MEMBER HIGHLIGHT: @Enjoytrampling VS @Grender45 of Hungary

First up was @Enjoytrampling. He met @Grender45 originally on MxM v3, the last major version of this site. It apparently took them over a year to meet! I loved the passion in BOTH of their answers, and I know you will too...


Members @Enjoytrampling and @Grender45 of Hungary


@Enjoytrampling / 185cm / 98kg / Size 44-45EU Feet

Q: So, what’s the trampling scene like in Hungary, @enjoytrampling?

Honestly, I never recognised there is a trampling scene in Hungary. It's still hard to find guys into trampling. I mean to either side... Of course, since MxM and countless chat apps exist, you have far more possibilities.

A lot of guys are very curious what it feels like to stand on a guy, but they aren't tramplers. You must give them "orders" what should they do. It's not a big deal.

It looks like the real tramplers and tramplees are still hiding somewhere ;)


Q: Are you more of a giver or receiver?


I was a tramplee solely. The reason is I never found any guys who wanted me to trample on them. Sometimes I tried trampling guys who trampled me - but they didn't want that.

What a shame.

Since I'm an MxM member, I have the opportunity to be the trampler more - and I like it as much as being the tramplee. I've had a few sessions in the past year where I was trampler - and I can tell you they liked my performance.


Q: I bet they did! Do you think you get more action because you’re versatile?


Definitely. Especially since when a tramplee tramples you, he already knows where to step.

“How does it feel for the tramplee?” “Where are the comfy places?” “Where are the ‘not to step there’ zones?”

After, you can change the positions and the fun begins again!!


Q: I noticed something in your last post... that the guy you trampled, @Grender45, is 125 lbs / 56kg and 5’8, whereas you’re 210 pounds / 95kg and tower over him at 6’1. Damn! Would you say the size difference is a big turn for you?


I just loved that session with @Grender45.




He is a nice guy and a dedicated trampling/squashing/feet lover fan. I was exactly 98kg at time of our session ;)

The big size difference is always a privilege. I like it very much as a tramplee, too.

@Grender45 was so excited when we met. I was the heaviest guy in his trampling history, and he was the lightest guy I’ve ever trampled. I think there is an extra turn on when you step on a little fragile body. His abs were flattened, his ribs were very bended... and you feel everything under your soles. It's fantastic. If the tramplee struggles a little bit, that's a big turn on too.

We have more plans together. We’re planning a double trampling... ;)

Q: Do you have kinks other than trampling / squashing fetish?


Not really, I don’t think. I do love everything related to a guy's weight, and I like nice feet too. Maybe that's all.



Q: Where did your passion for trampling fetish start, or where do you think it came from?


I remember I had dreams with bigger guys as early as 8 years old. But at the time I didn't understand them. The only thing I knew was I liked when they pushed me with their body.


I was 18 when I laid on a table in the school... A schoolmate (who was a half-head higher than me) came to me and said, “There isn't enough space both of us, so I need to sit on you.”

And -oh, boy - he did it. He sat on my chest and abs. He was around 90kg vs. mine 70kg. My heart pounded in my neck. I was so excited.

That was the moment when everything changed. Later, I continuously searched for the opportunity to being trampled/sat on.


I have been a lucky guy. A few straight friends of mine have been willing to trample me through the years. I've had a session almost every week for the last 15 years. The only problem? My tramplers were always the same 1-2 guys. You knew what to expect. There were no surprises.

Q: If you could say one thing to the whole community, what would it be?

Guys, don't just watch the vids, try to find partners for your trampling dreams. You won't regret it. I promise. These days I’m meeting more guys. Thank you Logan, and thank you MxM.

@Grender45 / 173cm / 56kg / Size 42-43 EU Feet

Q: Grender45, what’s the heaviest guy to ever trample you?


The heaviest guy who ever trampled me was @Enjoytrampling. His 98 kilos is the most weight I've ever handled.


Q: What’s your favorite part about trampling fetish?

The best part for me in trampling is the sweet feeling get when someone is stomping you. You know...that mixed “it hurts a bit but I enjoy it a lot” kinda feeling. I just adore it.


Q: Have you had much luck with the trampling scene in Hungary, outside of @Enjoytrampling?

Well, to be honest, I've had lots of people trample me, but most of them didn’t recognise it as fetish from their side. They just did it to me because I asked them to! Besides @enjoytrampling, I’ve never found a true trampling fan despite living in a metropolis with 2M inhabitants. :D

All in all, Hungary is still east a bit you know... we still have a lot of work to do. We’re not as open minded in sexual topics like Germans, Czechs, or other Western Europeans.

Q: I asked @enjoytrampling how he felt about size difference, so I’ll ask you about age! Is age difference a turn on for you?

Not really. I dont mind age when it's about trampling. It’s neutral for me.

Q: Do you prefer socks, barefeet, or sneaks in a session?

Socks, socks and socks. If someone says the sexiest thing on a man could be the smile, dont believe them. The socks are the sexiest thing. You’re wearing sexy socks and above me, ready to trample me? I'm yours. ;)

Thank you for making this site for us to use! :)




Guys like Grender45 and Enjoytrampling represent the humanity that brings out the best of the kink fetish community. Because of that, we thank them for sharing.


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