the first people entering the stadium.

It did not take long before he could hear footsteps coming toward him. His heart started to race as the sound got closer and then the boards sunk pinning his body under the wood as the people walked over him. Another few minutes past and more people went over the human floor without a thought. Then he heard the voice of one of the guys that were to be seated over him he could hear his olukai shoes stomping as he stepped up onto where he was to be seated. He could feel his body crush him as he shifted on the wood. Then, the other two guys stepped up and the pressure was incredible. His skull was getting smashed into the ground. His nose was being crushed into the wood as the guys laughed and got ready for the concert.

Finally, the guys sat down and the pressure eased off. He could hear the shoes scrapping the wood and feel the movement of the guys’ feet.

Suddenly the small amount of lights had gone out as the concert was about to start. All at once the guys stood up and started to cheer and bounce on top of the human floor. The sound of the guys shoes was incredible. The pressure from the three guys over him made it very hard to breathe. The music started and the crowd started to dance in the stands. The three guys started to dance without a care as they slowly started to crush the air out of Brandon.

Song after song the guys danced on brandon’s body without mercy or care. Then, to brandons horror, the wood that protected him from the strong feet started to slip as the three guys danced on.

Suddenly a sharp cowboy boot heel came down stabbing brandon in the hip as the guys continued dancing on him.

Again the board started to move and he felt the big guys feet crush him over and over getting closer and closer to his groin. Finally, the board slid out from under the guys as they stumbled to keep there footing, but to brandon’s horror not one of the guys looked down. As the three guys danced on his body the big shoes on the guys big feet tore at his skin with every step. Suddenly Kevin the guy he had been in love with since he was 10 years old shifted on his chest. he brought his size 14 olukai shoe sole down hard on his face. The  rubberized grips on the sole ripping the skin on his cheekbone as he danced to the music on his face. Brandon tried to move but his arms wear pinned to his sides held tight by the dirt that had collapsed in from the weight of the guys. He tried to scream but the constant pounding of the hard rubber size 14 shoe on his face and the loud music made it impossible for anyone to hear him.

Brandon could feel the large feet size (13 and 15) of the other guys tearing at his clothing. He knew it would not be long before all three guys would be dancing on naked skin. Michael a hot tall blonde with muscled legs was dancing on his groin. The pain was unbearable. He could feel his shirt tear away as Thomas a red head with a great smile and a body to die for stomped his large size 15s into his chest and stomach. Brandon had always fantasized about these three guys walking all over him without a care but he never thought it would be like this. He could taste the blood running into his mouth as Kevin stomped his olukai hard on his lips breaking his teeth without any effort. He could feel his chest bleeding. His penis and his balls felt as if they had been half torn off. Then he felt his pants tear as Michael slipped with his cowboy boot heel driving it down into his balls tearing them wide open.

He had his fantasy come true but it was not what he thought it would be. Suddenly Kevin stomped his size 14 heel down straight into brandon’s eye with his full weight crushing down. Then brandon’s pain ended as the three guys danced the night away on his half-naked body. By the time the concert was over brandon’s body was so covered in dirt and blood. Nobody noticed that he was a person. They all walked over his limp body without a care laughing as they crushed his face under their shoes as they waited to exit the building. The three guys that had taken brandon’s life never found out what they did with their big massive feet that night.

Brandon Mccurry

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trample_fasi_hesc_babu_loves 25 w

It is a very exciting and fascinating story.
He was strangled with his own hands and eventually driven to his death, but I guess I am also a broken person who still finds it exciting and a wonderful situation with me too.

If it were possible, I would have done the same thing myself and suffered the same thing...
Yes, a cruel situation of being trampled and crushed mercilessly at the foot of a concert hall somewhere, without anyone noticing...

Stepped Pisado 2 yrs

What a story!!

Stoery 3 yrs

Razor! Like your beard.

Razor Rudock 3 yrs

Awesome history, I want to be Brandon!