YMCA shower crush

Crushed to death under a mat in the locker room of a YMCA

I was excited to join the local ymca as a lot of hot guys I knew went there everyday. I knew this would be a good way to watch their hot bodies and big feet. I was in the changing room which consisted of lockers and 2 showers at the end of the room. One of the showers was out of order, which meant all the guys would have to use one shower.

While being the only one in the room I walked down and looked inside the shower. It had a step over to keep water from going into the changing room. Inside was a heavy thick mat, about 6ft long by 4 foot wide and about 3 inches tall. I bent down and tried to pick it up and noticed it was very heavy. Just then I had a hot idea that made my cock rise to attention. 

This mat was stepped on everyday by every guy that comes to take a shower, so if I was under this mat I could be trampled mercilessly by unknowing hot guys and their big feet. So, I waited a few minutes. Weighed out the pros of being trampled, with the cons of being actually snuffed out under it... and decided the pros outweighed the cons.

So, I took all of my clothes off, raised the mat, and got under it, letting it land back on top of me. It was really heavy atop me. It was still slightly wet, too. I made sure all of me was covered, and tried to get as stretched out and flat as I could. I took a breath to calm my self, and waited.

I realized there was a crack in the mat, just big enough for me to see partially out. I could see the top of the step over and up to the ceiling. A long 20 mins into laying there waiting, the door opens. In walks two guys talking about sports. My heart was racing. I started to wonder, what if I am discovered?

"You taking a shower first or am I?" I heard someone say.

"I’ll take mine first."

One of them comes walking over and places a foot on the step-over. He turns the water on without looking down even once. Then he walks back over to his bag and finishes getting undressed. As he walks over to the shower, he steps right on my head. All of his weight comes down on my face, then balances out as his other foot lands on my chest. I stay completely still, staring at the bottom of the sole right above me, as the guy above me slowly lathers up and starts washing himself.

Then he turns, placing both feet on my head - side by side. He turns, his right foot on my face, while my limited view above is his toes flexing through the water. Another turn, and both heels are on my head.

"Hey, you want me to leave the water running for you?" shower guy asks.


With that, he steps over and off me completely. I breathe a sigh of relief. This was a terrible idea. Before I can think more on my life decisions, his friend walks over and steps up and on me. Once again, I'm under harsh pressure. Worse, his friend has earphones in, and is dancing to the music. On top of me. With the rhythm that he's dancing away to, every movement feels as if I am being ground flat beneath him. He’s dancing hard as he lathers up. My view is filled with his heel lifting up and slamming back down on top on me as he finishes his shower and finally steps off to dry.

With my head ringing from the pressure, I take a deep breath and realize I hardly survived. I'm just back to deciding that I need to get out when a deep rumble shakes the ground. A bunch of guys tumbling into the locker room. I stay as still and as quiet as one guy walks directly to the shower turns it on gets the temp right and takes off his clothes and gets in on top of me he takes a fairly quick shower and gets out then here comes a very tall well built mean looking guy his foot lands on the step over and I am just guessing from my perspective he wears at least a 15 if not bigger then when he steps on my head and back it felt as if I had been crushed flat his weight and height was nothing I had prepared for and it was hard to get even a breath in to keep from dying he took about a 5-6 min shower but it felt like an eternity under his massive feet and weight finally he steps off me in slow rolling steps and I swear his feet looked even bigger then he dried off and left I realized during this time it had finally emptied out again and I was alone I said to myself this is hot and all but I need to get out before I do get crushed like a bug. I started to make an attempt at lifting that mat but with it soaking wet it was extremely heavy and I thought damn I really am stuck under here just then the door opened again and it was another hot sweaty tall big muscled guy coming in he looked mean as hell as he grunted as he walked over to the shower and turned it on I laid just as still and watched thru the crack as he took off his sweaty clothes and then walked over to the shower he lifted his foot and it was another huge foot like the 15 that crushed me earlier he stepped on my head and I felt his immense weight come down then his other foot crashed down on my back I couldn’t get a breath in or out I couldn’t move a muscle I was flattened out and started to black out I awoke several hours later and tried to move I quickly realized I had some broken ribs or at least bruised ribs and I felt like every inch of me was flat just then the door opened and I saw a janitor come in I am thinking great he’s going to lift this mat to clean and I will be discovered flattened in the bottom of this shower and will be banned a pervert. But no he goes thru sweeping and mopping and then does something I would’ve never guessed he dips his mop in the mop bucket and swings it over and starts mopping the walls I see his big boot standing on the step over as he stretches to reach up to the top of the wall then he steps off wrings out the mop and then begins mopping the mat I am under I smell pinesol and he does a very good job scrubbing the mat and then runs the shower to rinse the mat off then puts his mop back in his bucket and left turning the light off I soon realized that the ymca was closed ours wasn’t a 24 one like some states have and I realized I could probably sleep for a while and wait on the mat to dry before I tried to get out again, a few hours later the door opens and i opened my eyes to the lights already on and a guy walking towards me he’s already sweaty and he turns on the water and goes to take off his clothes and then steps on top of me again I am under pressure at this point I realized I would probably not get back out from under this mat and I would be crushed underfoot until I died. About that time the guy is dancing softly above me his feet aren’t crushing me just softly mashing me I like this and I am actually enjoying seeing his feet move about thru the crack all too soon though he gets done turns the water off and dries off while still on top of me then steps off gets dressed and leaves. The door doesn’t stay closed for long as too tall well built very good looking guys come in and both walk over to the shower and turn it on they both take off their clothes and I am like omg they both are going to take a shower together I can handle one guy but two? I didn’t get much time to weigh that out as one steps on my head with both feet and the other steps on my back with both feet their combined weight was around 500 I am guessing and I new this was it they turned towards each other and I had heels on my head and toes smashing in my neck the other guys feet was both resting on my lungs well threw the crack I saw the guy lift up on his toes as the heels rose in the air I heard kissing sounds as they started to make out unbeknownst to them the full weight pressure of a guy standing on his toes on my neck was just too much they guy on my back decided to lean up as well and I felt my bones snap as my ribs went into my lungs he lowered back down crushing my ribs even further into my lungs and organs as blood begins to come up out of my mouth the guy who is on my neck twists his feet without lifting them snapping my neck then dropping back down crushes my skull they continue there shower unaware of the life they just took under their massive feet. My body is continually trampled for several months before they decided to order a new mat and found my crushed flattened out body under neat it my body was so flat and decomposed they had no idea who the body even was. The end

Brandon Mccurry

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Will 2 yrs

Super hot story dude! Love twisted shit like this. Glad I'm not the only one here.